Can You Cancel or Return StubHub Tickets

Tickets selling out in minutes. Impossible to get seats at face value. Skyrocketing prices on resale sites.

Sound familiar? That’s the frustrating reality for fans trying to score tickets to many hot concerts, games, theater shows and other live events lately.

But what if you snag tickets and later can’t attend or change your mind? Or, as a seller, need to back out of a StubHub sale for some reason?

Can you cancel a StubHub order?

The short answer is generally no – for buyers or sellers. Once an order is placed, StubHub typically considers it final and binding.

However, there are some exceptions and policies around potential refunds, credits or replacements you need to know about.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover:

  • StubHub’s buyer cancellation and return policies
  • Refunds for buyers when events get postponed, cancelled, or tickets have issues
  • What sellers can and can’t do after listing tickets
  • Repercussions sellers may face for cancelling sales
  • Steps buyers can take if an order gets cancelled
  • Key things to remember about StubHub order cancellations

Plus plenty more on how the popular ticket marketplace’s policies work and how to navigate cancellation scenarios. Let’s get started!

StubHub’s No Returns or Cancellations on Ticket Orders Policy

Before diving into specific situations, it’s important to understand StubHub’s overall stance: ticket orders on their marketplace typically can’t be cancelled or returned.

Why not? Well, StubHub simply facilitates transactions between individual ticket buyers and sellers. They don’t get actively involved in each sale by taking direct possession of tickets.

Instead, StubHub connects fans looking for tickets with sellers listing extras they have. It acts as an intermediary handling payment, protections for both parties in transactions, and customer support.

But that means once an order goes through, StubHub usually won’t intervene to reverse or cancel it. They make this clear in their policies, terms & conditions, and across the platform.

For example, say you have buyer’s remorse shortly after purchasing two tickets. Unless the event gets cancelled or you run into issues down the line, StubHub won’t allow you to back out and get a refund just because you changed your mind. Their reasoning – order activity directly impacts independent sellers relying on sales going through as promised.

Now say you listed a pair of tickets at a low price hoping to sell them quickly. But shortly after, you realize you could make much more reselling them for the going market rate instead. Tough luck – StubHub prohibits sellers from cancelling sales then relisting at higher price points.

The transaction details, obligations, and money exchange hands when a buyer clicks “Purchase” or seller clicks “List” within their systems. So both parties must follow through from StubHub’s perspective, barring exceptions.

While this may seem rigid, StubHub needs to instill confidence in fans using their exchange. Buyers want assurances tickets they commit to buying will actually materialize down the line. Sellers want guarantees interested buyers will send payment as agreed upon. A coherent order finalization policy helps facilitate trust on both ends.

But naturally issues can still pop up even with protections in place…so what about refunds or account credits?

When Might StubHub Buyers Get Refunds or Order Cancellation?

StubHub does offer consumers various safeguards in case problems arise with orders. So while they don’t generally allow returns or cancellations, certain scenarios may make buyers eligible for refunds, replacement tickets, account credits, or order voiding.

The StubHub FanProtect Guarantee covers purchasers when:

  • You don’t receive valid tickets in time for the event
  • Tickets ultimately end up being invalid/not acceptable for entrance
  • Listings had material inaccuracies or discrepancies
  • The event is cancelled, rescheduled or relocated

Essentially, StubHub will go to bat for buyers if sellers drop the ball on their end of the bargain or extenuating circumstances happen out of everyone’s control.

Issues clearly falling under the FanProtect categories mean buyers can get full refunds back to original payment methods. StubHub may also provide credits worth 120% of the total order amount. Plus they have discretion to supply replacement tickets themselves if feasible.

Postponement and Cancellation Refund Policies

Event dates shifting or performances not happening at all represent prime cases where ticket buyers need alternatives.

StubHub’s website states that if an event gets cancelled with no rescheduling, buyers have two choices:

  • 120% of your total purchase amount added as account credit – Valid for one calendar year towards future StubHub orders. Credit displayed in your StubHub Wallet section.
  • Full refund back to original payment method – Submitting an email request triggers processing within 5 days.

