Can You Transfer Or Resell Your Taylor Swift Tickets

Taylor Swift fans were devastated when Ticketmaster suddenly changed their policy after ticket sales started, making the highly anticipated Eras Tour a “lead booker only” event. This left many questioning – can I transfer or resell my Taylor Swift tickets?

This controversial policy change means the person who purchased the tickets must be present at the concert for their whole party to gain entry. Understandably, this caused massive upset among fans who had bought tickets as gifts for others or as part of a group.

In this guide, we’ll outline everything you need to know about reselling and transferring Taylor Swift tickets for the 2024 Eras Tour.

Overview of Eras Tour Ticket Sales and the Ticketmaster Policy Change

In November 2022, tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour went on presale and promptly sold out within minutes due to huge demand. Shortly after, a similarly rapid sell-out occurred during the general ticket sale.

However, after these initial sales, Ticketmaster suddenly changed their policy and listing for the tour. They made it a “lead booker only” event.

What Does Lead Booker Only Mean?

A lead booker only show means that the person who purchased the tickets must be physically present at the event for their whole party to be allowed entry.

Ticketmaster stated on their website regarding the policy:

“Tickets are strictly non-transferable. When arriving in groups, the lead booker must be present in order for the whole party to enter the venue. All members of the party should enter the venue at the same time.”

This change caused significant issues for many Taylor Swift fans who had bought tickets as gifts for friends or family members. Others had purchased tickets as part of a group, with no intention of personally attending.

Understandably, fans felt this policy change after sales began was unfair, as the tour was not advertised as “lead booker only” when they bought their tickets.

How Did Ticketmaster Justify the Sudden Policy Change?

In response to backlash over the controversial lead booker policy, Ticketmaster stated that the change was not their decision. They claimed the tour promoter AEG Presents was responsible for designating the Eras Tour as lead booker only.

The policy change was likely an attempt to deter ticket touts and resellers. By requiring the original ticket purchaser to be present, it makes it more difficult for people to sell tickets at inflated prices.

However, the change upset genuine fans and ruined many of their plans to attend Taylor Swift shows together.

Can You Resell Your Taylor Swift Tickets for the Eras Tour?

Despite the frustrations caused by Ticketmaster’s policy update, they did confirm that fans will be able to resell their Taylor Swift tickets. However, the process and timeline for doing so is still unclear.

According to Ticketmaster and other ticket providers like AXS, Eras Tour tickets will only be able to be resold through official reselling partners. This means directly via Ticketmaster or AXS, or through the venue’s official website.

What Are the Problems With Reselling Taylor Swift Tickets?

When Ticketmaster and AXS finally opened up resales for the Eras Tour in August 2022, the process did not go smoothly.

Websites experienced major technical issues, with virtual queues pausing and problems processing payments. Some fans also resold their tickets for shockingly high prices – as much as £763 for a single ticket!

There are also strict limits in place on how many tickets any one person can resell. Availability depends entirely on how many current ticketholders opt to list their tickets for sale.

When Will You Be Able to Resell Taylor Swift Tickets?

Ticketmaster has not yet confirmed exact dates for when fans will be allowed to resell Eras Tour tickets. The option is expected to become available closer to the actual concert dates in 2024.

According to the ticket providers, fans will be notified via email when they are able to resell their tickets. There will also be price caps in place, however the specific cap limits have not been shared publicly.

Is There an Option to Transfer Taylor Swift Tickets?

In addition to reselling tickets publicly, there is also expected to be an option for fans to transfer tickets directly to someone they know.

This allows you to securely give your ticket to a specific friend or family member if you can no longer attend, rather than putting it up for general resale.

Why Would You Want To Transfer Tickets?

The main reasons fans may want to transfer tickets instead of reselling are:

  • To give their tickets directly to friends or family members they know will want to attend
  • To avoid having to resell their tickets publicly if they can no longer go
  • To have control over who can use their ticket rather than selling to strangers

When Will Transfers Be Available?

Similarly to reselling, the ability to transfer Taylor Swift tickets for the Eras Tour will not be available immediately.

According to organizers, ticket transfers will be opened up much closer to the actual concert dates. Fans will receive an email notification when transferring becomes available.

The exact timeline has not been confirmed. But for now, fans will need to hold onto their tickets if they hope to transfer them.

Transfers will be done directly through Ticketmaster accounts, or via the AXS website and app.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Venues and Dates

Taylor Swift’s 2024 Eras Tour will see her perform an impressive 14 shows across the UK:


  • June 21, 22, 23 – London, Wembley Stadium
  • August 15, 16, 17, 19 & 20– London, Wembley Stadium


  • June 13, 14, 15 – Liverpool, Anfield Stadium


  • June 7, 8, 9 – Edinburgh, BT Murrayfield Stadium


  • June 18 – Cardiff, Principality Stadium

Pop Star Taylor Swift Expands 2024 Eras Tour With More US Concert Dates

The popular singer recently revealed additional 2024 concert dates across the United States for her current Eras tour:

Friday-Sunday, Oct. 18-20Hard Rock StadiumMiami
Friday-Sunday, Oct. 25-27Caesars SuperdomeNew Orleans
Friday-Sunday, Nov. 1-3Lucas Oil ArenaIndianapolis
Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 14-16Rogers CentreToronto
Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 21-23Rogers CentreToronto

What Issues Have Fans Faced With Eras Tour Tickets?

Frustrations around Taylor Swift ticket sales have included:

  • Huge demand meant tickets sold out incredibly quickly
  • Difficulties getting accessible seating
  • Problems with the registration code system to access sales
  • The controversial lead booker only policy change

These issues left many fans disappointed at missing out or potentially unable to attend shows together. However, the upcoming official resales and transfers provide hope.

Key Takeaways – Can You Transfer or Resell Taylor Swift Tickets?

  • Ticketmaster unexpectedly changed the Eras Tour policy to “lead booker only” after initial ticket sales
  • This caused massive frustration for fans buying tickets as gifts or in groups
  • There will be official resale and transfer options, but not immediately
  • Fans should beware of reselling or buying tickets via unofficial channels
  • Keep checking Ticketmaster and AXS for updates on resale dates
  • Transfers will allow gifting tickets directly to family or friends

The journey to get Taylor Swift tickets has been a rollercoaster for fans, especially after the policy shake-up. While the lead booker requirement won’t be reversed, upcoming official resales and transfers offer a glimmer of hope for fans who missed out initially.

As long as you avoid unofficial resellers, there are still chances to secure tickets for the 2024 Eras Tour!

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