Do Houston Astros Season Tickets Include Playoffs

Attending a Houston Astros home game at Minute Maid Park is an incredible experience for any baseball fan. But when your favorite team makes the MLB playoffs, the atmosphere reaches a whole new level of excitement.

As an Astros season ticket holder, do your tickets grant access to postseason play? Or do you need to purchase playoff and World Series tickets separately?

Let’s break down exactly how it works.

How MLB Playoff Tickets Work for Season Ticket Holders

In Major League Baseball (MLB), regular season ticket packages cover only the 81 scheduled home games. Season tickets do not include the postseason.

If a team makes the playoffs, season ticket holders get the first opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public. This exclusive presale window gives them early access.

However, playoff tickets still must be purchased separately as an additional cost. MLB sets the pricing for playoff games, which is generally higher than regular season ticket rates. Service fees and other charges also apply.

The number of playoff tickets made available to season ticket holders can be limited depending on factors like stadium capacity and overall demand. Access may be granted based on a loyalty system, tenure as a ticket holder, or by lottery.

So in summary, a regular season MLB season ticket gets you into your home team’s regular season games. But it does not guarantee tickets to playoff or World Series games. Those must be acquired individually.

Overview of Houston Astros Season Tickets

Astros season tickets grant entry to all 81 regular season home games played at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

The price of Astros season tickets can range greatly depending on the exact seat location. Field level seats can run over $20,000 for a full season ticket package. Upper deck seats may start around $1,0000 per full season.

In addition to regular season games, Astros season tickets offer ticket holders the chance to take part in exclusive presales for any potential postseason games. But similar to all MLB teams, they do not automatically include playoff or World Series tickets. Those must be purchased separately.

How Astros Season Ticket Holders Can Buy Playoff Tickets

As an Astros season ticket holder, you will have the chance to purchase tickets for playoff games, but only if the team makes the postseason.

You cannot buy Houston Astros playoff tickets upfront or bundled with your regular season ticket package. Tickets are only made available for purchase after a playoff spot is mathematically clinched.

Pricing for Astros postseason tickets is established by MLB and is typically higher than regular season ticket rates for a comparable seat. Additional service fees and sales charges also apply.

The availability of playoff tickets for Astros season ticket holders depends on the level of ticket plan purchased, tenure as a ticketholder, and overall demand. Full season ticket holders generally get priority over partial season plans.

The exact presale process and policies vary year-to-year and are communicated directly to season ticket holders by the Astros front office. Acting quickly is recommended, as playoff tickets can sell out fast even in the presale period.

Astros Season Ticket Holders Get Early Access for World Series Tickets

Reaching the World Series is never a guarantee, even for consistently strong teams like the Houston Astros. It depends on qualifying for the playoffs and advancing through each postseason round.

If the Astros do reach the World Series, season ticket holders will get a presale opportunity to purchase tickets before the general on-sale.

However, World Series tickets must still be purchased separately by Astros season ticket holders. Having regular season tickets does not grant automatic entry to the World Series.

The presale ticket allotment for the World Series is typically more limited in quantity compared to early playoff rounds. Demand is heightened for the championship.

Acting immediately once the presale window opens gives Astros season ticket holders the best chance at World Series tickets. But purchase is not a sure thing due to supply limitations.

Key Takeaways on Astros Season Tickets and the Playoffs

To recap the key facts on whether Houston Astros season tickets include access to the playoffs and World Series:

  • Regular season tickets cover home games only, not the MLB postseason.
  • Astros playoff tickets must be purchased separately as an additional cost.
  • Season ticket holders get early presale access before the general public.
  • Availability is not guaranteed and depends on tenure, demand, and supply.
  • World Series tickets also must be purchased separately if the Astros make it.
  • Season ticket holders have presale access but limited in number.
  • Check the Astros’ policies each season for the exact process.

Rooting for the Astros through the regular season is thrilling on its own. But the chance to potentially purchase exclusive presale access to witness playoff baseball offers season ticket holders an incredible perk on the road to World Series glory.

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