For postponed or rescheduled events, the options differ slightly:

  • Event organizers should distribute revised event details directly to existing ticketholders
  • Buyers can attend the new event date with their original tickets
  • Resell tickets instead of attending the makeup event
  • No direct refund or credit compensation mentioned in policies

However, buyers could probably plead their case to StubHub customer service for a credit or voucher. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

Special COVID-19 Cancellation and Credit Policies

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, obviously countless events needed rescheduling or cancelling altogether as shutdowns set in. StubHub reacted by altering their regular refund and credit precedents.

Early on when uncertainty reigned about when normalcy might resume, StubHub would only offer 120% account credits – not refunds – if coronavirus disruptions required events to cancel.

Many ticket buyers complained about these revised terms eliminating the full refund option. Some even filed lawsuits demanding their money back.

Thus, by May 2021 after much public scrutiny and private negotiations, StubHub reverted to its original refund practices for COVID event cancellations. Buyers once again can obtain 120% future purchase credits OR full cash refunds like before.

However, several state attorney generals conducted major investigations into StubHub’s COVID policy shifts regardless. They wanted to ensure consumers received appropriate recourse.

In September 2021, StubHub ultimately agreed to sizable settlement deals with 11 states plus Washington DC. Highlights included:

  • Over $16.7 million in refunds distributed to tens of thousands of eligible buyers covered under the agreements
  • Adjustments requiring COVID cancellation refund handling mimic FanProtect Guarantee precedents
  • Clear communication standards for any future major policy changes
  • Timely processing expectations for refund requests

So in the end, StubHub stepped up to make things right. But it took substantial government intervention to align on suitable COVID fan relief measures.

Reselling Instead of Cancelling StubHub Ticket Orders

By this point, it’s quite clear StubHub gives buyers almost no ability to straight-up cancel tickets because situations change. Outside shot at a credit if an event gets rescheduled. Refund route extremely narrow otherwise.

Yet let’s say you unexpectedly can’t attend a concert you were excited about anymore. What options exist?

Well, StubHub heavily emphasizes reselling as the go-to workaround for unwanted tickets. Rather than tie up customer service reps with refund demands unlikely to succeed, reposting lets interested fans buy tickets you now have available.

Consumers essentially assume the role of a seller themselves to securely transfer tickets to another purchaser via StubHub.

The steps involve:

  • Logging into your StubHub account
  • Accessing the My Tickets section
  • Identifying the event tickets in question under Order History
  • Selecting “Resell” next to the eligible tickets
  • Posting them just like a typical seller would

StubHub subtracts their standard 10% seller fee from the final resale value once tickets get purchased again. The rest of proceeds get credited to your account.

But does reselling guarantee making all your money back? Not necessarily – market rates, demand fluctuations, and the cut StubHub takes all impact potential recouping.

Say those concert tickets cost $250 originally, including StubHub’s buyer charges. Reselling them for the same $250 base price nets just $225 after their commission. And open market dynamics suggest you might need to discount heavily on price to attract another buyer.

Still, reselling gives buyers stuck with unusable tickets better chances recovering most expenditures compared to other options. Just brace for perhaps getting less cash back versus your upfront cost.

Penalties Await StubHub Sellers Cancelling Orders

We’ve covered in detail how buyers don’t have much latitude for cancelling or voiding StubHub transactions. Now let’s discuss things from the seller perspective.

Unlike buyers protected heavily by StubHub’s policies and guarantees, sellers must manage their own risk while enjoying fewer outs. After all, sellers should only list event tickets for sale when 100% certain they can produce them later on.

Otherwise, StubHub considers it a contractual breach if a seller struggles with ticket availability after successfully closing a buyer sale. Several tough repercussions potentially kick in as a result:

  • Removal of seller privileges – Those unable to fulfill orders get banned from listing any more tickets
  • Reversal of sale payment – StubHub retracts any previous processing of earnings from the problematic sale
  • Collections & reimbursement charges – Defaulting sellers see their registered credit card or payment account debited for the full sale amount (even if part or none got initially released)

On top of that, you can bet StubHub won’t look kindly upon any shenanigans like bait-and-switch pricing tactics:

  • Cancelling an existing sale simply because tickets could relist at higher prices
  • Pulling listings down then reposting identical tickets at elevated rates

Attempting schemes like these qualify as major breaches of policy too.

