does ticketmaster release tickets on the day of the show

The short answer is yes, Ticketmaster can release additional concert tickets on the day of the show. But the process isn’t always straightforward, and availability isn’t guaranteed. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore why and when Ticketmaster releases day-of-show tickets, how to increase your chances of snagging those last-minute seats, and other options to consider.

Why Does Ticketmaster Release Tickets on Show Day?

There are a few key reasons why Ticketmaster may hold back tickets and then release them closer to the event date:

  1. Production Holds and Artist Team Releases: Initially, a portion of tickets are kept off the general sale as “holds” for the production crew, artist’s team, and other staff. As the show date approaches, any unused tickets from these holds are typically released back into the available inventory.
  2. Venue Assessments After Staging: Once the stage setup is complete (usually the day before the show), venues can determine if any seats previously considered “obstructed view” now have a clear line of sight. These newly unobstructed seats get added to Ticketmaster’s sale.
  3. Maximizing Sales: Venues and promoters want to fill as many seats as possible. Releasing any remaining tickets on show day allows them to capture last-minute demand and sell out the event.

When Are Day-of-Show Tickets Typically Released?

While the timing can vary, Ticketmaster tends to release additional day-of-show tickets at a few common intervals:

  • Early Morning: Check Ticketmaster first thing in the morning on show day. Many fans report seeing new ticket inventory appear around 8-10 AM local venue time.
  • Afternoon/Evening: Another common window is the afternoon leading up to the event, sometimes just 2-3 hours before showtime as venues finalize seating manifests.
  • During the Show Itself: Believe it or not, Ticketmaster has been known to release pockets of seats even after the show has already started – likely returns from initial production holds.

For example, longtime Taylor Swift fan Julia Thomas managed to snag last-minute $350 floor seats for the Nashville stop on The Eras Tour after closely monitoring Twitter update accounts mid-drive from Cleveland to Nashville.

How to Find Ticketmaster’s Day-of-Show Releases

With such a limited window and high demand, speed is key when new Ticketmaster tickets get released on show day. Here are some tips to stay ahead of the game:

  • Monitor the Ticketmaster Website/App: Keep refreshing the event page periodically, especially during those common release windows mentioned above.
  • Follow Venue and Artist Social Accounts: Venues and performers will sometimes give a heads up on social media when new tickets are dropping.
  • Sign Up for Ticketmaster Updates: Enable notifications from Ticketmaster for your favorite artists/venues so you get pinged the moment new inventory appears.
  • Join Fan Twitter Accounts: Dedicated fan-run accounts like @ErasTourTix, @ConcertLeaks, and @ErasTourResell do an amazing job curating real-time Ticketmaster inventory updates.
  • Check Reddit Communities: Subreddits like r/TaylorSwift or r/[ArtistName] host threads where fans share tips and alerts on last-minute tickets.

The key is acting quickly once you see tickets appear. Have your Ticketmaster account payment details pre-loaded, and consider using options like Apple Pay or PayPal to speed through checkout.

Strategies for Securing Day-of Ticketmaster Tickets

Beyond just catching the release window, fans have developed some clever strategies to improve their odds:

  • Try the Venue Box Office Too: Call the venue box office on show day, as they may have additional tickets held back from Ticketmaster’s online inventory.
  • Check Resale Options: As some fans are forced to sell off their tickets last-minute due to conflicts, sites like Ticketmaster’s Fan-to-Fan Resale may have some keenly priced resale options very close to showtime.
  • Line Up at the Venue Early: Though not ideal, some fans take a gamble and line up at the venue box office without tickets in hopes of scoring released production holds or day-of extras.
  • Network on Social Platforms: Reach out to fans selling last-minute tickets face-value on Twitter/Reddit for a safer resale option, as long as you take precautions against scams.

The key is persistence, being prepared to act fast, and having a few backup plans in case initial attempts are unsuccessful.

Pros and Cons of Waiting for Ticketmaster Day-Of-Show Releases

There are notable pros and cons to consider with this day-of-show ticketing strategy:


  • Face Value Pricing: Tickets released by Ticketmaster directly will always be sold at their original face value, avoiding inflated resale markups.
  • Access to Great Seats: Sometimes incredible seating options like floor/pit seats become available through these day-of inventory drops.
  • Avoiding Resellers/Scalpers: You bypass shady resellers and scalpers who buy up inventory to price-gouge fans.


  • Limited Inventory/High Demand: Only a small fraction of total tickets are released this way, while demand remains sky-high among fans.
  • No Guarantee of Availability: There’s no certainty that additional tickets will be released for your desired show – it’s hit or miss.
  • Last-Minute Stress and Hassle: The pressure of constant refreshing/monitoring and potential need to line up in-person can make for an unpleasant experience.

Getting Ticketmaster’s day-of-show ticket releases needs luck, perfect timing, persistence. Obtaining face-value seats to sold-out, high-demand events makes hassle worthwhile for many fans.

Don’t Lose Hope – There Are Other Last-Minute Options Too

While Ticketmaster’s day-of releases are the golden ticket for face-value seats, that’s not the only path to last-minute concert admission:

  • Check the Venue’s Box Office: As mentioned, calling the box office directly can sometimes yield different inventory held back from Ticketmaster’s system.
  • Safe Fan-to-Fan Resale Platforms: In addition to Ticketmaster’s official resale, trusted fan-run platforms like r/ErasTourResell on Reddit connect fans selling extra tickets at face value.
  • Be Cautious of Anonymous Resellers: Anonymous resellers on Craigslist or outside venues can be extremely risky, with no accountability – only pursue if you can verify the tickets first.
  • Consider “Obstructed View”: For extremely hot shows, venues will sometimes release obstructed view seats too – not ideal, but beats missing out entirely.

The concert ticketing world is complex, with its own unwritten rules and hacks used by diehard fans. But with some creativity and grit, you just might land those elusive last-minute passes to your must-see show.

Don’t Get Discouraged – Stay Persistent

Scoring last-minute Ticketmaster tickets isn’t easy, but being tenacious pays off. Take it from Taylor Swift superfan Katy Blackman, who spent hours fruitlessly refreshing Ticketmaster at her Nashville hotel only to be saved at the last second by a kind stranger offering an extra ticket seconds before showtime.

As Blackman shared, “A miracle happened. My new friend and I sang every single song. We cried, danced, hugged. It was worth the absolute hell to get there.”

With some smart strategies, persistence, and a little bit of luck, you too could manifest your own concert miracle – even for shows that seem hopelessly “sold out” on Ticketmaster. Don’t get discouraged, stay in the game, and those elusive day-of-show tickets could be yours.

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