Can You Resell Your Coachella Tickets

Wondering if you can resell your Coachella tickets if you can no longer attend the iconic music festival in Indio, California? With the highly anticipated 2024 edition coming up on April 12-14 and 19-21, you may find yourself with an extra pass you want to offload.

But is reselling Coachella tickets even allowed? And how does it work if so? This complete guide will cover everything you need to know about reselling Coachella passes to help you either buy or sell tickets in a safe and legitimate way.

The Short Answer: Yes, You Can Resell Coachella Tickets Through the Official Resale Partner

The quick answer is that yes, reselling Coachella tickets is permitted, but only through the festival’s official ticket resale marketplace, Lyte.

Independent ticket resales via sites like Craigslist, eBay, or Stubhub are strictly prohibited and can lead to your ticket being canceled without refund. Coachella tickets are non-transferable, so your only option is to resell through Lyte’s secure platform.

This system allows ticket holders unable to attend to recoup most of their costs by reselling at the price they choose. Buyers can browse verified resale tickets for deals. And both sides avoid the risks of scams or counterfeits that come with unauthorized resales.

Why Are Independent Coachella Ticket Resales Prohibited?

To understand why you can’t just resell your Coachella tickets independently, it helps to know why the rules are in place. The festival organizers prohibit unauthorized resales for a few key reasons:

  • Prevent Counterfeits: By requiring wristbands to be shipped through Lyte, validity and authenticity is guaranteed. Fake tickets from independent sellers put attendees at risk.
  • Avoid Scalping: Individual resellers often inflate prices. Lyte regulates the market to keep resale costs reasonable.
  • Honor Terms: The original ticket purchaser agrees not to resell. Independent sales violate terms and conditions.
  • Reduce Scams: With no oversight, buyers and sellers have no protections against fraud. Lyte mediates sales.

Any Coachella tickets resold through unauthorized channels are subject to cancellation without refund. Using the official Lyte exchange avoids any issues.

How the Lyte Ticket Resale Marketplace Works

Coachella’s partner Lyte operates an online ticket marketplace that allows safe, guaranteed resales for a variety of events. Here is how it works for Coachella tickets:

  • Sellers list their tickets for the price they want. Lyte takes a 8% commission on sales.
  • Buyers can browse resale listings on Lyte knowing the tickets are verified.
  • All wristbands must be shipped to and from Lyte to validate and prevent fraud.
  • Purchases via Lyte come with a 100% money-back FanShield Guarantee.
  • Payments are held in escrow until after the event to ensure delivery.

It may seem easier to resell independently, but Lyte’s protections benefit both buyers and sellers. And it’s the only authorized way per Coachella’s terms.

Step-By-Step Process to Resell Coachella Tickets on Lyte

Wondering how to actually resell your tickets on Lyte? Here is the process step-by-step:

For Sellers:

  1. List your ticket(s) for sale on Lyte at your chosen price point
  2. Print the free FedEx shipping label that Lyte provides
  3. Package up your ticket(s) with the shipping label attached
  4. Drop off the package at any FedEx location or schedule a pickup
  5. Lyte receives and validates your ticket(s)
  6. Once sold, you receive payment minus the 8% commission

For Buyers:

  1. Browse Coachella resale listings and purchase verified tickets on Lyte
  2. Lyte holds payment until after the event
  3. The seller ships the wristband(s) to Lyte to authenticate
  4. Once the event passes, Lyte releases funds and ships your ticket(s)
  5. Receive your Coachella ticket(s) directly and attend the festival!

While not as fast and simple as individual resales, Lyte’s process guarantees validity and safety. Plus, it’s the only authorized way to resell per Coachella’s terms.

When Do Coachella Tickets Go On Sale?

Knowing when regular Coachella tickets go on sale each year can help determine the best time to buy or resell. Here are the typical sales windows:

  • Presale: A limited pre-sale for locals occurs in May.
  • Advance sale: Broader advance ticket sales open to the public in June.
  • Main sale: The biggest general on-sale happens every January right after lineup drop. This is when most purchase.
  • Waitlist sale: Any tickets that got returned go back on sale a couple weeks before the festival.

