Can You Cancel Your Ticketmaster Tickets and Get a Refund

Have you ever bought tickets to a concert or show through Ticketmaster, only to have your plans change unexpectedly? Maybe the event got postponed to a date you can no longer attend, or perhaps something just came up and you can’t go anymore. 😔

It’s a frustrating situation, but you’re likely wondering:

Can you cancel your Ticketmaster tickets and get your money back?

The short answer is maybe. Ticketmaster does have a strict no refunds policy, but exceptions exist in certain situations.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about canceling Ticketmaster tickets, including:

  • Ticketmaster’s standard refund rules
  • When refunds are allowed
  • How the 24 hour refund policy works
  • What to do if your event gets rescheduled
  • Steps for requesting a refund
  • Who determines the cancellation policies
  • How to get help from Ticketmaster customer service

Let’s start by looking at Ticketmaster’s standard ticket refund rules and policies.

Ticketmaster’s Standard No Refund Policy

As you may be aware, Ticketmaster considers all ticket sales final in most cases. Their terms and conditions generally prohibit them from issuing exchanges or refunds after a purchase.

However there are exceptions where you can get your money back – keep reading to learn what those specific situations are.

First though, let’s talk about why the no refunds rule exists in the first place…

Why Ticketmaster Tickets are Usually Non-Refundable

There’s a good reason Ticketmaster tickets generally can’t be refunded or exchanged after purchase:

It prevents fraud and ensures fairness for high demand events.

Think about something hugely popular like BTS or Harry Styles concert tickets for example. The shows almost always sell out completely within minutes!

If refunds were freely allowed, it would open the doors for things like:

  • Ticket scalping
  • Prefunding fraud (buying tickets knowing you’ll resell them above face value)
  • Speculative purchases that squeeze regular fans out

By prohibiting exchanges and refunds under normal circumstances, Ticketmaster creates a fair system where all purchases are final.


Things obviously don’t always go as planned for fans. Emergencies happen or you may not be able to attend a rescheduled event. 🤷‍♀️

That’s why Ticketmaster does allow refunds under certain limited situations.

Let’s look at those next…

When Are Ticketmaster Tickets Eligible for Refunds?

While all sales are technically final per Ticketmaster’s posted terms, you can get a refund or credit in the following situations:

1. The Event is Completely Canceled

This is the most clear cut case to get your money back.

If the concert, game, festival, or other event is canceled altogether, Ticketmaster will process a refund automatically. It will go back to the original payment method used for purchasing the tickets.

Exceptions: Refund timing may vary for MLB games and the US Open tickets.

2. You Qualify for a 24 Hour Refund

Ticketmaster provides a 24 hour refund option for most events called the Fan Guarantee.

Here are the key points on how it works:

  • Applies only to tickets bought directly through Ticketmaster (not resale sites)
  • Must be requested within 24 hours from your ticket purchase time
  • Covers most concert, sports, and theater events (some exceptions apply)

To request a 24 hour refund, simply log into your Ticketmaster account and click the Refund button next to your order.

Pretty generous policy overall!

However, just be aware that certain tickets aren’t eligible…

Ineligible 24 Hour Refund Tickets

You won’t qualify for Ticketmaster’s 24 hour refund guarantee if you bought:

So check your order carefully – normal tickets are typically okay but specialty ones may be excluded.

3. The Event is Rescheduled or Postponed

Sometimes events get moved to entirely new dates, rather than being canceled outright.

If your Ticketmaster event gets rescheduled or postponed, here’s what typically happens in terms of refunds:

  • Your ticket will remain valid for the new event date.
  • However, the event organizer may also choose to offer refunds/credits if you can’t attend.

If they do approve refunds, you’ll see a “Request a Refund” link in your Ticketmaster account details for that ticket order.

One thing that stinks though – service and shipping fees are not refunded if you get your base ticket price back. 😑

Rare Exceptions Where Refunds are Allowed

In very rare cases, you might get a refund approval even if the event is still happening as scheduled.

For example:

  • You or a member of your party has an unexpected medical emergency or death in the family.
  • You face sudden military deployment or relocation.

But you typically have to provide documentation supporting why you absolutely cannot attend.

And unless it’s for something catastrophic beyond your control, don’t expect much sympathy if you just change your mind. ❌

Pro Tip: That’s why ticket insurance exists! It lets you recoup costs if covered events are canceled or you can’t go for a wide variety of reasons.

Now that you know when Ticketmaster offers refunds, let’s go over exactly how to request one…

How to Request a Refund for Canceled or Rescheduled Events

If you qualify for a refund based on the above criteria, here is the process to get your money back:

1. Check Your Ticketmaster Account

First, log into your account and navigate to your order history.

Then click on the event ticket details for the ones you need to return.

