How Many Chiefs Season Ticket Holders Are There

The atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is legendary. When the Chiefs take the field, a passionate sea of red fills the stands as 70,000+ screaming fans create one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.

And while the Chiefs have enjoyed renewed success in recent years with a young, dynamic roster catalyzed by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the incredible fan support in Kansas City dates back generations.

So just how many die-hard fans hold Kansas City Chiefs season tickets year after year? Estimates point to tens of thousands of loyal season ticket holders spanning families, many holding their treasured seats for over 50+ years.

In this article, we’ll highlight the stories and statistics that demonstrate the Chiefs’ massive season ticket holder population. From the team’s rich history to the special benefits season ticket holders receive, it’s clear that Chiefs Kingdom runs deep.

The Chiefs Have One of the Most Loyal and Large Season Ticket Holder Bases in the NFL

While excitement and demand for Chiefs tickets skyrocketed after the team drafted Patrick Mahomes and then won Super Bowl LIV for the first time in 50 years, Kansas City fans are no bandwagoners.

In fact, the Chiefs season ticket waiting list has spanned decades with an estimated wait time of 30+ years. And remarkably, some families have even held their season tickets for over five decades, being passed down generation after generation.

The passion and loyalty run deep. Take the Waechter family from Lenexa, Kansas for example. They’ve been Chiefs season ticket holders since Arrowhead Stadium first opened in 1972, spanning 55 consecutive years and counting. For context, that’s nearly the entire history of the stadium!

And prior to Arrowhead opening, the Waechters held season tickets back to the old Municipal Stadium days too. They vividly recall watching key moments across the years like the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win in 1970. Now the tradition continues with the next generation.

This type of lifelong fandom is far from an isolated case either. In 2020 when the Chiefs were coming off another Super Bowl appearance, they reported a staggering 95% season ticket renewal rate. Despite higher demand than ever for the red-hot Chiefs, existing ticket holders renewed almost unanimously.

And all the season ticket devotions pays off in consistently full stands. In 2022, the Chiefs averaged over 73,000 fans per home game. That figure ranked among the very top in terms of average home game attendance across the entire NFL.

Between the endless season ticket holder waiting list, the 95% renewal rate even after championship runs, and the packed stadium week after week, evidence points clearly to an enormous base of loyal, passionate season ticket holders. Tens of thousands strong and spanning Chiefs supporters across generations.

Estimating the Total Number of Chiefs Season Ticket Holders

Given how long the Chiefs season ticket waiting list is reported to be along with exceptionally high renewal rates, coming up with an exact count is difficult. The number is very substantial though, with certain statistics and stories giving clues just how sizeable the season ticket holder population likely is.

As noted in the introduction, there are numerous season ticket holders like the Waechter family who have held their same seats for 50+ consecutive years. Thousands of others have held tickets for 20, 30, or 40+ years as well based on occasional anecdotal reports.

Prior to the 2022 season kicking off, the Chiefs front office sent gifts to thousands of multi-year season ticket holders too. This group received Chiefs-branded Championship paperweights engraved with the number of years the recipient had been a ticket holder.

The fact that thousands were targeted with 20+ year acknowledgments shows the large base the team is drawing these loyal supporters from.

So while we can’t pinpoint an exact figure, between the endless waiting list, tens of thousands on the list for decades, 95% annual renewal rates, reported big per game attendance averages, and thousands of long-tenured ticket holders—estimates would put the Chiefs season ticket holder population likely falling between 40,000 to 70,000 in total.

And that estimate range fits when comparing to averageattendance and stadium capacity hovering around 76,000.

No matter what the exact number though, the Chiefs undoubtedly have one of the NFL’s largest and most loyal season ticket holder groups—a key part of the famous Sea of Red dominating Arrowhead Stadium during Chiefs Kingdom home games.

What Contributes to the Chiefs Having Such a Strong Season Ticket Holder Fanbase?

What drives so many fans to sign up for Chiefs season tickets year after year, even with extensive wait lists, high demand, and elevated prices? The reasons are plentiful!

Recent On-Field Success

While Chiefs fans have supported the team passionately regardless of wins and losses over the decades, the recent success spearheaded by Patrick Mahomes undoubtedly strengthened excitement and demand. Making four straight AFC Championship appearances, winning Super Bowl LIV, and appearing poised to compete for more titles annually helps convince fans to lock in season tickets long-term. Even with potentialwait lists, fans want guaranteed tickets to see Mahomes and Kelce’s potential Chiefs dynasty.

Electric Atmosphere at Arrowhead

Beyond just wins on the field, the experience on gamedays for Chiefs fans is spectacular in its own right. Between the parking lot tailgating, the deafening crowd noise which rocks opposing offenses, and signature celebrations like the Tomahawk Chop—attending a game at Arrowhead Stadium is epic. Season ticket holders never have to worry about missing out on the festivities and build life-long memories cheering on the Chiefs over the years.

Family and Generational Legacy

As noted in the case of the 50+ year Waechter family ticket holders, Chiefs fandom frequently passes from parents to children and even grandchildren. It becomes a family tradition, with young fans cherishing the times going to games with their dads and moms over the years. Then as those kids grow older, they retain the season tickets to carry on the legacy and bond future generations. Hundreds of similar narratives surely help maintain that massive season ticket holder base.

Loyalty and Connections to Kansas City

On a broader level, supporting the Chiefs season after season through good times and bad allows fans to showcase their dedication to Kansas City. It’s a source of deep pride. Even ifWait lists take years to conquer, fans persist knowing they’ll eventually secure those lifetime season passes for Sundays at Arrowhead cheering on their beloved Chiefs alongside fellow diehards.

