How to Easily Change Your Name on a Delta Airlines Ticket

Have you noticed an error in your name on your Delta Airlines ticket? Need to update your information due to a marriage, divorce, or other legal name change? Delta offers passengers the ability to make minor name corrections on flight reservations, when certain criteria are met.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about Delta’s name change policy, fees involved, and step-by-step instructions for changing your flight ticket name online, via the Delta app, over the phone, or text message. Read on to ensure a smooth name update process for your upcoming trip.

Overview of Delta’s Name Change Policy and Allowed Corrections

Delta has strict regulations in terms of allowing customers to update names on flight reservations. While you cannot transfer your Delta ticket to another person, minor name corrections are permitted if the following criteria are met:

  • The flights must be operated by Delta Airlines directly
  • Tickets must have a 006 stock number
  • Only one name change reissue allowed per ticket
  • No modifications to flight dates/times or origin/destination
  • A maximum of 3 character changes to first or last names
  • Match the name exactly to your government issued ID

In cases where these conditions apply, Delta does allow:

  • Corrections to spelling errors in first, middle, or last names
  • Adding or removing middle names
  • Changing your last name due to marriage, divorce or other legal name change

How Much Does Delta Charge for Name Changes and Corrections?

For minor name corrections that meet the above criteria, Delta fees are:

  • $125 for changes made within 24 hours of booking
  • $200-$500 for changes made after the first 24 hours

Additional differences in airfare may also apply when reissuing a new ticket.

Any name change requests outside of the above conditions and allowances must go through Delta reservations or a customer support agent over the phone.

Step-By-Step: How to Change Name on Delta Ticket Online

If your name change request meets Delta’s policy for minor corrections, modifying your name on your flight reservation online is simple:

  1. Go to Delta’s website and access your reservation under “My Trips”
  2. Enter your confirmation number and last name
  3. Select the name correction tab
  4. Check the box next to the name needing correction
  5. Input the accurate name
  6. Confirm and save changes
  7. Pay any relevant name change fees or fare differences

Once complete, you’ll receive an updated e-ticket confirmation via email with your new name reflected.

Phone Customer Service to Update Delta Ticket Name

To speak with a Delta agent over the phone for assistance changing your name, call their customer service line at 800-221-1212.

When you call, be prepared to provide the agent:

  • Your 6-digit confirmation code
  • Incorrect name on the ticket
  • The name correction requested
  • Reason for the requested change
  • Applicable supporting documentation if due to marriage, divorce or other legal change

The agent can initiate the name update after confirming you meet the criteria. Accept any name change fees and fare differences quoted to complete the reissue.

Modifying Your Name via the Delta App

Delta flyers who have downloaded the Delta app can quickly change their ticket name with a few taps:

  1. Open the Delta app and login
  2. Locate your reservation and select “modify flight”
  3. Tap on the passenger name to edit
  4. Input the accurate name
  5. Confirm changes

It’s that quick to get your boarding pass displaying your proper legal name for check-in thanks to the conveniences offered by the Delta app.

Reach Out to Delta Via Text Message for Name Change Help

My personal favorite way to reach Delta is through their text messaging assistant tool. Text +1 (800) 221-1212 and a representative can:

  • Provide eligibility for a name change
  • Initiate approved corrections
  • Collect any necessary fees
  • Answer any other questions related to your reservation

I love the text option because you can multitask while messaging the airline, rather than sitting on long phone holds.

Common Allowable Name Changes on Delta Tickets

Some of the most frequent minor name change requests that meet Delta’s policy include:

Adding a Middle Name

Delta allows passengers to add a middle name, initial, or delete it from the ticket reservation. This helps match government IDs that include middle names more precisely.

Last Name Updates Due to Marriage or Divorce

Should you have a change in marital status after booking travel, Delta permits altering your last name on the ticket to match your new legal surname. Relevant documentation is required confirming the change.

Minor Misspellings

If you notice a small typo of one, two or three letters in the first or last name fields, Delta agents can modify the name with proper spelling, avoiding future problems at check-in and airport security.

Why Matching Your Ticket to Your Government ID Matters

Delta, like all airlines, requires an exact name match between your flight reservation/boarding pass and valid government issued photo identification you present at check-in and security checkpoints.

If the names do not perfectly match, you risk:

  • Longer check-in times to clear up discrepancies
  • Denied boarding
  • Reissued tickets causing fare increases
  • Missed flight connections
  • Losing airline frequent flyer miles

Avoid travel interruptions by ensuring your ticket name aligns with proper ID!

Contacting Delta Customer Service and Support

Delta customer service provides passengers multiple convenient ways to make contact for booking assistance, flight changes, ticket inquiries and name change guidance:

By Phone: 800-221-1212
Via Text Message: +1 (800) 221-1212
Online Chat Support: website

I highly recommend using Delta’s text messaging service when possible for the quickest response, allowing you to multitask while handling airline questions.

Key Takeaways

Changing your name on a Delta Airlines ticket is possible within the airline’s policy about name corrections and for certain qualifying reasons. To recap:

  • Minor name changes allowed; no full name transfers
  • Online, phone, app & text options to update
  • Fees apply within 24 hours or after
  • Limited to small spelling corrections
  • Must match government-issued ID

Understanding Delta’s name change rules ensures you can travels worry-free with accurate ticket documentation. Contact a Delta customer support representative with any other questions!

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