How to Change Your Name on an American Airlines Ticket

Having to change the name on an airline ticket is a common occurrence that can arise for several reasons. Perhaps there was a simple spelling error when booking. Or maybe a major life event has resulted in a legal name change. Regardless of the specifics, needing to update your name on an existing American Airlines ticket can definitely cause stress.

Fortunately, American Airlines does allow certain name changes on eligible tickets. The key is understanding their policies, procedures, fees, and reservation systems. Equipped with the right information, you can seamlessly handle name changes on American Airlines tickets both online and offline.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the intricacies around changing your name on an American Airlines ticket reservation. Read on to spare yourself frustration and master the process!

When Might You Need to Change Your Name?

There are a few common scenarios that typically prompt needing to change the name on an American Airlines flight booking:

  • Typos or spelling errors – Whether you booked yourself or someone else booked tickets in your name, simple typos can easily happen. Even minor spelling inconsistencies between your ticket name and government-issued ID can prevent you from checking in and boarding.
  • Legal name changes – Major life events like marriage, divorce, or another legal name change means your ID won’t match. You’ll need tickets updated to match your official identification documents.
  • Ticket transfers – Sometimes plans change and you need to transfer a ticket to another person entirely. American Airlines does allow this in select circumstances, but rules apply.

The above situations are all rather common occurrences. The key is approaching name changes properly based on American Airlines policies.

American Airlines Name Change Policies and Fees

American Airlines does facilitate name changes on eligible tickets within their stated policies. Here’s an overview of what you need to know regarding American Airlines [name change] guidelines:

  • Minor corrections – Spelling fixes and minor typos can be corrected on eligible American Airlines or American Eagle tickets booked directly with American Airlines reservations.
  • Major changes – Legal name changes on eligible tickets can also be updated through a defined process. Supporting documentation is required in these cases.
  • Ineligible tickets – Basic Economy and other highly restrictive fares prohibit name changes in most cases. Attempting to transfer from one person to another is only allowed under specific circumstances. Non-refundable tickets are also typically ineligible.
  • Reissue fees – Applicable airline ticket reissue fees do apply for name changes, though there are no longer separate name change fees. Domestic reissues are $200 plus tax. International reissues are consistently $700 plus tax.
  • Partner flights – Itinerary with partner airline flights booked using an American Airlines ticket can possibly change names but require approval through American’s Sales Support Center.

Always be sure to carefully review American Airlines’ name change and reissue policies before initiating any ticket [name correction].

Step-by-Step Guide to Online American Airlines Name Changes

For minor typos or name discrepancies between your ticket and government ID, you can typically correct your name on eligible American Airlines ticket reservations online rather conveniently. Here is the full process:

  1. Log into your existing flight reservation on the American Airlines website or mobile app.
  2. Access your reservation via the “My Trips” section.
  3. Click on the “Modify Passenger Details” link by your name.
  4. Update your details by manually entering your name exactly as it appears on your official ID.
  5. Provide any required supporting documentation to validate the name change if requested.
  6. Confirm the updates and check if any airline reservation reissue fees apply based on the timing.
  7. Pay applicable reissue fees to complete the name change process.

You must act quickly if your departure is approaching within 24 hours. American Airlines and most airlines will not permit name changes within 24 hours of departure due to airport control restrictions. Planning ahead is wise whenever possible for smooth processing.

Major American Airlines Name Changes Requirements

Larger name change cases like those stemming from marriage, divorce, or another legal name changes involve more formal requirements:

  • Create an entirely new passenger name record (PNR) featuring the exact same American Airlines itinerary details as the original ticket reservation.
  • Ensure seats are still available before recoding the unchanged ticket fare basis into this new reservation.
  • Provide supporting documentation like a marriage license, court order, or passport proving the name change basis.
  • Pay any applicable airline ticket reissue fees based on domestic or international itinerary.

This specified process allows American Airlines to verify identity and update permanent records correctly.

If your existing American Airlines ticket booking includes any segments on partner airlines, contact the American Airlines Sales Support Center for assistance. name changes are handled via a manual exception process in these interline scenarios.

Handling Basic Economy and Other Restricted Fares

When it comes to low-cost Basic Economy or other highly restrictive non-refundable American Airlines fares, name change flexibility disappears. These discounted tickets are sold on the premise of absolutely no changes allowed post-purchase.

However, the unique terms of each Basic Economy fare may actually permit changes. But in such cases, exchanges are still only allowed to comparable Basic Economy inventory and fares still requiring no-changes otherwise.

You must contact American Airlines reservations to learn if your specific American Airlines Basic Economy fare tickets allows for any flexibility. If permitted, all regular name change fees also apply on top.

Tips for Smooth American Airlines Name Changes

To recap, here are some key tips for ensuring seamless name changes on eligible American Airlines ticket reservations:

  • Double check the accuracy of all passenger names when first booking flights. Typos happen but do complicate situations.
  • Use your full legal name matching your government ID rather than nicknames or shortened names.
  • Request name changes well in advance of departure dates whenever possible. This prevents unnecessary stress.
  • Clearly communicate reasons for any name change requests to American Airlines ticketing agents as required. Provide supporting documents to help approval.
  • Carefully review all American Airlines name change policies before initiating requests. Know change/reissue fee amounts expected.
  • Reach out for assistance from an American Airlines ticket agent with any complex situations unable to resolve yourself online.

Changing your name on an American Airlines ticket reservation does not need to be an overly complicated endeavor. A bit of planning and understanding goes a long way. Arm yourself with the guidance above and managing necessary name changes on American Airlines tickets becomes simple. Safe travels!

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