When Do Taylor Swift Tickets Go On Resale Australia

Taylor Swift is headed to Australia in February 2024 for her highly anticipated Eras Tour. With shows booked in Melbourne and Sydney, Aussie Swifties are beyond excited for the global pop superstar to hit our shores.

But unfortunately, when tickets first went on sale earlier in 2024, demand vastly exceeded supply. Millions of fans competed for a very limited number of tickets, leaving many disappointed when they missed out.

However, there is still hope! Official resale tickets will provide diehard Swifties one final chance to secure a coveted spot at Taylor’s Eras Tour Down Under.

If you weren’t able to get tickets originally, here’s everything you need to know about scoring Taylor Swift resale tickets in Australia for the 2024 Eras Tour:

When Does the Taylor Swift Resale Happen in Australia?

The official resale for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour tickets in Australia opened on Friday, November 24, 2023 at 10am AEDT.

This resale is being facilitated through Ticketek’s resale marketplace platform, called Ticketek Marketplace. Listings will remain open leading up to Swift’s Australian shows in February 2024.

Ticketek Marketplace is the only authorized place for fans to buy and sell Eras Tour tickets in Australia. Taylor Swift ticket resale anywhere else, whether online or offline, is strictly forbidden.

Swift will be performing in both Sydney and Melbourne:

Fri 16 Feb, 2024Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)Melbourne
Sat 17 Feb, 2024Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)Melbourne
Sun 18 Feb, 2024Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)Melbourne
Fri 23 Feb, 2024Accor StadiumSydney
Sat 24 Feb, 2024Accor StadiumSydney
Sun 25 Feb, 2024Accor StadiumSydney
Mon 26 Feb, 2024Accor StadiumSydney

With the Ticketek resale platform now launched, fans can expect Taylor Swift resale tickets to trickle onto the site over the coming months as ticket holders’ plans change and they opt to resell.

Ticketek has warned that a huge glut of tickets immediately at the launch of resale is unlikely. Listings will emerge gradually as the tour dates draw nearer.

Aussie Swifties anxiously awaiting the chance to grab resale tickets should keep checking Ticketek Marketplace periodically for new seats as we get closer to February 2024.

How Does Ticketek’s Resale Marketplace Work?

Ticketek Marketplace allows anyone who purchased Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets originally to list their tickets for resale if they can no longer attend.

When tickets are resold on Ticketek Marketplace, the original ticket barcode is voided and a new one is issued to the buyer. This ensures that only one person can ultimately use each ticket.

Ticketek strictly warns against buying Taylor Swift tickets anywhere except the official Ticketek Marketplace. Tickets resold through unauthorized third party sites or individuals may be rendered invalid and denied entry.

Buying Taylor Swift tickets through the vetted Ticketek Marketplace portal guarantees fans will receive legitimate tickets that will scan successfully at the concert venues in Melbourne and Sydney.

What Are the Restrictions on Resale Prices?

To combat unreasonably inflated resale prices from scalpers and scammers, strict price caps have been implemented:

  • In Victoria, reselling Taylor Swift tickets for more than 10% above original face value is prohibited under anti-scalping legislation. This applies to the Melbourne Cricket Ground shows.
  • In New South Wales, a similar 10% price cap on resale applies to the Sydney shows at Accor Stadium.

These consumer protection measures aim to keep Taylor Swift ticket resale costs reasonable and deter sellers from exploiting Swifties by marking up prices excessively.

Fans can feel confident purchasing resale Taylor Swift tickets that abide by the 10% cap in each state knowing they are paying a fair price.

How Many Eras Tour Tickets Will Be Re-Listed?

It’s impossible to know precisely how many Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets will become available through Ticketek’s resale marketplace. The number entirely depends on how many people decide to put their tickets back up for sale.

Given the extremely high demand, it’s unlikely that large quantities of tickets will be relisted. However, even a handful of tickets here and there could mean the world for diehard Swifties who missed out initially.

Being persistent and checking Ticketek routinely for new Taylor Swift ticket resale listings as the February 2024 dates approach will be key. Snapping up tickets quickly when they do appear will also be crucial.

While not guaranteed, dedicated fans checking resale often stand the best chance of scoring the elusive Eras Tour tickets they’ve been dreaming of as any trickle back onto the market.

Beware of Scams – Only Use Official Resale Platforms

With interest in Taylor Swift tickets at a fever pitch, scammers lurking on unauthorized resale sites may seek to exploit eager fans.

Ticketek has strictly warned that it does not allocate any Eras Tour tickets to shady resellers. Additionally, any Taylor Swift tickets resold through unofficial third party sites or individuals run a high risk of being fraudulent or cancelled.

Fans should be vigilant about only purchasing through legitimate channels. The Ticketek Marketplace is the sole verified portal to buy secondhand Taylor Swift tickets in Australia.

Be very wary of listings on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Kijiji, or Reddit. Likewise, be cautious of resellers claiming to sell via PayPal or other cash transfer methods. These are often scams.

Stick to Ticketek’s resale marketplace for guaranteed authentic Taylor Swift tickets. It may take persistence, but real tickets do emerge on the official site.

