Where Is The Movie Ticket To Paradise Filmed?

The 2022 romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise transports viewers to a lush, tropical island paradise – but where exactly was this film starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts actually shot?

While the movie is set on the sunny shores of Bali, Indonesia, the production faced challenges filming there and instead turned to the diverse landscapes found along the coast of Queensland, Australia. From the developed Gold Coast to the secluded Whitsunday Islands and beyond, Queensland offered stunning substitutes that believably channeled Bali’s vibes.

So join us as we dive deeper into the dreamy filming locations that made up Ticket to Paradise’s island escapades and tropical rom-com reverie!

Why Was Ticket to Paradise Filmed in Australia Instead of Bali?

Initially, the plan was for Ticket to Paradise to shoot on location in Bali. However, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed those intentions when rising cases led production to indefinitely postpone filming there.

With schedules stalled, director Ol Parker went searching for plan B – a new locale that could plausibly stand-in for the Indonesian island. The production team ultimately chose Queensland, Australia for its diversity of landscapes, from the developed Gold Coast to the secluded Whitsunday Islands and beyond.

Australia also offered financial incentives in the form of a $7.5 million grant – nothing to scoff at for a film with a $60 million budget! And with Mimosa Films Australia serving as a production partner, the connections were already in place to facilitate filming down under.

So Queensland it was! With COVID cases declining, the Julia Roberts and George Clooney-led production set up shop. Filming occurred between November 2021 and February 2022 primarily along the state’s coastline.

In the end, the diverse landscapes of Queensland believably channeled Bali while also bringing something new to the table. As Ol Parker told Condé Nast Traveller, “It can never quite be Bali, but for our intents and purposes it’s as close to Bali as we can make it.”

Next, let’s break down exactly where cameras rolled to create the movie’s tropical oasis…

Scoping Out the Stunning Whitsunday Islands Region

Several key scenes in Ticket to Paradise were filmed along the beaches and islands that make up the picturesque Whitsunday Islands region. Located off the central Queensland coast, this natural wonderland contains 74 islands dotted amid the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Known for luxury resorts and sailing charters in addition to jaw-dropping scenery, the Whitsundays provided an idyllic stand-in for Bali. Specific spots utilized included:

Secluded Shores of Haslewood Island

When George Clooney and Julia Roberts first arrive by boat in Bali, they’re actually docking along the northern tip of Haslewood Island at secluded Katie’s Cove. This remote beach off most tourists’ radar has starred in films before, like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. To channel Bali, set decorators lined the sand with colorful fishing boats and thatched huts.

Luscious Landscapes of Hamilton Island

Further establishing the tropical resort setting, abundant scenes also filmed on Hamilton Island amid its lush vistas and accommodations. In the movie, a pre-wedding party takes place poolside at the Bougainvillea Bar overlooking Catseye Beach. An impromptu soccer match also kicks off on Catseye Beach with thecallback “>Whitsundays passag callback as a backdrop.

During production, lead star George Clooney was even spotted relaxing on nearby exclusive Hayman Island. And the film crew heavily utilized Hamilton Island’s premier Qualia resort to represent the story’s luxury hotel. With its individual pavilions and epic views, Qualia convincingly channeled upscale tropical lodging.

Tranquil Tides of Long Island

The movie required scenes showing a seaweed farm, which it created at Palm Bay Resort on secluded Long Island. The nearest Whitsunday isle to the mainland, Long Island contains luxurious rainforest resorts and postcard-worthy beaches.

By dressing up Palm Bay Resort in Balinese structures and props along the beach, the production believably transformed it into the locale where the groom-to-be works.

Lounging at Luxurious Hamilton Island Resorts

In addition to appearing prominently on camera, Hamilton Island and its high-end resorts also served as home base for cast and crew during production. Stars like Julia Roberts soaked up the island vibes while enjoying some downtime too.

Holing Up at Hayman Island

When he wasn’t filming, George Clooney escaped to Hayman Island – a privately owned Whitsunday resort famed for its luxury and seclusion. Alongside his family, Clooney made use of the island’s lavish amenities and accommodation.

In fact, the star was transported to and from Hayman aboard an exclusive rental yacht called Alani. The 82-foot vessel, which offers overnight chartering, assisted in Clooney’s off-camera island hopping throughout the Whitsundays.

Clearly, Mr. Clooney settled in to the tropical lifestyle while working on location!

Hiding Out at Qualia Resort

While Qualia Resort served filming heavily, it also offered a five-star hideaway for resting cast. Perched on secluded northern Hamilton Island, Qualia has earned accolades as one of the world’s top luxury resorts – including the Best Resort in the World multiple times.

With private pavilions, a rejuvenating spa and epic Great Barrier Reef views, Qualia made for an A-list escape between scenes. It represented the crew’s version of Paradise amid a grueling production schedule!

Further Flicks Filmed Along Queensland’s Coast

In addition to the Whitsundays region, additional shooting for Ticket to Paradise took place all across coastal Queensland. Within driving distance of the Whitsunday action, spots in and around Queensland capital Brisbane also staged scenes. This included…

Brisbane Scenes Shot Near & Far

Although not seen often, a couple scenes did film right in downtown Brisbane. The production staged Lily’s graduation at the city’s iconic neoclassical City Hall. The team also utilized Brisbane Airport for departure scenes.

