Can You Exchange Tickets on StubHub

Have you ever excitedly bought tickets on StubHub for an upcoming concert or game, only to later realize you purchased the wrong date or seats? Or maybe an unforeseen schedule conflict has left you stuck with tickets you can no longer use. So can you exchange tickets purchased through StubHub?

The short answer is no – StubHub does not allow ticket exchanges between buyers and sellers. As an online ticket marketplace, StubHub simply facilitates transactions without taking direct control of tickets.

However, while exchanges are not possible, you do have options if you end up with unusable StubHub tickets. This guide covers everything you need to know about the platform’s exchange and refund policies. We’ll also provide tips to avoid getting stuck with tickets you can’t use, see what other members have asked regarding exchanges, and more.

How StubHub’s Marketplace Structure Limits Exchanges?

To understand why StubHub doesn’t offer ticket exchanges, it helps to first look at how their marketplace model functions.

StubHub serves as an intermediary platform, connecting those looking to buy event tickets with those selling extra tickets they can no longer use. Whether sports games, concerts, theater shows or other live events, fans can easily list unwanted tickets for resale on StubHub.

The platform essentially facilitates transactions between independent buyers and sellers. As a marketplace, StubHub holds no direct control over tickets once sold between users.

This marketplace structure means StubHub is unable to modify existing ticket orders or force sellers to accept exchanges – whether for a different event, new date, alternative seats, etc.

While certainly inconvenient if you accidentally bought the wrong tickets, this model does offer certain protections and guarantees lacking in traditional person-to-person exchanges.

What to Do If You Can’t Use Your StubHub Tickets?

So if you realize the tickets you purchased on StubHub are wrong or unusable, what are your options?

You have a few alternatives to exchanging the tickets within StubHub’s marketplace:

Resell the Unwanted Tickets

Luckily, StubHub makes reselling quick and straightforward. You can easily list any tickets you can’t use, with StubHub connecting you to interested buyers.

For peace of mind, StubHub guarantees all tickets will sell or you’ll receive a refund. This removes the risk and hassle of you needing to handle ticket resales independently.

Get Replacement Tickets for Sold Out Events

For extremely popular events where tickets are limited or sold out, you may also have the option of replacement tickets.

If your original tickets become unavailable for any reason, StubHub may offer comparable replacement tickets – such as different date or seat location. This allows you to still attend a coveted sold out event you likely wouldn’t get tickets to otherwise.

You can also opt to decline replacement tickets and receive a full refund within 5 business days if preferred.

Attend Postponed/Rescheduled Events

If an event gets rescheduled to a new date or venue, your StubHub ticket purchase automatically remains valid. For postponed events, you can attend using the same tickets on the new event date.

Unlike ticket cancellations, StubHub’s policy does not allow refunds for simply rescheduled events – only the option to use the tickets on the new date.

What to Do If You Buy the Wrong StubHub Tickets?

Mistakenly purchasing the wrong tickets is frustrating. Maybe you chose the incorrect event date or seat numbers during checkout. Perhaps you mixed up ticket details across multiple browser tabs.

Regardless of how it happened, StubHub unfortunately does not allow ticket exchanges even if you accidentally bought the wrong ones.

Again, with no direct handling of tickets post-purchase, StubHub lacks the ability to modify or swap ticket orders as requested by buyers.

Your option is to relist the inaccurate tickets for resale to recoup your costs, then repurchase the proper event tickets you had initially meant to buy.

To avoid eating the cost of unusable tickets, carefully check all ticket details prior to confirming your StubHub purchase.

StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee Covers Refunds

For additional buying protection, StubHub provides their FanProtect Guarantee on all ticket sales. This policy covers certain refund scenarios for unusable tickets:

  • Full refund if event is cancelled – no option for replacement tickets
  • Refund if replacement tickets unavailable
  • Refund if tickets resold but new buyer doesn’t pay

Importantly, the FanProtect Guarantee does not cover refunds for postponed or rescheduled events – only the option to attend the new event date.

Review StubHub’s full FanProtect Guarantee policy for exclusions and to verify your specific situation is covered before purchasing tickets.

Using Caution When Buying Resale Event Tickets

When buying tickets through any resale marketplace, extra care must be taken from initial search through checkout. Without the ability to exchange tickets later on StubHub or similar platforms, you’ll want to prevent ending up with unusable tickets from the start.

Here are some tips for avoiding issues when buying StubHub tickets:

  • Carefully check all ticket details – event name/type, exact date, seat assignments, ticket delivery method, applicable restrictions, etc.
  • Read seller terms – delivery timeframe, fees, cancellation policy, etc.
  • Take your time – don’t rush the checkout process and risk input errors
  • Verify your purchase confirmation – make sure receipt reflects the exact tickets desired
  • Use reminders – set calendar alerts for the event date as an extra precaution

Questions from StubHub Community Members

To provide additional perspectives around the ticket exchange issue, here are some relevant conversations directly from StubHub’s Community Forum:

Can I exchange my StubHub order for other types of tickets?

Since StubHub is a marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets, we unfortunately can’t facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers. If you can no longer attend the event you purchased tickets for, your option is to relist those tickets for resale to give someone else the chance to attend.

I accidentally bought tickets for the wrong date. Can I trade them in for the correct date?

A: As a marketplace platform, StubHub doesn’t have the ability to swap or modify ticket orders on behalf of buyers or sellers. However, we definitely recommend reselling those incorrect tickets to recoup your costs. You can then repurchase tickets for the proper event date. Just be sure to carefully check all ticket details at checkout in the future to avoid buying the wrong ones.

Final Thoughts – Exchanging StubHub Tickets

While StubHub does not allow ticket exchanges or modifications, you still have options if stuck with unusable tickets purchased through their marketplace.

Keep these key points in mind:

  • Resell unwanted tickets – StubHub guarantees they’ll sell or refund you
  • For sold out events, replacement tickets may be offered
  • Tickets for postponed events are still valid for the new event date
  • Carefully verify all ticket details before confirming checkout
  • Thoroughly review StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee policy fine print

Understanding StubHub’s platform policies and utilizing available safeguards can give you the confidence to effectively use their ticket marketplace.

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