How Long is the Waitlist for Boston Bruins Season Tickets

As a passionate hockey fan in Boston, you’ve probably dreamed of becoming a Boston Bruins season ticket holder. But one look at the never-ending waitlist is enough to make you wonder – just how long until I can get my hands on Bruins season tickets?

With over 10,000 rabid fans already in line ahead of you, the wait can feel eternal. However, by getting on the list now and learning how it all works, your Bruins ticket dreams could become a reality sooner than you thought!

This in-depth guide on the Bruins’ infamously long season ticket waitlist will cover everything you need to know, including:

  • The current status and average wait times
  • How to get on the list and key policies
  • Waitlist benefits you gain as a member
  • Factors impacting turnover rates
  • Season ticket costs and notification plans
  • Tips to boost your chances of scoring tickets!

So lace up your skates and let’s drop the puck on decoding the Bruins’ ticket waitlist once and for all!

Unprecedented Demand Means Bruins Wait Times Are Unknown

In August 2022, the estimated wait time for Bruins season tickets was reported to be 2-5 years. However, due to massive ongoing demand and fluctuating retention rates among current season ticket holders, the team cannot reliably forecast waits.

This means that while some fans do get offered tickets yearly, others end up riding the waitlist for much longer than 5 years.

The best approach is to get on the list ASAP and stay actively engaged with your dedicated Bruins ticket representative for insider updates on turnover trends and where you stand.

Here’s How to Join the Bruins Season Ticket Waitlist

Gaining access to the Bruins’ exclusive Season Ticket Waitlist is thankfully simple, but does require one key step:

  • Pay a $100 deposit per seat to secure your spot in line

This non-refundable $100 deposit serves as your lifetime Bruins Waitlist membership. It guarantees you a place with priority access as soon as seats open up.

Your deposit also gets credited towards the purchase price ofSeason Ticket when your time finally comes!

Pro Tip: You can place a deposit for a maximum of 4 seats to ensure your whole crew can cheer on the Bruins together!

Beyond the deposit, the only other requirement is that your waitlist position gets assigned based strictly on the original date you joined the list.

So locking your place early means you’ll get first dibs on any turnover down the road!

You can register online through the Bruins Account Manager or call 617-624-BEAR(2327). Act now before the list gets even longer!

Special Perks For Bruins Waitlist Members

Putting down your Bruins waitlist deposit doesn’t just hold your spot…it also scores you some elite membership perks in the meantime!

As soon as you register, you’ll gain access to:

  • Presales for single-game and group Bruins tickets
  • Exclusive promotional offers and experiences
  • Dedicated customer service from a Bruins ticket representative
  • Season Ticket Holder benefits if offered seats

These special privileges help make the waiting game fly by. And they ensure you get timely notice regarding any ticket openings the instant they happen!

What Factors Impact Bruins Season Ticket Availability?

Like most sports franchises, the Bruins rely primarily on current Season Ticket Holders to dictate availability.

When existing holders decline to renew (whether due to cost or other factors), these relinquished seats get offered to the next members on the waiting list.

Bruins season ticket turnover tends to fluctuate yearly based on:

  • Renewal rates among longtime Season Ticket Holders
  • Market demand for Bruins tickets and attendance
  • Ongoing success level of the team
  • Limits enforced on resale activity to prevent broker activity

Understanding these key dynamics that drive turnover can help you make an educated guess about upcoming availability.

For example – after the Bruins miss the playoffs or have a lackluster season, more current STHs may opt not to renew, opening up more seats. Leveraging insights like this from your Bruins ticket rep is key!

Pricing Breakdown – What Bruins Season Tickets Cost

The cost of Bruins Season Tickets can range dramatically based on the location you choose within TD Garden:

Loge Box Seats: $375 per game

Balcony STH Prices: $113 per game

And thanks to built-in discounts for season ticket holders, you save big over individual game box office costs – often upwards of 50%!

Keep in mind – Season Ticket rates do see slight annual increases to account for higher operating expenses, roster changes, etc. But your ticket rep can break down estimates of where your desired section will be priced when offered.

No matter what though, becoming a Bruins Season Ticket Holder guarantees you the lowest prices, biggest savings, and highest priority access to the best matchups every year!

When Will You Actually Get Your Bruins Season Tickets?

Given the perpetual full capacity and overwhelming demand, actually scoring Bruins Season Tickets is a waiting game.

But you’ll receive prompt notification the instant seats in your preferred areas come available:

Email/Phone Alert → Pick Your Seats → Purchase → LET’S GO BRUINS!

Once notified of an opening, you can select available seat locations and confirm everything via your official Bruins Account Manager.

After securing with payment, get ready to enjoy years of action-packed hockey and memories at TD Garden! 🏒

And if seats aren’t quite ready yet when notified, no worries – you simply retain your list priority for the following season’s turnover.

Pro Tip: Link your account to friends and family to optimize group seating when the big day finally arrives!

In Conclusion – Start Waiting Now for the Best Bruins Tickets!

While the ticket waitlist can seem eternal, taking the leap now guarantees you priority status for top seats just as soon as they open up.

Paying your small deposit immediately starts the official waiting period ticking away. And entering before the list grows longer improves your timeline to become a Bruins Season Ticket Holder.

The handy waitlist perks, constant sales support, and huge ticket savings compared to single-game box office prices make joining 100% worth it for diehard Bruins fans!

So take the first step toward a black and gold dream come true by securing your place on the Boston Bruins Season Ticket Waitlist today! Your ticket-buying future self will thank you.

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