Key Dates for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Australia

Mark your calendars, Swifties! Here are the all-important Taylor Swift Australian tour dates for 2024:

  • Feb 16 – Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Feb 17 – Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Feb 18 – Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Feb 23 – Accor Stadium Sydney
  • Feb 24 – Accor Stadium Sydney
  • Feb 25 – Accor Stadium Sydney
  • Feb 26 – Accor Stadium Sydney

These are the only Australian Eras Tour dates. So if you hope to catch Taylor Swift live Down Under, your only shot is in Sydney or Melbourne in February 2024.

Knowing the specific concert days will help fans plan their Ticketek Marketplace resale browsing. Listings often increase as show dates draw closer.

Right before the February shows, any last minute Taylor Swift ticket releases will likely happen as well. Never lose hope!

Top Tips for Snagging Taylor Swift Resale Tickets

Landing coveted resale Taylor Swift tickets will take speed, dedication, and luck. Here are some top tips for Swifties hoping to secure seats:

  • Set up your Ticketek account ahead of time so you can swiftly purchase when tickets appear
  • Enable alerts for new listings on Ticketek Marketplace
  • Bookmark the resale site and check back frequently as February approaches
  • Don’t browse resale tickets on your phone. Use a desktop/laptop for quicker purchasing power.
  • Have pre-saved payment details to expedite checkout when you find tickets
  • Search for single seats, pairs, or small groups – bigger blocks are harder to find
  • Be ready to buy instantly. Have the Ticketek Marketplace site queued up and be signed into your account
  • If you score tickets, don’t hesitate! Check out in seconds before they disappear
  • Keep seeking tickets even if you miss out on initial chances. Persistence is key.
  • Never, ever buy from an unauthorized seller. Use Ticketek Marketplace only.
  • Remain cautiously optimistic. Your resale Taylor Swift tickets could be out there waiting!

Can Fans Resell VIP or Hotel Packages for Eras Tour?

Those lucky enough to score VIP packages or Hotel + Ticket packages for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Australia unfortunately have a tighter window to resell them.

Due to the extra coordination required to transfer these upgrades, VIP and Hotel packages can only be resold on Ticketek Marketplace between:

  • November 24, 2023 at 10am AEDT – December 15, 2023 at 5pm AEDT

After December 15, 2023 at 5pm AEDT, reselling Taylor Swift VIP or Hotel packages will no longer be possible due to administrative requirements.

So buyers and sellers need to act fast if hoping to exchange upgraded Eras Tour ticket packages on the official resale site.

Of course, standard tickets without VIP or Hotel elements can continue to be resold right up until Swift’s shows start.

Be Persistent and Move Quickly When Tickets Appear

Scoring Taylor Swift tickets on the hot resale market will require eagle-eyed persistence and lightning-fast reflexes.

Listings for in-demand tickets often disappear in seconds or minutes. Having your Ticketek Marketplace account primed for immediate checkout is crucial.

Don’t be discouraged if the first ticket opportunity slips away. More pop up over time. Maintain your vigilance leading up to February 2024.

With extreme competition, you may have to be ready to swoop in on a moment’s notice when fresh Taylor Swift resale tickets emerge. Turn on alerts so you don’t miss new listings.

While daunting, fans determined to see Taylor can still achieve the dream by frequently monitoring resale and being hyper-prepared to transact the instant scarce tickets surface.

Where Else Can I Buy Taylor Swift Tickets? International Dates

If you’ve exhausted all options to catch Taylor Swift locally, looking further abroad is another possibility.

The pop superstar is embarking on the Eras Tour in 2024, with dozens of shows scheduled across the US and other countries through 2025.

Diehard Australian Swifties have been known to travel thousands of miles to see Taylor in concert overseas. Purchasing tickets for a North American or other international show in 2024-2025 could be the ticket! Pun intended.

Resale seating for international concerts is also available through Ticketmaster’s verified resale platform in relevant countries.

Don’t Give Up Hope! Last Minute Ticket Drops Still Possible

While chances are slim, it’s not completely impossible for last minute Taylor Swift 2024 tickets to become available in the final days before her Australian Eras Tour stops.

In early February, as stage setup progressed, a small number of obstructed view seats were released for the Melbourne and Sydney shows.

Though tricky to secure, they represented one final opportunity. Some fans even began queuing outside venues 24+ hours prior.

There are also rare cases of production releases happening 1-3 days pre-show when final stage logistics shake out.

So diehard Swifties shouldn’t fully give up the dream of seeing Taylor in Australia. Keep watching social media and news outlets for any whispers of final ticket drops.

Stranger things have happened! Faint hopes are better than no hopes when it comes to seeing the reigning global pop queen herself in concert down under.

Summary: Maximizing Your Chances for Taylor Swift Resale Tickets

Scoring coveted Taylor Swift resale tickets for the Australian Eras Tour is competitive, but not necessarily impossible with persistence and smart strategies.

To recap, here are some key tips for Swifties:

  • Mark November 24, 2023 at 10am AEDT when Ticketek Marketplace resale launches
  • Keep checking Ticketek frequently as the shows approach
  • Have your Ticketek account set up and ready for rapid ticket buying
  • Stay far away from shady resellers and stick to Ticketek
  • Understand the 10% price caps on resale tickets in each state
  • Be ready to pull the trigger immediately when tickets appear
  • Consider looking at international Eras Tour dates too
  • Never give up all hope – last minute miracles can happen!

The fairytale ending of scoring coveted last minute Taylor Swift 2024 tickets could be waiting. With resale platforms as your magical fairy godmother, all you have to do is keep wishing, hoping, and trying!

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