Are Pricey Taylor Swift VIP Tickets Actually Worth It

Taylor Swift recently announced her Eras Tour, a journey through the musical eras of her prolific career. Like any Taylor Swift event, tickets to the Eras Tour shows sold out almost instantly. Many fans scrambled to purchase high-priced VIP ticket packages, ranging up to $899 each. But are these elite packages actually worthwhile investments for the premium costs?

This extensive blog post examines the VIP ticket details, fans’ experiences purchasing them, and factors to weigh when deciding if springing for a lavish Taylor Swift VIP experience aligns with your budget and dedication as a Swiftie.

What’s Included in Taylor Swift Eras Tour VIP Packages?

Several tiers of VIP packages are available for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, with increasing prices bringing more exclusives. Here’s what each price bracket typically includes:

Entry-Level Packages ($49 to $449)

At about $449 USD on average, the “entry-level” Taylor Swift Eras Tour VIP tickets include:

  • One reserved seat ticket
  • Early venue access before general ticket holders
  • First access to get to your section
  • Exclusive tour merchandise like a collectible VIP laminate and lanyard
  • Taylor Swift prints

High-Roller Packages ($199-$899)

At the highest VIP tier priced at $899 per ticket, fans get celebrity treatment with:

  • Top reserved seats like floor seats
  • Very limited edition merch only available in expensive VIP packages
  • A set of exclusive Taylor Swift prints
  • Special early access allowing package holders to enter standing sections first before general ticket holders
  • Souvenir laminate, sticker sheets, and other Taylor Swift memorabilia

However, it’s worth noting that none of the Eras Tour’s VIP tiers seem to include much-coveted options like meet-and-greets with Taylor herself or backstage tours.

Behind the Scenes: How Fans Scored Taylor Swift VIP Tickets

Scoring tickets to any Taylor Swift show is notoriously difficult given her unmatched popularity amongst devoted fans (often called “Swifties”). But the Eras Tour has proven to be exceptionally challenging even relative to past Taylor concerts and tours.

Presales granted some diehard fans first dibs on all ticket tiers. But when tickets opened to the general public, all regular admission tickets immediately sold out for most locations.

This left many fans grinding through waiting room queues for hours, only to discover exorbitantly priced VIP tickets as the last remaining option. Some fans begrudgingly purchased them despite exceedingly high costs while others walked away empty-handed.

Presale Access Helped Some Fans Score VIP Tickets

Fans with exclusive presale access codes seemed to have the most success snagging the competitive VIP tickets. Swiftie @TaylorsAlyssa managed to land two VIP tickets by quickly entering her presale code exactly at the on-sale start time thanks to her “lightning fast fingers.”

Others who bought Taylor’s latest album Midnights gained more favorable presale access. Reddit user u/Essay_Level described securing two Amsterdam VIP tickets for around $440 each this way during the album pre-sale, calling herself “fortunate.”

Many Encountered Limited Options Besides High-Tier VIP Tickets

However, countless fans experienced major frustrations when general public sales opened. With regular admission tickets already sold out from presales, they only encountered exorbitantly priced VIP options starting at $899 per ticket.

@JesscatB94 aired her anger to Taylor Swift directly on Twitter, saying:

“I love you, I love you so much I’m here anxiously waiting to hear from my friend buying tickets and unable to do anything else, but why are there so many tickets at £600+ and none at normal prices? It’s not fair, it’s not accessible to normal people.”

Similarly, @hollyleiper complained to Ticketmaster about only seeing Hyper-priced VIP tickets available during multiple sale attempts.

These reactions indicate that the Eras Tour sales process heavily favored presale buyers. By the time average fans accessed tickets, VIP packages offered the only way in…for those able and willing to pay exorbitant premiums.

Unboxing Eras Tour VIP Packages: Are Taylor Swift Fans Satisfied With the Perks?

Given the extreme efforts and expenses fans poured into securing Eras Tour VIP passes, do they ultimately feel satisfied with the elite packages? Reactions seem mixed.

