What Are NFL Resale Tickets Complete Guide

Are you an NFL fan looking to sell tickets to games you can’t attend? As a season ticket holder, reselling your unused NFL tickets through secure marketplaces can help offset costs while allowing other fans to enjoy the games. This article will explain what nfl resale tickets are, how the NFL Ticket Exchange program works, tips for maximizing your returns, and more.

The nfl Ticket Exchange program allows season ticket holders like you an easy, official way to post your tickets for resale to other fans. Read on to understand the process and how to safely transfer or sell your tickets you won’t be able to use this nfl season.

What are NFL Resale Tickets?

NFL resale tickets refer to tickets that are posted for resale by fans on secondary marketplaces after initially being sold by the NFL team or league.

The NFL Ticket Exchange program is the official fan-to-fan ticket resale marketplace of the nfl, facilitated by their partner Ticketmaster. This provides season ticket holders a legitimate way to resell tickets directly to other fans.

Some key things to know:

  • All tickets resold on the Ticket Exchange are 100% verified and authentic event tickets. Each comes with a new barcode assigned to the buyer for security.
  • Season ticket holders can easily transfer tickets to friends/family if needed through online ticket transfer features.
  • You can also resell tickets you determine you won’t be able to use, recouping some of your costs. There are no restrictions imposed by the nfl on resale pricing.
  • Buyers can feel confident purchasing these resale tickets, knowing they are official event seats being resold by other fans.

So in summary, nfl resale tickets offer flexibility for fans and season ticket holders while providing a secure marketplace for transactions.

Why Resell Your Unused NFL Tickets?

As a season ticket holder, you’ve likely invested a fair amount already just to secure the packages and seats you want each nfl season. But inevitably conflicts come up or life gets in the way, and you can’t attend every game on the schedule.

Rather than letting those unused tickets go to waste, reselling provides benefits:

  • Recoup costs: By reselling tickets to games you know you’ll miss, you can offset some of the price of your season ticket package. Sites like TiqAssist even guarantee resale so you get value back.
  • Easy transfers: If you know a friend or family member would enjoy attending a game you can’t make, the nfl Ticket Exchange program allows seamless ticket transfers.
  • Resell when plans change: Sometimes last minute conflicts come up after you’ve already spent money on tickets. Reselling through Ticket Exchange allows recapture of that value.

So if you’re looking to offset the expense of nfl season tickets or want to ensure tickets don’t go unused if you miss a game, reselling is a great option.

How the NFL Ticket Exchange Program Works

The NFL Ticket Exchange program is the official fan-to-fan ticket resale marketplace of the league, facilitated through their partner Ticketmaster. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Verified tickets: All tickets resold through Ticket Exchange are 100% verified as authentic event tickets directly from the team/league. Buyers can trust it.
  • New barcodes: Each resold ticket is reissued with a new, unique barcode assigned to the buyer for security and ease of stadium entry.
  • Flexible transfers: Season ticket holders can easily transfer tickets to friends/family as needed for games they themselves cannot attend.
  • Resell with no restrictions: The nfl places no minimum price restrictions on what fans can resell unused tickets for on the Exchange.
  • Easy listings: Ticketmaster makes it simple for fans to securely list their tickets and complete sales.
  • Seamless payments: Sellers receive payouts after the event date, with typical platform fees around 10-15% taken by Ticketmaster on the transactions.

So in short, the Ticket Exchange gives fans a legitimate marketplace to safely resell and buy authentic nfl tickets while providing season ticket holders much needed flexibility.

Factors That Impact NFL Ticket Resale Value

Several factors influence what NFL tickets may resell for on secondary marketplaces, which you should keep in mind when pricing and listing yours:

  • The matchup: Rivalry games or ones featuring extremely popular teams almost always have fans scrambling for seats and tend to resell very well.
  • Playoff implications: Late season divisional games that impact postseason chances also see upticks in demand and price.
  • Visiting team popularity: Certain away teams like the Cowboys, Steelers and Patriots have national fanbases willing to pay more.
  • Players involved: Games featuring superstar QBs like Mahomes or big playmakers generate more interest.
  • Timing of sale: Earlier sales when excitement peaks beat last minute listings for better returns generally.

Monitoring the nfl season ticket resale marketplace and understanding which of your tickets may be in high demand is key. Certain weeks’ games may garner significantly more interest – plan price and sales strategy accordingly.

Popular NFL Ticket Resale Marketplaces

While the NFL Ticket Exchange is the official marketplace, there are a number of reputable secondary marketplaces for reselling tickets. Marketplaces like StubHub, SeatGeek and Vivid Seats are all legitimate options.