Demand fuels quick sellouts year after year.January’s main sale is hugely competitive, with all tiers of tickets usually selling out within hours. So buying resale tickets becomes more attractive for those who missed out.

How Much Are Coachella Tickets?

When buying resale tickets, it helps to know the typical face value pricing for Coachella. Keep in mind sellers can adjust prices on the resale market, but here are the regular 2024 ticket tiers:

  • General admission: . $499 (Tier 1), $549 (Tier 2), $599 (Tier 3)
  • VIP: $1,609
  • Camping: Roughly $149 per pass

VIP offers premium viewing areas, shade, seating, AC bathrooms, expedited entry, and more amenities. Camping provides convenience right on festival grounds.

When reselling tickets, you can price based on tier level. Expect to pay above face value when buying resale.

Who Are the Coachella 2024 Headliners?

For many fans, the Coachella 2024 headliners will be a major factor in their decision to buy tickets. The top-billed artists help drive demand and resale prices.

The just-announced headliners performing this year are:

  • Friday: Harry Styles
  • Saturday: Dua Lipa
  • Sunday: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Other notable sub-headliners include Lil Nas X, The Weeknd, Rosalía, Calvin Harris, and more. The full lineup has over 150 artists across genres.

Highly popular headliners like these will keep ticket demand and resale pricing strong for 2024.

Where and When Does Coachella Take Place?

Before buying tickets, it helps to know the Coachella event details:

  • Location: Empire Polo Club in Indio, California
  • Dates: Two weekends – April 12-14 & April 19-21, 2024

The venue is on a large grassy field allowing for multiple stages. With California’s hot April weather, days are sunny and dry but evenings can get quite cold.

When reselling tickets, be sure to specify which weekend they are for. Passes are weekend-specific.

What if I Can No Longer Attend and Just Want a Refund?

A common question — can I get a refund for Coachella tickets if I can’t attend? Unfortunately, the short answer is no refunds are offered. All sales are final.

However, reselling through Lyte provides an avenue to recoup most of your costs. Just don’t expect to recover the full face value, as the resale price is set by the seller. But it does offer an option vs eating the entire cost.

If keeping your passes and attending a future Coachella is possible, that’s another alternative to explore before reselling.

What are Some Tips for Buying Coachella Tickets on the Resale Market?

If you’re looking to purchase Coachella passes on the resale market, here are some helpful tips:

  • Set price alerts on Lyte to be notified when tickets hit your target budget
  • Check back often as new listings appear daily; selection increases closer to event
  • Be flexible on which weekend if possible – one may have better ticket availability
  • Consider general admission if cost is a factor – still allows full festival access
  • Join the waitlist even after sellouts –Coachella may release more tickets
  • Only buy via Lyte – never trust unofficial platforms or social media offers
  • Confirm details – correct weekend, camping pass if needed, delivery timeframe
  • Use PayPal or a credit card; avoid wire transfers or cash payments
  • Review seller ratings and check for Lyte’s purchase guarantee protections

What Should You Avoid When Reselling Your Coachella Tickets?

If you need to resell your Coachella passes, be sure to steer clear of these common mistakes:

  • Don’t attempt to sell privately or via unauthorized sites – use Lyte only
  • Avoid inflated prices that exceed current resale rates on Lyte
  • Don’t list fake or duplicated barcodes – Lyte verifies authenticity
  • Refrain from reposts if not committed to selling – cancellations can penalize your account
  • Never mail tickets independent of Lyte or meet up locally to exchange
  • Don’t wait too long or price too high – competition increases leading up to event
  • Be sure tickets are for the correct weekend before shipping
  • Double check you package wristbands properly to avoid delivery issues


Reselling your Coachella tickets may be necessary if your plans change before the big event. Just be sure to use the official Lyte ticket exchange to ensure a safe transaction. Avoid unauthorized resales at all costs.

With the festival’s iconic 2024 edition coming up April 12-14 and 19-21, demand for tickets on the resale market will likely be strong. Follow the guidance above for a smooth process either buying or selling verified passes. See you under the desert sky at the Empire Polo Club!

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