The hefty price tags alone left some fans feeling disgusted, rather than pampered by VIP treatment. But for diehard Swifties, the additional content and access offers substantial perks that rationalize splurging on decked-out Taylor Swift experiences.

Negative Sentiments: Disappointment Over Steep Prices

Some fans expressed feeling cheated spending hundreds on VIP tickets that didn’t guarantee prime views or special treatment. @alexkunidad wrote:

“I paid $899 for a Taylor Swift VIP ticket and I’m pretty far away still. I thought it would be a better seat for that price???”

Meanwhile, others felt dissatisfied relative to their lower expectations. Reddit user u/MinimumLeadership described the reality as:

“You get some things, but it’s not this ultra-exclusive experience some people might be expecting.”

However, these reactions fail to account for the trademark chaos buying any Taylor Swift tickets. Considering extraordinarily high baseline demand, guaranteeing flawless experiences proves impossible.

Positive Sentiments: Special Access Opens New Worlds for Swifties

For many hardcore Swifties, the VIP ticket price tags prove fully worthwhile given the unparalleled fan access.

Longtime fan Phoebe described her blissful VIP night to Elite Daily:

“The entire experience was perfect. When we got inside, we immediately went to the merch stands and got shirts. Then we went straight to the floor. We were three rows from the front, right in front of the runway. It was everything.”

Meanwhile, TikTok user @gonxkillua with 899k followers shared exhilarating footage from the floor at a Taylor show. Their video’s caption says it all:

“BEST NIGHT EVER #vip #taylorswift #erastour”

Clearly the perks of early admission, prime spots for photos and videos, and tour keepsakes made pricey purchases pay off through treasured memories for these fans.

Key Considerations When Buying Taylor Swift Eras Tour VIP Tickets

Given the mixed reviews from fans who bought premium Taylor Swift Eras Tour packages, deciding if VIP tickets offer worthwhile investments requires careful reflection.

Several key questions can shape your decision-making process:

What’s Your Budget?

  • Splurging over $800+ on concert tickets likely only makes sense if you have substantial disposable income. Otherwise, it may save frustration down the road to set reasonable spending limits before entering high-stakes Taylor Swift ticket races.

How Diehard of a Swiftie Are You?

  • Casual listeners probably won’t maximize value from lavish VIP exclusives. But for fans absolutely devoted to Taylor, any chance to access rare opportunities carries enormous significance.

How Important Is Your Seat Location?

  • If seeing Taylor clearly ranks high on your priority list, double check that your VIP ticket tier guarantees prime viewing. Some fans ended up disappointed by conversational claims of “incredible views” that didn’t match reality.

What Are the Fine Print Cancellation and Transfer Policies?

  • Given unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19’s impact on past Taylor Swift tours, examine the fine print. Updated restrictions may prohibit reselling or transferring certain tickets.

While Taylor Swift VIP experiences dazzle superfans with unbeatable access, steep investment costs limit these packages’ overall accessibility. Carefully considering your budget, dedication level as a fan, risk factors, and tour policies helps determine if elite perks redeem financial trade-offs.

The Final Verdict: Are Eras Tour VIP Tickets Ultimately Worth Their Astronomical Prices?

Despite sticker shock over $899 price tags for Taylor Swift VIP tickets, many fans surely feel the money proved well spent through lifelong memories built seeing Taylor in rare form.

For fans obsessed with scoring front row spots or truly coveting one-of-a-kind merch, the hefty costs likely feel trivial compared to realizing priceless dreams.

However, VIP packages cater specifically to diehard Swifties ready to spend anything. More casual listeners may enjoy Taylor’s talents just fine from the nosebleed seats while saving major money.

Ultimately, deciding if Eras Tour VIP tickets carry worthy price tags comes down to personal budget limits and the depth of your Taylor Swift fandom. But no doubt these exclusive packages deliver over-the-top, treasured experiences for fans celebrating their idol.

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