How to Easily Resell Tickets on AXS in 2024

Have unused tickets to a show you can no longer attend? Don’t let those tickets go to waste! AXS makes reselling event tickets easy through their Official Resale marketplace integrated directly into your AXS account.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to conveniently list tickets for resale on AXS to recoup your costs in 2024.

Why Resell Your Tickets on AXS?

AXS Official Resale allows fans to seamlessly sell event tickets they can’t use via their existing AXS account. It provides a safe, official resale platform endorsed by venues.

Reselling tickets through AXS offers many key benefits including:

  • Convenience – Manage everything directly in your AXS account
  • High visibility – Tickets appear on main event purchase page
  • Fair pricing – Seller price capped at 10% over face value
  • No risks – All tickets guaranteed valid and authentic
  • Secure payment – Funds issued after event occurs

AXS resale eliminates hassles of meeting up with strangers or haggling over prices. The platform handles everything securely with the tickets tied to purchasers via AXS Mobile ID.

Step 1: Verify Your AXS Tickets Are Resale Eligible

Before you can sell tickets on AXS, verify the event organizer has enabled the resale option for that event.

Here’s how to check:

  1. Login to your AXS account
  2. Click “Your Tickets”
  3. Select the event
  4. See if there is a “Sell” button – if not, resale is restricted

Common reasons resale may not be allowed:

  • Event promoter opted out of resale
  • Tickets are designated VIP or special packages
  • Tickets were part of pre-sale offer or fan club code

If none of the above apply, you should be able to resell tickets purchased via AXS!

Step 2: Price Your AXS Event Tickets Competitively

To successfully sell your unwanted tickets, you’ll need to price them competitively based on current market demand.

When pricing your tickets, consider factors like:

  • Popularity of the event/artist
  • Days remaining until the event date
  • Section/row/seat details – floor seats often cost more
  • Comparable ticket resale listings and sales

AXS does cap resale prices to 10% over face value price paid. So research the event and price just under that threshold to attract buyers.

Pro Tip: Monitor listings night-of-event when demand spikes for last minute ticket sales. Adjust prices accordingly.

Step 3: List Your Tickets for Resale in Your AXS Account

Once you decide on the optimal resale price per ticket, navigate to “Your Tickets” in your AXS account to officially submit the listing:

  1. Select the event date > Choose tickets
  2. Click “Sell” button
  3. Enter asking price per ticket
  4. Set listing expiration date/time (optional)
  5. Review listing > Click “List Tickets”

That’s it! Your tickets now appear on the main event ticket purchase page at for fans browsing for seats.

Step 4: Manage Your Ticket Listing in AXS

Check back periodically on your AXS resale listing until the tickets sell. If the event is approaching soon, consider dropping your price if the tickets aren’t selling.

Or if it’s a hugely popular show that’s sold out, you may be able to increase your price as demand spikes leading up to the date. The keys are monitoring the market rate and adjusting your listing strategically to maximize profit.

Pro Tip: Update your AXS resale listing to highlight valuable seat attributes like “Aisle seats!”, “Center orchestra!”, or “Front row!” to attract buyers.

Step 5: Get Paid After Your AXS Tickets Sell

Once a buyer purchases your AXS resale tickets, you’ll receive an email notification of the sale. But just because your extra tickets are sold doesn’t mean you instantly get paid.

Here is the typical timeline for receiving payout:

  1. Funds from the ticket sale go into your “Available Balance” in your AXS account
  2. Wait until after the event date occurs
  3. Initiate transfer of Available Balance funds to your bank account
  4. Money appears in your bank within 7-10 business days

The Available Balance deducts the AXS seller fee – typically around 15% or more of the sales price. But reselling through AXS still nets you significantly more money than simply letting the unused tickets go to waste!

7 Pro Tips for Selling Tickets Successfully on AXS

Beyond just the basics, real-world experience reveals some best practices for effectively reselling tickets on AXS Official Resale.

Apply these 7 pro tips:

  1. Verify early if the event allows resale listings
  2. List tickets for sale promptly when sales open
  3. Research prices thoroughly to stay competitive
  4. Adjust listing price if demand changes nearing event
  5. Highlight seat quality or attributes in listing descriptions
  6. Mention easy electronic ticket transferring to buyers
  7. Respond quickly to buyer inquiries to complete sales

The most successful AXS ticket resellers follow these keys to maximize profit and minimize days-on-market for their listings.

Why Resell Your AXS Tickets on the Official Resale Marketplace?

While you can also offload tickets through third-parties like Stubhub or VividSeats, AXS Official Resale has some key perks:

Convenience – Manage everything easily within your existing AXS account.

Security – No risk of fraudulent/void tickets since all resales handled officially by AXS.

Fair pricing – Avoids heavily inflated “platinum” tickets from predatory resellers.

Higher profit margins – Lower and more transparent fees returned to seller.

By reselling directly through the official AXS channel, both buyers and sellers benefit through a more secure, controlled marketplace.

Step-By-Step Recap of Reselling Tickets on AXS

To recap, here are the key steps covered in this 2024 guide to resell tickets conveniently within your AXS account:

  1. Confirm event allows resale ticket listings
  2. Price competitively based on market demand
  3. Enter listing details and seller payout account
  4. Manage listing until tickets sell
  5. Transfer funds post-event minus seller fees

It only takes a few minutes to submit your resale listing to AXS Official Resale. Then let the convenient marketplace platform work behind the scenes to securely facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers.

While reselling tickets you can’t use, apply proper diligence around pricing, account management, and understanding the AXS policies for smooth transactions.


Don’t throw money down the drain on event tickets you won’t use. The AXS Official Resale marketplace makes recouping costs on those unused tickets easy and reliable.

AXS resale also benefits ticket buyers by expanding affordability and availability for high demand events through a secure, officially endorsed channel.

Now you have all the necessary tips and tools to seamlessly resell tickets directly within your AXS account. Follow this 2024 guide to efficiently list your extra tickets, manage your listings, and withdraw your earnings.

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