Can You Get Broadway Ticket Refunds

Have you ever bought Broadway tickets, only to later realize you can’t attend the show? This unfortunate situation leaves you wondering: are Broadway tickets refundable?

The short answer is sometimes. Many Broadway ticket purchases are final sale with no refunds, but there are a few exceptions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline all the ins and outs of Broadway ticket refund policies. Read on to learn when and how you can get your money back on Broadway tickets.

When Are Broadway Tickets Refundable?

There are three main scenarios in which you may be able to get a Broadway ticket refund:

  • The Broadway show is cancelled
  • You purchased ticket insurance
  • You visit the box office in person before the performance

Next, let’s explore each of these situations in more detail.

Automatic Refunds for Cancelled Broadway Shows

If a Broadway show cancels a performance for any reason, your tickets will automatically be refunded. This is the one time a Broadway ticket refund is guaranteed.

The funds will be returned to the original payment method used to buy the Broadway tickets – such as a credit card, debit card, gift card, etc.

You do not need to contact anyone or do anything to get your Broadway ticket refund issued. It is an automatic process that the show’s producers handle directly.

So if you hear your Broadway show has been cancelled, rest assured you will get your money back! Just allow 7-10 days for the Broadway ticket refund to process.

Purchasing Broadway Ticket Insurance

Many Broadway shows now give you the option to add insurance when purchasing tickets online or over the phone.

The insurance costs a small additional fee, typically 5-10% of the Broadway ticket price. It allows you to get a full refund for any reason if you end up unable to attend the performance.

This policy provides valuable peace of mind protection for Broadway ticket buyers. We highly recommend considering the insurance, especially for out-of-town visitors who have to deal with travel and other logistics.

If you do buy Broadway ticket insurance and need to claim a refund, carefully review the policy terms for how to obtain it. You will likely need to submit details on why you missed the show.

Insurance refunds are usually processed within 2-3 weeks.

Visiting the Broadway Box Office In Person

If you are unable to attend a Broadway show you purchased tickets for, visiting the theater’s box office in person offers the best shot at a refund or exchange.

You should go to the box office well in advance of the performance date – not after it already occurred. Politely explain your situation to the box office staff and request they make a one-time exception to the no refund policy printed on the Broadway ticket.

There is no guarantee of success, but customer service reps are most inclined to help if:

  • It is an extremely popular Broadway blockbuster show that will have no trouble reselling your Broadway tickets
  • You have a legitimate emergency, medical issue, or unavoidable conflict
  • You are courteous and understanding in your interaction

If they agree to help, you will likely get the option of a full refund to your original payment method or exchanging the Broadway tickets for a different performance date. But again, nothing is ever promised at the box office window.

A Note About Contacting Broadway Box Offices

Do not bother calling or emailing a Broadway box office to request a refund – it will be completely ineffective.

Box offices do not have public phone numbers. And they will only respond to emails with generic “no refund” policy language.

In-person conversations are really your only hope for a Broadway ticket refund exception.

What If I Simply Can’t Attend the Broadway Show?

Okay, so what if the show is still on, you don’t have ticket insurance, and you failed to get a refund at the box office? You’re stuck with Broadway tickets you simply can’t use.

While not ideal, you have a few options to potentially recover some value from the unused Broadway tickets:

Sell Them to a Broadway Ticket Broker

Ticket brokers buy and sell Broadway tickets. Many will be willing to purchase your unused tickets, since they can then resell them at a markup.

The downside is brokers will only pay a fraction of the original price – typically 50% or less of the Broadway ticket face value. But getting $50 back is better than nothing!

Sell the Tickets on StubHub

Instead of selling to a broker, you can list the Broadway tickets for sale yourself on a secondary market site like StubHub.

This takes more time and effort on your end, but allows you to potentially recoup closer to the full ticket value by pricing them at or near face value.

Be sure to clearly disclose if the Broadway tickets are paperless/electronic when listing them for sale. Transferring the tickets digitally is easier.

Give the Tickets Away or Resell Outside the Theater

If showtime is approaching and you are desperate, consider offering the Broadway tickets at a steep discount outside the theater.

Many folks wait in lines for last minute rush Broadway tickets. You can likely find takers happy to get seats at say $50 when they retail for $150.

