How to Change Name on a United Airlines Ticket

Have you ever booked a flight only to later realize there’s a mistake in the name on your ticket? Or maybe you had a recent name change due to marriage or divorce and need to update your reservation. Whatever the reason, correcting your name with United Airlines is possible – when done right.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about changing your name on a United Airlines ticket, including:

  • When name changes are allowed
  • The step-by-step process
  • Applicable fees
  • Tips for making the process smooth

Let’s start by looking at the situations where United Airlines permits ticket name changes.

When Can You Change Your Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

United Airlines allows passengers to modify names in two scenarios:

1. Minor Name Corrections

You can fix minor spelling errors or typos without fees. For instance:

  • Incorrect spelling of first, middle, or last name (Mike vs. Micheal)
  • Name prefix/title corrections (Mr. vs. Dr.)
  • Nickname vs. full name issues

2. Legal Name Changes

In case of a legal name change from major life events, provide official documentation:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Other court order approving name change

For simple fixes, United Airlines is usually more lenient. But legal name amendments make the process more stringent since passenger identity needs re-verification.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Name on United Airlines Ticket

Follow these steps to update your name with United Airlines for an upcoming trip:

Online Through “My Reservations”

If you have a MileagePlus account, updating your name online is the fastest option. Simply:

  1. Log into your reservation online or on the United app
  2. Find your ticket in “My Trips” and select “Modify Flight”
  3. Edit your name under the passenger details
  4. Upload supporting legal documents if it’s a legal name change

The new name should then be reflected instantly throughout your reservation.

By Phone Through Customer Service

Call United Airlines at 1-800-864-8331 and explain you need to change the name on an existing ticket. Have your:

  • 6-letter confirmation code
  • Legal documents if it’s not a minor correction

The agent will advise next steps for submiting documents and updating your name.

In-Person at Airport Ticket Counter

Before your United Airlines flight, visit the United Airlines ticket counter at the departure airport. An agent there can modify your name in their system after verifying documentation.

However, phone and online name changes tend to be faster and cheaper over in-person airport changes. So address corrections ASAP before getting to the airport.

When Should You Request a United Airlines Name Change?

Ideally, start the name change process as soon as possible. Here’s why:

  • If you notice a minor spelling error or typo within 24 hours of booking, name changes are usually $75.
  • Change fees rise sharply closer to departure dates after 24 hours.
  • Airport staff may deny boarding if your ticket and ID names don’t match exactly. Avoid risks by fixing discrepancies immediately.

Leaving name issues until airport day leads to stress, long lines, and potentially more costs. Handle promptly after discovering inaccuracies.

What Are the Fees to Change Name on United Airlines Ticket?

For minor typo fixes, airlines don’t charge change fees in most cases. You’ll pay more for legal name modifications depending on:

Domestic United Airlines Flights

  • Within 24 hours: $75
  • After 24 hours: $200-$400 name change fee
  • Close-in to departure: Additional “same-day change” fees

International United Airlines Flights

  • Within 24 hours: $75
  • After 24 hours: $300-$500 name change fee
  • Close-in to departure: Additional “same-day change” fees

Plus, United Airlines may charge extra if the name update causes a fare difference between your new and old United Airlines tickets.

Insider Tip: Have your reservation documents ready to go before calling United Airlines. Making corrections swiftly minimizes hassles.

4 Pro Tips for Smooth United Airlines Name Changes

Follow these tips when altering names on United Airlines tickets:

1. Verify Eligibility ASAP

Basic Economy tickets may prohibit alterations. Economy Plus and Business/First fares are often more flexible.

2. Call vs. Airport Changes

Phone assistance yields faster resolution over airport walk-in changes.

3. Confirm Before Flying

Verify with United Airlines that your name modification fully processed before departure dates.

4. Research Policy Updates

Sometimes airlines tweak name change rules annually. Check for the latest to avoid surprises.

Key Takeaways on Changing Name with United Airlines

Mistakes and legal name evolutions happen. Fortunately, United Airlines has pathways for updating passenger names on existing flight reservations when needed. Key highlights include:

  • United Airlines permits minor fixes like spelling/typo changes without fees in most cases
  • Legal name amendments due to major life events are also possible but involve steeper fees starting around $200-$400 domestically and $300-$500 internationally
  • Minor corrections are quick via online, phone, airport. Legal name changes require identity re-verification at United Airlines ticket counter
  • Proactively verifying name policies, having confirmations ready, and addressing changes early all make for smooth sailing

With the right game plan, correcting names on United Airlines tickets can be simple. Following these steps minimizes hassles for an enjoyable trip from boarding pass to landing!

Frequently Asked Questions on Changing Name with United Airlines

Still have some questions about name changes with United Airlines? Here are answers to common queries:

How to change my name with United Airlines after marriage?

In case of marriage name changes, contact United Airlines directly and have your marriage certificate ready. Legal name amendments after major milestones like marriage require identity re-verification.

Can I change my name on a United Airlines ticket online?

Yes, MileagePlus members can update names through “My Reservations” online for faster processing. Non-members must call United’s customer service or visit airport counters.

What documents do I need to change my name on United Airlines?

For legal modifications like marriage, divorce or court order name changes: marriage certificates, divorce decrees and other court documents are needed to support the change.

Does a missing middle name on a United Airlines ticket matter?

Typically no – middle names are not 100% essential for domestic United Airlines travel. But confirm directly with United Airlines if unsure, especially for global itineraries requiring name consistency with governmental IDs.

Can I change passenger name on my United Airlines ticket to someone else?

No, passenger changes introducing completely different travelers is restricted. Name policies only allow updates to one’s own legal names. Transferring ownership of tickets invalidates reservations.

Final Thoughts on Updating Names with United

When your name doesn’t match your identity papers anymore, revising details with United Airlines ahead of time prevents travel disruptions. While simple fixes are often quick, allot more time and preparation for legal name change requests to avoid delays.

Arm yourself with the right verification paperwork, connect early about name discrepancies upon discovery, and have options ready if charges arise. With some proactive planning, name changes don’t have to derail your United Airlines reservations or overall journeys!

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