How to Cancel StubHub Ticket Orders and Get Refunds

Have you ever bought concert or event tickets on StubHub, only to have your plans fall through at the last minute? Or maybe you listed a ticket for sale but then realized you actually can still go to the show? Navigating how to cancel a StubHub order or ticket sale can be confusing.

Can you cancel a StubHub order? The short answer is – it’s complicated! As an online ticket marketplace connecting independent buyers and sellers, StubHub doesn’t directly handle cancellations or process returns. The ability to cancel depends on each seller’s policies.

But in some cases, you may be able to score a refund or other compensation from StubHub. This guide explains everything you need to know about how to potentially cancel StubHub tickets and orders for purchases or listings. We’ll cover:

  • How the StubHub ticket marketplace works
  • When you can get order cancellation and refunds
  • Steps to contact StubHub customer service
  • What outcomes you may qualify for if eligible
  • How to remove a ticket listing you created
  • What sellers can do if they need to cancel
  • Policies for postponed and rescheduled events

So whether you’re a worried StubHub ticket buyer or seller, read on for the full scoop!

How the StubHub Marketplace Works?

Before diving into cancellation policies, it helps to understand exactly how StubHub operates in the first place:

StubHub serves as an online ticket marketplace and middleman, enabling fans to easily buy and sell tickets for concerts, sports games, theater shows, comedy acts, and other live entertainment events.

Rather than selling tickets directly themselves, StubHub connects independent ticket buyers and ticket sellers on their platform. Sellers can list available tickets they have, while buyers can search listings and purchase them.

In this fan-to-fan marketplace model:

  • Sellers determine their own ticket quantities, prices, sale terms, and cancellation rules.
  • StubHub handles payment processing and ticket delivery logistics for a service fee.
  • If tickets are invalid or issues come up, StubHub steps in to make it right based on their FanProtect Guarantee for buyers.

So when it comes to changing or cancelling a StubHub order, the company can’t directly process it themselves since they didn’t sell the tickets. The ability depends on the individual seller’s policies for that transaction.

But there still are circumstances where StubHub may provide assistance or compensation if ticket problems occur…

When You Can Get Order Refunds or Help?

Given their role as a ticket marketplace, StubHub relies on sellers to handle refunds and cancellations related to purchases. Sellers create their own listings and terms.

However, StubHub does have protection policies in place for buyers if irresolvable ticket troubles come up:

For Order Cancellations Due to Event Cancellations

StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee covers buyers if an event completely gets cancelled with no rescheduling.

If this happens, they promise buyers will:

  • Get an account credit for 120% of the order purchase amount
  • Or have the option to request a full cash refund

So if the concert or game you bought tickets for gets axed without alternative plans, StubHub has your back.

For Unusable, Invalid, or Late Tickets

Their FanProtect Guarantee also applies if:

  • Purchased tickets don’t arrive in time for the event
  • Received tickets end up being invalid or fraudulent
  • The actual tickets drastically misrepresent the original listing details

In these cases after contacting their customer service, StubHub aims to find replacement tickets for the buyer at no extra charge.

If that’s not possible, they will provide a cash refund for the full original ticket purchase amount.

For Postponed or Rescheduled Events

If an organizer postpones or reschedules an event, StubHub will notify ticket buyers via email with updates on the new date, time, and validity of existing tickets.

In most cases for such event date changes, original tickets will still work fine for the new event details.

But for buyers unable to attend the new date, StubHub support may be able to help resell the affected tickets instead of outright cancelling them:

  • Buyers can easily list them for resale directly on StubHub with no seller fees
  • Fan Support reps may also be able to help manually relist or reprice tickets if needed

So in summary – while StubHub can’t directly cancel or void orders due to their third-party seller model, they do try to make it right if you run into ticket troubles that prevent event attendance.

Next let’s talk about the process for contacting them if you need to cancel an order or listing.