Just be aware that reselling tickets on the street is technically illegal in New York, though rarely enforced for individuals.

Donate the Broadway Tickets

If all else fails, donate your unused Broadway tickets to charity. Some organizations like Broadway Cares accept ticket donations and distribute them to those in need.

While a total loss for you, at least the Broadway tickets don’t completely go to waste and you get a tax write-off.

How to Buy Broadway Tickets the Right Way

Before we dive into the full details on Broadway ticket refund policies, let’s briefly review some key pointers on how to purchase Broadway tickets properly in the first place:

  • Buy online – Telecharge, Ticketmaster and are all reliable primary market ticket sellers
  • Purchase early – Popular shows like The Lion King can sell out 6-12 months in advance
  • Know the ticket limits – Some shows restrict how many tickets one person can buy
  • Print at home – Most Broadway tickets today are electronic to display on your phone or self-print
  • Arrive early – Give yourself ample time to pick up tickets at will call and get seated

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore the official fine print when it comes to Broadway ticket refunds.

Broadway Ticket Refund Policies Fine Print

When purchasing Broadway tickets, you must agree to all sorts of terms and conditions and purchase policies. Read these carefully, as they contain the details on possibilities for refunds and exchanges.

Here are some excerpts from top Broadway ticket sellers’ policies:

Telecharge’s Broadway Ticket Refund Policy

According to Telecharge’s terms and conditions:

“All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges except as expressly set forth herein or as required by law…In the event a performance has been cancelled or postponed, Telecharge will refund the purchase price and handling fee to the credit card used for the purchase.”

So in summary – no Broadway ticket refunds allowed, except automatically if the show cancels.

Ticketmaster’s Broadway Ticket Refund Policy

Ticketmaster’s purchase policy says:

“Refunds are available if the event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled. In that case, we will refund the purchase price to the buyer’s credit card automatically within 30 days of the cancellation announcement.”

Another straightforward cancellation-only refund policy.’s Broadway Ticket Refund Policy

Finally,’s terms and conditions state:

“All sales are final, except as specified below. will provide a full refund of the amount paid by the purchaser (including, except as set forth below, all fees, regardless of how characterized) if any of the following occurs: (a) the event to which such ticket pertains is cancelled…”

Again reinforcing the consistent theme – Broadway ticket refunds are really only guaranteed and processed automatically if the show can’t go on.

Broadway Ticket Refund Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common FAQs on getting refunds on Broadway tickets:

Can I get a Broadway ticket refund if I just change my mind and don’t want to go anymore?

No, you cannot get a refund just because you decided not to attend the show or found a better deal on Broadway tickets elsewhere. The only valid reasons are cancellation, ticket insurance claims, or rare box office exceptions.

What if I get sick before the Broadway show and can’t attend?

Unless you paid extra for Broadway ticket insurance, illness is generally not sufficient grounds for a refund. Only purchase Broadway tickets if you are 100% certain you can attend.

How long does it take to process Broadway ticket refunds?

For automatic cancellation refunds, allow 7-10 days. For ticket insurance claims, 2-3 weeks is normal. Refund timeframe may extend up to 30 days during unusually high volumes.

Can I exchange my Broadway tickets for a different performance date?

Exchanges are sometimes allowed at the box office’s discretion, but there is absolutely no guarantee. Do not buy Broadway tickets speculating you can easily swap later.

What if my Broadway tickets get lost or stolen before the show?

Lost or stolen Broadway tickets are not refunded or replaced under any circumstances, as there is no way to invalidate the missing tickets. Take great care to only buy from authorized sellers and keep your Broadway tickets secure.

The Bottom Line – Are Broadway Tickets Refundable?

At the end of the day, the vast majority of Broadway ticket purchases are final sales with no refunds allowed. But if the show cancels or you bought ticket insurance, you should certainly get your money back.

Visiting the box office also provides a sliver of hope if you have an emergency. And last ditch options like reselling can help cut some losses on unused Broadway tickets.

The takeaway is to only buy Broadway tickets if you are 100% confident you can attend the performance. And consider insurance for further peace of mind in case issues later arise.

With proper expectations set, you can now buy Broadway tickets seamlessly knowing the policies in place for any scenario. Enjoy the show!

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