When viewing the ticket information, check for a few things:

  1. Is there a “Request a Refund” link or button visible? If yes, click it and skip to step 3.
  2. If not, is the event status listed as “Canceled” or “Rescheduled”? If it’s canceled, no further action should be required on your part and you can skip to step 5.
  3. Still no refund option visible after checking the status? Then you likely don’t qualify based on the event organizer’s policies. Consider reviewing the exceptions in the first section of this article again or reach out to customer service to confirm.

2. Submit the Request

If you did find the Request a Refund link as covered in step 1 above, go ahead and click it!

You’ll be taken through a short submission process to confirm details like:

  • Number of tickets you need refunded
  • Reason for the return request
  • Contact email where you can be reached

Fill that out, agreeing to any terms along the way, and then click submit on the final page.

3. Allow for Processing Time

Okay, you’ve formally submitted your refund request to Ticketmaster at this point.

Now comes the hard part…waiting! 😣

In most cases you should see the refund in 30 days or less. However, it could take longer if Ticketmaster faces delays getting funds from event organizers.

For canceled events, wait times are often shorter since Ticketmaster can process batches of returns all at once.

You’ll receive status updates by email as your refund gets processed.

4. Refund Hits Your Original Payment Method

The final step is the money itself getting returned to you.

All Ticketmaster refunds and credits go back to the original form of payment used at time of purchase.

So if you bought tickets with a Visa card, the amount will be credited back to that same Visa.

Once received, congratulations…you officially got your Ticketmaster ticket costs back! 👏

5. Troubleshooting Tips

Of course, hiccups can happen during any process.

If you encounter issues getting a clearly qualified Ticketmaster refund approved, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Thoroughly review their refund policies and check if any exceptions apply to your specific event.
  • Double check your account for any notifications you may have missed explaining denial reasons or next steps.
  • Submit a support inquiry through Ticketmaster’s Help page to get clarification from the team directly.
  • Escalate as needed if support claims you aren’t eligible but you 100% meet standard policy criteria. Ask for a supervisor for further investigation.

The vast majority of qualified refund requests ultimately get handled appropriately. But it can require some patience and diligence working through the process if any initial roadblocks pop up.

Now there’s just one final thing left to talk about…

Who actually makes the call regarding refund eligibility anyways?

Event Organizers Ultimately Decide on Refund Policies

While Ticketmaster handles all the transactions and paperwork around ticket sales and cancellations, there’s someone even more important pulling the strings:

The event organizers themselves.

At the end of the day, the teams that organize concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc have final say in terms of policies around refunds, credits, exchanges, and more.

Ticketmaster simply operates as an agent representing those event companies.

For example with concerts, the musicians, promoters, and venues work together to set rules around:

  • If postponed shows can be refunded
  • Requirements for refund qualifications
  • Time limits on returns

Ticketmaster then implements those defined policies on their platform.

So if you ever disagree with or don’t understand the refund terms around your particular event, it’s the organizer you need to lobby…not Ticketmaster. 😉

Just something to keep in mind as you navigate getting your money back from canceled plans!

Now let’s wrap up with tips on getting 1-on-1 help if you have any other issues or questions along the way.

How to Get Additional Support Directly from Ticketmaster

Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know about canceling your Ticketmaster tickets for a full refund.

But problems can always come up, or maybe you require specific advice tailored to your situation.

If that’s the case, here are a few ways to get personal support from the Ticketmaster team:

Live Chat in Your Account

One easy option is using Ticketmaster’s live chat feature.

You can access it directly in your account once signed in – look for the chat icon and support links.

Average wait times are just a couple minutes before connecting 1-on-1 with an agent. It’s the quickest way to get answers for simple questions.

Submit a Direct Request Form

For more complex issues requiring investigation or document submissions, use their customer request form instead.

You’ll be asked to provide info like:

  • Account details
  • Order numbers
  • Background on the issue
  • Steps you’ve tried so far

An email response should come within 72 hours. This creates a paper trail you can reference later if further support is needed.

Call Ticketmaster Customer Service

Lastly, picking up the phone is always an option too.

Consult their Help page for the latest customer support phone numbers. Calls typically route quickly without lengthy hold queues.

When you call, have order details handy along with specifics on the problem you’re encountering. That allows agents to most efficiently access your account and provide troubleshooting.

Key Takeaways: Canceling Your Ticketmaster Tickets

Canceling Ticketmaster tickets is possible in certain situations – you just need to know the policies.

Here are the key things to remember:

  • Refunds are allowed if your event is flat-out canceled
  • You may qualify for 24 hour refunds under their Fan Guarantee
  • Rescheduled events often let you choose refunds/credits
  • Log into your account to submit refund requests
  • Actual event organizers define the precise cancellation rules
  • Contact customer service if you encounter any issues

While Ticketmaster tickets are largely “no refunds,” exceptions exist for common scenarios like show cancellations and postponements.

Now you know exactly how to cancel your Ticketmaster tickets and get your money back if plans go awry!

Have any other questions on Ticketmaster refund policies or your specific return options? Let their customer service team know and they can advise on next steps.

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