Contacting StubHub Customer Service About Cancellations

If you run into any ticket situations warranting a cancellation covered by StubHub’s protection policies, the first step is reaching out to their Fan Support customer service team right away:

Contact By Phone

Call their toll-free customer service line at:

+1 (866) STUBHUB / +1 (866) 788-2482

When connected with a support rep, clearly explain your specific situation requiring a cancellation, along with:

  • Your full order details
  • Any confirmation numbers
  • Specific ticket information

Having accurate order identifiers on hand helps them effectively look up your case details faster.

Provide any relevant documentation as evidence too – like official event cancellation notices from venues or organizers.

The more details you share, the better they can determine next steps.

Contact By Email

You can also email their customer service team directly at:

[email protected]

In your message, lay out all pertinent order specifics like:

  • The nature of the issue (event postponement, invalid tickets, etc.)
  • Order IDs
  • Ticket details
  • Reason requiring cancellation

And copy or attach any supporting cancellation evidence like venue notifications.

Adding accurate order details and proof helps StubHub Fan Support verify and assist with your ticket problem more quickly.

What To Expect After Contacting StubHub Support?

Once you reach out to StubHub by phone or email for help canceling an impacted order, here is what typically happens next:

After reviewing your case details, if StubHub confirms you qualify for compensation or order changes under their FanProtect Guarantee, the customer service team member will explain the specific options available to you based on the circumstances.

Outcomes could include:

  • Cash refunds
  • Future purchase credits
  • Replacement ticket assistance
  • Help relisting or repricing your tickets for resale on StubHub

If eligible for a refund, you’ll generally get an email from their customer service team with instructions for how to obtain it going forward.

Just be sure to respond within timeframes if they request any additional info while processing your cancellation case. Their goal is resolving legitimate issues in good faith, but blatant misrepresentations of order situations are against policies.

If for some reason your concerns still are not addressed to satisfaction, you can pursue a formal complaint with customer service management.

What Outcomes You May Get If Eligible for a StubHub Refund?

Honoring their FanProtect Guarantee, if StubHub customer service approves your need to cancel an order covered under applicable situations, you could qualify for:

Cash Refunds

If confirmed tickets are entirely unusable/undeliverable without a reschedule, StubHub aims to make it right with a cash refund when feasible.

Eligible buyers can get a refund for the full original ticket purchase amount paid – no questions asked. Refund methods and speed vary.

So if your event gets indefinitely axed without rescheduling, StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee should refund your total ticket costs.

Future Purchase Credit

In some cases instead of cash refunds, StubHub may offer an account credit equal to 120% of the original order value.

These credits are redeemable towards buying future tickets for other StubHub event listings in the same currency.

While not ideal for those wanting immediate refunds, credits provide more flexibility to buy replacement tickets.

Replacement Ticket Assistance

If something is wrong with the specific tickets you bought leading up to the event but it’s still happening (like wrong seat numbers, lost/late delivery, etc), their support team will make their best effort to secure comparable last-minute replacements at no added costs.

If replacement tickets aren’t available either, then they will process a refund instead.

Help Relisting or Repricing Tickets

For postponed/rescheduled events you can’t attend on the new date, StubHub customer service can help relist your unusable tickets for sale on their marketplace easily.

They may also aid adjusting pricing to boost interest. This allows recuperating some costs instead of outright cancelling unpaid orders tied to valid tickets.

Getting support reposting your unusable tickets yourself enables avoiding seller cancellation penalties.

So in many scenarios where bought tickets become impractical to use, StubHub aims to make it right based on their policies and capabilities.

Steps To Cancel a StubHub Ticket Listing

Now what if you listed event tickets for sale on StubHub, but need to remove the listing?

Perhaps you decided to attend the event after all, or sold them elsewhere already.

While you can’t reverse actual ticket sales you already got paid for, you can easily deactivate listings not yet sold:

  1. Open your StubHub account and click “My Tickets”
  2. Next select “Listings” to view your posted ticket sales
  3. Choose “See Actions” then “Deactivate” to remove the listing
  4. Confirm deactivation when prompted

Voila! This will instantly hide your ticket listing so no one else can buy it going forward.

You can also opt to later repost and reactive deactivated listings if unsold tickets get freed up again down the road. Much easier than cancelling confirmed sales.