Notable Stories Showcasing Chiefs Season Ticket Holder Loyalty Over the Years

While it’s impossible to profile every unique story and season ticket holder family among the tens of thousands of members spanning decades, a few anecdotal cases shine a spotlight on the loyalty Chiefs fans exhibit:

The Schloegel Family: 63 Straight Years and Counting

Remarkably, Roger Schloegel and his family also fall into the season ticket lineage exceeding over half a century. Dating back to the franchise’s early Dallas Texans days in the 1960 AFL, Schloegel’s tickets now rank as the longest-tenured accounts in team history! Even through those early lean years and recent struggles, they renewed faithfully. As the 2022 season kicked off, Roger attended his 63rd straight Chiefs home opener.

Lifelong Fandom for 87-Year-Old Superfan

Then fans like 87 year-old superfan Liz Leer show the meaning the Chiefs bring. Liz holds two season tickets but attends every game as she says ‘one seat is for family and one is for a stranger’ to share the experience with. Though now requiring a wheelchair and supplemental oxygen, her loyalty in attending each game endures. No doubt countless other elder fans beyond Liz with health challenges still manage to proudly sport their red and gold on Sundays thanks to season tickets.

Family Traditions Carrying On for Next Generations

And like the multi-generational Waechter family history highlighted previously, 72 year-old Chiefs lifer Larry Strauss now attends games alongside his sons and grandchildren after inheriting tickets from his own father originally. Like many others, the tickets serve as a mechanism for bonds across ages and passing along Chiefs fandom pride. Strauss notes his toddler grandson sings the “Chiefs make me happy when skies are grey” fight song verbatim already!

The passion and loyalty passed across Chiefs families like these surely inspire the next generation to carry on the season ticket legacies for years to come when their time eventually comes.

What Do Kansas City Chiefs Season Ticket Holders Get for Their Commitment?

Beyond just securing tickets to each Chiefs home game, the thousands of devoted season ticket holders receive a variety of special perks and benefits in return for their long-term investment and loyalty to the team.

Some of the key benefits afforded to members of Chiefs Kingdom with season passes include:

  • Special Season Ticket Member Events: Exclusive events like movie nights at Arrowhead Stadium, opportunities to watch training camp practices, and early access to merchandise sales. This VIP treatment makes season ticket holders feel valued.
  • Priority Access to Playoff Tickets: Should the Chiefs make the playoffs and host postseason contests, season ticket members receive first priority in purchasing prime tickets before any public sale. Crucial for fans wanting seats for critical games against rivals.
  • Discount Pricing: While prices for season tickets still involve a significant investment, renewing members pay less for their packages than general public rates. Loyalty earns extra savings and caps price hikes.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: To ease some financial burdens, existing ticket holders can pay over time via monthly installments versus upfront. Easier to budget for fixed costs.
  • Gift Items: As evidenced by the Championship paperweight gifts for multi-year holders most recently, the Chiefs frequently show appreciation through commemorative memorabilia to display pride.
  • Future Licenses: Should the unfathomable occur and a waitlist member gets offered a chance at season tickets, existing holders get first dibs to tack on additional seats. This gives fans ways to grow their packages over time if desired.

Along with these great perks, perhaps the greatest benefit season ticket holders receive is simply the joy, memories, and bonds created over years of Sundays cheering on their beloved Chiefs!

Other Evidence Supporting the Large Season Ticket Holder Population

Beyond attendance averages, renewal rates, and special fan stories already outlined, what other data points further validate Kansas City’s massive season ticket holder base?

Some additional indicators include:

  • Strong TV Viewership Numbers: The Chiefs continually rank among the top NFL teams in terms of local TV ratings. Huge portions of Kansas City homes tune into each game. Many of these loyal viewers likely hold season tickets or at minimum, await the chance to sign up someday as well.
  • Rising Chiefs-Related Business Revenues: As excitement around the on-field success increases, so does consumer demand and spending. This manifests through surging sales for licensed apparel, collectibles, and memorabilia. Much of the fervent customer base includes waiting list and current season ticket holders.
  • Extended Sell-Out Streaks: Dating back over a decade now, Chiefs home games continually sell out completely. In fact, tickets sell out instantly even with higher season ticket holder prices in place. This confirms that demand outpaces supply heavily still.

While not direct season ticket data, the incredible passion that shows up in TV viewership numbers, retail performance, and box office sell-out streaks further signals Kansas City’s expansive base of ultra-loyal Chiefs supporters—the season ticket members at the heart of it all.

Final Thoughts

Reviewing the many statistics and anecdotes related to Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holders makes two realities abundantly clearly:

  1. The base of fans holding season tickets spans tens of thousands in total based on aggregated data signals
  2. These members exhibit exceptional loyalty – renewing year over year while passing down tickets across generations

These season ticket holders serve as the nucleus of the incredible Chiefs home atmosphere and fanbase that opposition teams have both respected and feared for decades. They provide the foundation for the Sea of Red on full display during games at Arrowhead Stadium.

The lifetime loyalty seeds first planted by fans willing to purchase season tickets back in the lean early years continues to bloom over 50 years later. As the Chiefs enter a potential new dynasty led by Patrick Mahomes that has the football world taking note, those long-time diehards surely swell with pride. They were there through it all.

So next time the camera pans across the endless fields of red or broadcaster commentary touches on that intimidating Chiefs Kingdom crowd noise, know tens of thousands of loyal season ticket holders make it possible. They endure endless wait lists for the right to support their beloved franchise across generations.

While the Chiefs enjoy this golden era with Mahomes at the helm and fans across the globe hopping aboard, the lifeline and pulse of the fanbase remains those devoted, lifelong season ticket holders. The Chiefs home field advantage starts and ends with them.

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