In summary, sellers must avoid cancelling sales with buyers at all costs or face harsh financial and account standing consequences. While selling tickets you truly can’t provide does happen innocently at times, StubHub mainly puts the burden of proper inventory management on its sellers first.

What Buyers Can Do If an Order Gets Cancelled?

Stuff happens, so orders sadly may rarely get cancelled unexpectedly by sellers regardless of rules or deterrents in place.

If you receive an ominous notice about your anticipated ticket shipment getting cancelled out of the blue, now what?

First, don’t panic. As the buyer, you didn’t do anything wrong here.

StubHub protects fans from difficulties out of their control like this. Have faith their internal policies can still make the situation right.

Next, contact StubHub customer assistance right away to investigate and enact backup arrangements:

  • Call the main StubHub support line: 866-STUBHUB (866-788-2482)
  • Email the StubHub customer experience team[email protected]
  • Message StubHub Support on Twitter: @StubHub_Support

Explain exactly what happened – your order cancelled out of nowhere with no explanation why. Provide your full order details like event name, original ticket quantities/section, order ID or reference numbers, etc.

At this stage StubHub reps step in to review and start working towards an alternative plan. What might they offer? A few common remedies:

  • Comparable replacement tickets – If available inventory allows, StubHub may directly source substitute tickets for you near your original purchase details
  • Refund processing for full order amount – Cash goes back to your payment account provider
  • StubHub account credit matching 120% of order value – Voucher works like cash for future event orders with them

Now replacement tickets depend on specific event ticket availability. Popular concerts or games may only have far pricier options at this later stage.

But in all cases here, StubHub aims to make buyers whole either through direct ticket access, refunds, or future purchase credits. You won’t end up totally out of luck.

If wait times responding seem excessive or resolutions unsatisfactory, politely escalate to management contacts for additional support. Reasonable firms like StubHub should provide reasonable outcomes for customers even amidst seller conflicts.

And lastly, please give honest feedback about issues encountering seller order cancellations once resolved. StubHub needs to understand where sellers fall short so they can address critical pain points within the ticket sales lifecycle. You’d be helping many future buyers avoid similar headaches.

Key Things to Remember About Cancelling StubHub Orders

We’ve gone very in-depth here about cancellation policies, exceptions, contingency plans and all facets around reversing or voiding StubHub ticket transactions.

Let’s recap quick takeaways to remember:

  • No returns – StubHub typically won’t allow buyers cancelling orders or returning tickets just because situations change
  • Reselling is best option – Unwanted tickets? Resell on StubHub again rather than cancel
  • Buyers protected – Guarantee shields fans if sellers cancel sales or tickets have problems
  • COVID rules reverted – Refunds (not just credits) offered again for virus-related cancellations
  • Penalties for sellers – Financial hits and selling bans deter sellers from cancelling orders
  • Escalate issues persisting – Lean on customer service management if needed until satisfactory cancellation resolutions achieved

Hopefully you now feel empowered to navigate the ins and outs of what’s possible, prohibited, protected or problematic across StubHub orders. Never fun dealing with cancellations, but go forth confidently armed with knowledge!

On a final note, please avoid judging StubHub too harshly regarding their stringent order policies. Keep in mind they aim to carefully balance needs across all buyers, sellers, and as a business. If lax on reversals, confidence wavers. If too rigid, bad experiences swell. Refunds and exceptions walk a fine line requiring wisdom paring many complex dynamics simultaneously.


Dealing with a cancelled StubHub isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Yet as we covered here, all isn’t necessarily lost if you act promptly and understand available options.

While impossible anticipating each unique scenario, hopefully this guide better prepared you navigating various cancellation flows as a buyer or seller. StubHub may hold firm on order finality generally, but take comfort in their array of fan protections as a fallback.

Did we miss any other cancellation considerations around the popular ticket marketplace you’d add? Have your own nightmare stories trying to cancel StubHub orders? Share your thoughts or advice in the comments to help fellow readers!

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