Which Ticket Reseller Has The Lowest Fees In 2024

Tired of paying crazy fees when buying or reselling event tickets? We’ve got you covered. This guide reveals the ticket resellers that keep fees super low for both buyers and sellers. You’ll learn all about their fee structures, any extra charges, and how they stack up.

After reading this, you’ll know for sure which ticket reseller has the lowest fees. That means either scoring awesome deals on tickets or making top profits when you resell extras. Ready to save big? Let’s dive in!

Understanding Ticket Reseller Fees

Before we jump into the resellers with the lowest fees, it’s important to understand the different types of fees you may encounter.

Buyer fees are additional charges tacked onto the ticket price that you pay as the purchaser. These are essentially “service fees” that the resale platform charges for facilitating the transaction.

Seller fees are commission rates that venues or resellers take from the total sale price when you resell tickets through their platform. These are typically a percentage of the sale price.

Additionally, watch out for other potential fees like:

  • Payment processing fees
  • Ticket delivery/shipping fees
  • Order fees or registration fees

With many different fees in play, it’s crucial to understand the full cost before buying or listing your tickets for sale.

Resellers With the Absolute Lowest Overall Fees

Now let’s get into the resale platforms that truly keep fees to a minimum for an affordable ticket buying and selling experience.

TicketSwap – 5% Buyer & Seller Fees

When it comes to the reseller with the lowest overall fees, TicketSwap is tough to beat. This platform charges a flat 5% fee for both buyers and sellers, making it an excellent choice for either side of a ticket resale transaction.

TicketSwap has an additional buyer-friendly policy – they cap the maximum resale markup at 20% over the original ticket price. This protects buyers from getting gouged with inflated prices on in-demand events.

While TicketSwap may have a smaller audience compared to bigger names, their low 5% fee structure and buyer protection policies make them worth considering for many events across the US, UK, and Europe.

TickPick – No Buyer Fees, 15% Seller Fee

For ticket buyers looking to avoid fees altogether, TickPick is the premier resale option. This platform charges zero fees for buyers – you only pay the cost of the tickets listed.

The seller does take a 15% commission fee, which is relatively standard in the resale market. But TickPick more than makes up for it with a Best Price Guarantee that ensures you’re getting the lowest prices available for your event tickets.

TickPick is a popular choice for purchasing resale tickets to major sporting events, concerts, and live shows across the United States. Their mobile apps also get consistently great reviews for a seamless purchasing experience.

TicketNetwork – No Buyer Fees, 10% Seller Fee

Similar to TickPick, TicketNetwork follows a no-fee model for buyers. You’ll pay just the listed ticket price with no extra charges.

Sellers can list their tickets on TicketNetwork in exchange for a 10% commission fee per sale. While a little higher than some, this allows TicketNetwork to frequently offer discounts, promotions, and coupon codes to make resale tickets even more affordable for buyers.

TicketNetwork’s inventory spans all major live event categories like sports, music, theater and more. They provide a wide selection for both buyers and a large audience for sellers across the US and Canada.

Other Low-Fee Ticket Resellers to Consider

While the platforms above stand out for the absolute lowest fees, there are several other resellers that keep buyer and seller costs relatively low:

ThunderTix charges a flat per-ticket fee between $1-$1.75 with no revenue-based commissions. This can be an affordable option for smaller-scale events or general admission tickets.

Purplepass has a 2.5% commission plus small flat fees ($0.99 per ticket for buyers). While not the lowest, their fees are still very reasonable.

RegFox caps total ticket fees at $4.99 through a model of 1% commission + $0.99 per ticket sold. This makes it a good mid-range option for both buyers and sellers.

Eventzilla offers three pricing tiers with fees from $1.50 to 2.9% + $1.50 per paid registration. The higher plans add more features for larger events.

Take the time to explore and compare fee structures, as these and other resellers may be budget-friendly for your particular needs.

How to Further Reduce Fees When Buying/Selling Tickets?

Even when using wallet-friendly resellers, you can take a few additional steps to reduce ticket fees even more:

Bypass resellers and buy direct from venues – Many arena box offices, theaters, and other venues allow you to purchase tickets in-person or over the phone and avoid reseller fees entirely.

Use cashback credit cards – If you have a credit card that offers bonus cashback for entertainment purchases, those rewards can help offset any fees you do pay.

Get presale access as a seller – Listing in-demand tickets for presale periods (before general public on-sale) can maximize the resale profits before prices level off.

Buy/sell tickets via private sale – Check local community pages or event fan groups – you may be able to buy or offload tickets directly through private sellers who won’t tack on fees.

Every dollar saved on fees is a win! Keep these clever tactics in mind anytime you need to buy or sell event tickets.

Comparing Fees Across Major Resellers

To give you a quick reference point, here’s a table comparing fee structures across some of the most popular ticket resellers:

ResellerBuyer FeesSeller FeesOther Fees
TickPick$015%Small ticket service charge
ThunderTix$1 – $1.75/ticket$0
Purplepass2.5% + $0.99/ticket2.5% + $0.25/order
RegFox$0.99/ticket1% (max $4.99/order)
Eventbrite3.7% + $1.79% service fees in (US)% service feesPayment processing
Vivid SeatsService charge10%
StubHub10% ($5 min) + $4.95 delivery~15%

This gives you a quick snapshot into some of the most fee-conscious resale options out there. Don’t forget to triple check the fees for your particular event before buying or selling.

Final Thoughts

No one likes getting nickeled-and-dimed with hidden fees and service charges – especially when it comes to purchasing event tickets that are already a significant expense. That’s why it pays to do your research and choose a ticket resale platform with buyer and seller-friendly fee policies.

Based on comprehensive fee data, TicketSwap stands out as the reseller with the absolute lowest overall fees at just 5% for both buyers and sellers. Platforms like TickPick (no buyer fees) and TicketNetwork (no buyer fees, 10% seller fee) are also excellent low-fee choices for resale tickets.

Beyond the resale venues themselves, tactics like buying direct from box offices, using rewards credit cards, and accessing presale listings can further minimize the fees you pay.

At the end of the day, a little savviness goes a long way toward cutting down on costs and either scoring more affordable event tickets or maximizing your profits when reselling extras. With the insights above, you’re well on your way to mastering the fee game!

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