But be aware – any confirmed sales made prior to deactivating would still expect delivery, otherwise seller penalties may apply…

What Sellers Should Do If They Need To Cancel a Sale?

Listing extra tickets speculatively for hoped profit but then needing to cancel once sales occur is an understandable but problematic position.

As a StubHub seller, officially completed ticket sale transactions are binding contracts with buyers expecting delivery per terms. Reneging once funds exchange hands violates platform policies often tied to legal ticket resale conditions in many regions.

However, truly unforeseen personal situations do reasonably come up preventing ticket delivery like:

  • Sudden COVID or other health emergencies
  • Family crisis conflicts
  • Travel or weather disruptions

If legit circumstances unexpectedly make it utterly impossible for you to deliver sold tickets, immediately contact StubHub explaining why you must cancel the completed sale.

Customers getting deprived of guaranteed usable tickets should always be an absolute last resort avoided when possible though – it leaves everyone dissatisfied plus exposes you to certain penalties.

But when left with no other options, be upfront with support staff about your delivery predicament right away. Depending on stated policies in your region though, substantial service fees may still apply for reneging given the headaches caused down the line.

Most importantly – avoid selling speculative tickets exceeding reliable personal quantities in the future whenever feasible. Know your limits on supply.

And if posting extra as a precaution, use tools like sale expiration dates and adjusting available quantities sparingly to limit total open offerings.

Overview of Policies for Postponed or Rescheduled Events

Live events don’t always go according to plan! Between unpredictable factors like team standings, venue issues, travel problems, health concerns, and much more – delays and changes happen.

When event organizers officially decide to postpone or reschedule a show, game, or performance to a future date, how does that impact StubHub tickets and orders? Let’s clarify…

Original Event Tickets Normally Remain Valid

Unless otherwise explicitly invalidated by event organizers or venues, original tickets tied to a postponed event usually just seamlessly transfer validity to the new replacement event details.

So if show dates get pushed back or moved due to logistics, already purchased tickets still grant entry. Think of it as the same event, just on a different calendar date.

You’ll Be Notified of Any Event Date Changes

If a postponement does occur, StubHub sends buyers email notifications confirming the new event date, time, and any other important updates affecting existing tickets.

This ensures you know to calendar the updated details accordingly. Sometimes new event info remains in flux for a bit as stakeholders coordinate, but they relay specifics as soon as feasible.

Reselling Unusable Tickets is Recommended

If already purchased tickets won’t work for your schedule on the new rescheduled date, trying to resell them on StubHub is better than outright cancellation attempts unless completely desperate.

Their site enables easily relisting unwanted tickets with minimal fees. Fan Support teams can also provide guidance adjusting listings to improve their appeal if needed.

Going the resale route recoups some sunk costs, lets new fans attend who can make the new date, and avoids outright cancelling on existing buyers who already paid in good faith counting on your delivery.

It keeps the marketplace ethical plus gets you some compensation for unusable tickets in the process. Just be reasonable in repricing them accordingly compared to current market rates for the new event timing.


Managing order cancellations on a platform like StubHub proving digital matchmaker between multitudes of independent ticket buyers and sellers does entail some complexity compared to typical retail situations.

But their core policies strive to protect fans from avoidable losses when feasible while setting fair expectations.

As a buyer if stunning last minute event cancellations or unusable ticket situations arise through no fault on your end, StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee should have your back depending on specifics.

Similarly as a seller if you confirm sales tied to event tickets in your possession but legitimate unexpected emergencies later make delivery utterly impossible, their support teams work hard toward reasonable assistance even if penalties still apply in many cases.

The key is contacting StubHub customer service right away when such issues occur, providing complete documentation and truthful explanations around the circumstances. Their resolution capabilities understandably have limits, but they try resolving in good faith where plausible based on policies.

And if all else fails when tickets remain functional but no longer usable personally – attempt reselling them for needed liquidity first before outright cancelling existing sales anyone counting on your delivery.

So while neither buyers nor sellers have universal free will to cancel normal StubHub orders post-transaction per their third-party model, there are consumer protections given events don’t unfold as hoped – just make sure contacting support promptly when troubles arise!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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