Here is an overview of some top nfl ticket resale sites:

Ticketmaster Exchange – As the NFL’s official marketplace, this is always a good option in terms of security and legitimacy. Fees are typically about 15%.

StubHub – One of the largest and most recognizable resale sites covering all major sports. Also offers seller protection and competitive fees.

SeatGeek – Another very popular option, well-rated for ease of listings, transparent pricing and helpful seller tools. Charges 10% fees.

Vivid Seats – Known for a large supply of available tickets spanning many years in business. Provides seller guarantees on sales.

Gametime – Caters to more last minute buyers but focuses on authenticity and security. Lower 10% seller fees.

TickPick – An up and comer marketplace with all-in pricing, meaning no hidden fees for buyers or sellers.

The best approach is listing your NFL tickets across multiple sites simultaneously to maximize exposure. Services like TiqAssist handle this entire process for season ticket holders through their marketplace listings and relationships.

How to Transfer or Resell Your NFL Tickets

Thanks to mobile ticketing and improved ticket transfer features, the process of sending your tickets to someone else or reselling unused ones is easier than ever:

Transfer to Friends/Family

Simply access your NFL team account ticket page, find the relevant game, and select the transfer option. Enter the recipient’s name and email address to securely send them the ticket(s) – it’s that easy these days.

Resell Unused Tickets

Similarly, locate your tickets in your team account manager page and click the “Sell” button when it appears to post them to the Ticket Exchange. Select the tickets you wish to list, enter pricing and payment info, and your listing will now appear to potential buyers browsing for seats.

For either transfers or resales, the recipient/buyer will be issued a new barcode for easy entry to the event using their mobile device. As the ticket holder, you are paid out after the event date, with the resale marketplace taking its typical 10-15% fees and sending you the remainder.

Managing the listings and responding to buyer inquiries can become time consuming. Services like TiqAssist fully handle the administrative work required across their 10+ marketplace relationships as you simply approve the sales.

Tips for Selling Your Unused NFL Tickets

To maximize your NFL ticket resale returns, keep these tips in mind:

  • List early – Putting your tickets up for resale as soon as the schedule comes out ensures reaching the most buyers while excitement is high. Avoid listing last minute.
  • Price competitively – Research comparable active listings to price your tickets attractively but to still turn a profit.
  • Use multiple sites – Listings across more marketplaces means way more exposure to buyers and better chances for sales.
  • Pair home/away games – Some buyers seek tickets to attend back-to-back weekends, capitalize by bundling.
  • Highlight seat details – Emphasize convenient locations, views, sections that warrant higher prices.
  • Consider guarantees – Explore marketplaces like TiqAssist that guarantee ticket resales so you always recoup value.

Implementing these best practices requires time and effort managing everything yourself across the various secondary exchange sites.

Recoup Your Investment as a Season Ticket Holder

For fans buying nfl season tickets year after year, leveraging the secondary marketplace to resell unused tickets just makes sense – both for recapturing value as well as reducing some costs over time. Yet the process of listing, managing sale inquiries, transferring tickets and getting paid should not become a full time job.

This is where services like TiqAssist provide immense value to season ticket holders across sports. TiqAssist handles the administration work involved with reselling your tickets for you, enabling you to enjoy going to the games you choose while effortlessly recovering potential losses on unused games.

Some benefits TiqAssist provides:

  • Broadcasts your extra nfl tickets across 10+ secondary exchanges simultaneously so you don’t need to manage manually
  • Utilizes pricing algorithms and data to optimize your listing strategy for maximum resale returns
  • Selling experts field buyer inquiries and handle all administrative work
  • Offers a resale guarantee, purchasing any unsold tickets from you as the game date nears
  • Allows you to enjoy being a season ticket holder again rather than becoming preoccupied with reselling tickets yourself

NFL ticket resale through marketplaces like Ticket Exchange provides great potential for fans (and great deals for buyers). But balancing enjoying attending games while also recouping your investment on unused tickets can be a challenge. Evaluate services like TiqAssist to make nfl season ticket resale practically turnkey so you can actually sit back and be a fan again this coming season.


Reselling your unused NFL tickets through secure secondary exchanges like Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange gives season ticket holders flexibility while providing other fans ways to access affordable seats. Keys to maximizing resale value involve listing early, pricing right based on market factors, and leveraging multiple marketplaces for visibility. For the most hassle-free experience as a ticket holder, partnering with a service handling the administrative work can be hugely helpful.

I hope this breakdown on what exactly nfl resale tickets are, how the reselling process works and tips for selling your own successfully proves helpful. Enjoy the games this upcoming 2024 season!

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