However, most Brisbane-based shooting occurred about 55 minutes south along the coast at the Gold Coast. Known for numerous resort communities and lengthy beaches, this tourist hub provided the perfect sunny backdrop.

Beach Scenes Filmed Up the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast offered both natural scenery and infrastructure for filming beachfront hotels and bars. Scenes shot along the coast included an evening at lively Miami Marketta – portrayed as a Balinese bazaar – and wedding scenes on the shores of North Burleigh.

The production also took advantage of the new HOTA art gallery in nearby Bundall. With its modern architecture, HOTA substituted for scenes set in a Los Angeles museum. Talk about versatile backdrops!

Venturing Inland to Tamborine Mountain’s Rainforest

Unlike most of the shoreline shooting, the film also required some jungle scenes to represent Bali’s lush inland rainforests. Just 10 miles from the Gold Coast beaches, the production found an ideal rainforest stand-in at Tamborine Mountain.

Tamborine National Park covers over 4.48 square miles of pristine rainforest, replete with walking trails, waterfalls and wildlife. Julia Roberts and George Clooney trekked through the jungle here for sequences set in Ubud. The dense greenery effortlessly channeled inland tropical vibes.

More Scenes Shot Farther Inland & South

A few other brief yet important scenes for Ticket to Paradise also filmed farther inland and south from the main coastal locations.

Dolphin Footage Captured off Moreton Island

In the movie, George Clooney’s character encounters a dolphin while snorkeling which (unfortunately for the dolphin) bites him. This footage filmed not in the Whitsundays, but rather off Moreton Island at Point Lookout Gorge.

Located 25 miles from Brisbane, Moreton Island is actually home to Tangalooma Island Resort – which organizes popular wild dolphin feeding adventures. So the area made retrieving the necessary dolphin clips simple. The production then seamlessly blended this footage with Whitsundays shots.

Moreton Island also provided sweeping shots of wedding sunsets used prominently in the film.

Brief Shots Snagged South of Brisbane

One quick scene shows leads Julia Roberts and George Clooney cruising through a sugarcane field together on mopeds. This footage filmed just south of Brisbane around Norwell on the Gold Coast. Lush crops replaced rice fields, but still evoked rural Bali vibes!

Walking in the Movie Stars’ Footsteps

Luckily for fans hoping to venture where their favorite stars trekked filming Ticket to Paradise, many of the exact Queensland locales seen in the movie can be visited or stayed at.

While some spots like Katie’s Cove require private boats or charters, others are easily accessible for tourists. Here’s a quick guide to retracing Roberts and Clooney’s footsteps in Queensland:

  • Take a Hamilton Island escape to lounge at the same Qualia resort or snap photos overlooking Catseye Beach and the Whitsundays Passage
  • Take a day trip to Whitsunday Island for panoramic Hill Inlet views or Whitehaven Beach
  • Book a getaway to Long Island to relax amid Palm Bay Resorts’ tropical rainforest accommodations
  • Explore Tamborine Mountain’s jungles and waterfalls on guided tours
  • Check out art and catch live music at the HOTA Gallery on the Gold Coast
  • Enjoy markets & nightlife in Surfers Paradise along the Gold Coast
  • Feed wild dolphins at Moreton Island’s Tangalooma Resort

The opportunities to channel cast vibes while soaking up Queensland’s scenery are endless. From resort luxury in the Whitsundays to bustling Gold Coast development, Ticket to Paradise showcased the state’s diversity.

Additional Films Shot in Queensland

Other major film productions have also recognized Queensland’s cinematic potential and situated significant shooting within its borders. Recent blockbusters include:

Thor: Love and Thunder – Chris Hemsworth (fellow Australian!) returned down under in 2021 to film the Thor sequel primarily at Village Roadshow Studios near Brisbane. Scenes also filmed on location including around Tamborine Mountain’s rainforests.

Elvis – Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 Elvis Presley biopic shot entirely in Queensland as well. Key locations included Surfers Paradise along the Gold Coast and the coastal town of Murwillumbah in the north. Actors Austin Butler and Tom Hanks embraced the Australian locales while bringing the King’s story to life.

Where the Crawdads Sing – This 2022 mystery drama starring Daisy Edgar-Jones filmed here as well. The production utilized the Gold Coast’s hinterland including Tamborine Mountain’s rainforest. Like with Ticket to Paradise, the diverse landscape stood in for U.S. settings like North Carolina.

Clearly, both studios and stars keep migrating to Queensland for filming tropical and otherwise. With experienced crews, financial incentives and environmental diversity, it’s become a rising international production hub.

And the tourism benefits to locals are self-evident when major movies then showcase all the state has to offer!

Reliving the Romance in Breathtaking Queensland

Whether you’re a dedicated Julia Roberts and George Clooney fan looking to recreate Ticket to Paradise vibes or just want to vacation in a tropical paradise, Queensland has it all.

From the Whitsunday Islands dotted amid the Great Barrier Reef to metropolitan attractions in happening Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the landscapes seen throughout the film highlight the diversity of environments and activities on offer in Queensland.

Plus, the state provides ultra-luxury resorts for total relaxation alongside wild rainforests and beaches for outdoor adventure – the full spectrum of escapism!

So next time you crave a taste of Paradise, consider Queensland. It brought George and Julia together, after all!

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