A Thousand and One Movie Showtimes, Tickets, & Details Guide

Have you heard about the upcoming film A Thousand and One? This drama tells the story of Inez, a mother who kidnaps her own son Terry from the foster care system in order to reclaim her sense of identity and offer him the family stability he desperately needs.

Where and when can you see A Thousand and One playing at a movie theater near you? Keep reading this guide to find upcoming showtimes, ticket availability, theater locations, video release dates, and more key details on the 2023 film A Thousand and One.

Where Can I Find Showtimes for A Thousand and One Movie?

If you want to see A Thousand and One on the big screen, start by searching for showtimes at theaters in your area. Major movie sites like Fandango and AMC Theatres allow you to enter your zip code or city and state to find movie theaters playing A Thousand and One near you along with available showtimes.

You can also check individual theater websites for the most updated listings of movie showtimes. For independent or small theater showings of A Thousand and One, your best bet is to check their official website and sign up for their movie newsletter so you get alerts about special limited-run screenings. Local newspapers and magazines sometimes publish movie times listings by theater as well.

If A Thousand and One is not showing near you yet, ask your preferred local theaters if they have plans to screen it and when. Getting an answer directly from the movie theater staff is your best way to stay on top of upcoming movie showings in your area.

What Are Some Key Details About A Thousand and One Movie?

Here are the must-know details on the film A Thousand and One:

  • Release Date: March 31, 2023 (USA)
  • Director: A.V. Rockwell
  • Writer: A.V. Rockwell
  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Teyana Taylor, Will Catlett, Josiah Cross
  • Runtime: 1 hour and 56 minutes

The official plot synopsis from the film studio A24 reads:

Inez, a fiercely independent mother struggling to provide a stable home for her six-year-old son, Terry. Removed from her neglectful mother’s care as a toddler, Terry has bounced between foster homes, at risk of being surrendered to the system forever. To rescue him, Inez kidnaps Terry.

With powerful performances and an empathetic lens, A Thousand and One tells the story of a mother’s uncompromising love.

How Can I Get Tickets to See A Thousand and One?

Once you find a movie theater near you that has showtimes available for A Thousand and One, next comes securing your tickets.

The easiest way to purchase movie tickets these days is online through the theater’s official website or a movie ticketing site/app like Fandango. Buying tickets online in advance is highly recommended as it guarantees your seats and you often can take advantage of discount promotions not available when purchasing in-person.

You can also buy tickets in-person at the theater box office, over the phone, or at a self-serve kiosk in the lobby. Pay attention to any service fees so your final ticket total doesn’t unexpectedly increase at checkout.

Pro tip: see if the movie theater offers any special deals like student and senior ticket pricing to help make enjoying A Thousand and One on the big screen more affordable.

What Theaters Near Me Are Showing A Thousand and One Movie?

Wondering exactly which movie theaters in your area will likely screen A Thousand and One once it opens wider across the country? Here are some prime candidates:

  • AMC: One of the largest movie theater chains in the USA, AMC has hundreds of cineplex locations across the states that tend to show both big blockbuster and smaller independent films like A Thousand and One.
  • Regal Cinemas: Similarly, Regal Cinemas is another leading multi-plex theater operator primed to schedule showtimes for the film.
  • Alamo Drafthouse: Alamo Drafthouse offers a unique dine-in movie experience alongside indie flicks, foreign films, and other specialty cinema.
  • Landmark Theatres: If you’re lucky enough to have an arthouse Landmark Theatre in your area, keep an eye out for A Thousand and One appearing on their marquee.
  • Local independent theaters: Smaller indie theaters in your community may arrange limited-run screenings of A Thousand and One, especially if they have supported other A24 films in the past.

Check back on the websites for these artsy and independent-friendly movie theaters to find out when and where A Thousand and One will play on the big screen near you.

When Will A Thousand and One Movie Be Available on Video?

While an official digital/Blu-ray release date has not yet been announced for A Thousand and One, we can make an educated guess based on the standard industry calendar.

Major movies are normally available for on-demand digital rental and purchase around 45 days after premiering in theaters. So if A Thousand and One sticks to a traditional timeline, you may be able to watch it from home streaming services and video-on-demand in early-to-mid May 2023.

DVD and Blu-Ray physical copies of movies usually come out roughly 90-120 days following theatrical debut. That puts potential home video hard copies of A Thousand and One dropping in June or July 2023.

However, some indie studios like A24 have been known to shorten the theatrical-to-video window for certain films so they may make A Thousand and One available even sooner.

Your best bet is pre-ordering the Blu-ray to get automatically notified the very second A Thousand and One is purchasable for enjoying on your home cinema set-up in crisp high-definition.

What Do Reviews Say About A Thousand and One Movie?

So far, A Thousand and One has earned widespread critical acclaim with a powerhouse lead performance from Teyana Taylor. Here is a sampling of what professional movie critics are saying about A Thousand and One:

“A virtuosic debut from writer-director A.V. Rockwell, the film balances melodrama with a nuanced take on the foster system and poverty in America.” – David Ehrlich, IndieWire

“Featuring Teyana Taylor in a standout performance, this drama announces A.V. Rockwell as a fresh talent.” – Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

On review aggregate sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, A Thousand and One currently holds a:

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 97% Fresh Rating
  • Metacritic: 84 Metascore

Audiences seem to strongly connect with the movie as well, as shown by an A CinemaScore rating based on polling of moviegoers on opening night. All signs point to A Thousand and One being a must-see powerful drama anchored by Taylor’s moving lead performance.

Who Are the Key Actors and Characters in A Thousand and One Movie?

A Thousand and One co-stars:

  • Teyana Taylor as Inez: The fiercely devoted mother at the center of the narrative determined to offer her young son stability and family identity at all costs. This marks Taylor’s feature film lead acting debut.
  • Will Catlett as Terry: Inez’s six-year-old son bounced around foster care who she kidnaps in order to raise him as the caring parent he deserves.
  • Josiah Cross as A.J.: Inez’s neighbor who lends support.

Breakout newcomer Taylor has earned raves for her magnetic portrayal of a mother desperately trying to protect her child the only way she knows how. Her raw, authentic performance grounds the entire emotional weight of A Thousand and One.

Is There a Trailer Available for A Thousand and One Movie Yet?

Yes! Search online for “A Thousand and One official trailer” and you’ll find a two-minute video preview that shows glimpses of key scenes without major plot spoilers.

The A Thousand and One trailer focuses on highlighting lead actor Teyana Taylor’s powerful performance while setting up the high stakes plotline of a destitute mother reclaiming her young son from an unstable foster care system the only way she sees possible.

Watch the trailer to get a mini-preview of Taylor’s intense acting alongside the film’s gritty indie drama vibe. It does a great job hooking interest while still preserving all the major surprises for watching A Thousand and One unfold in theaters.

What Is the Plot Summary for A Thousand and One Movie?

Here is the basic plot overview for A Thousand and One:

Inez (Teyana Taylor) lives hand-to-mouth in 1990s New York City, scraping together odd jobs while residing in a neglected public housing apartment building. Removing her toddler Terry (Josiah Cross) from her custody years prior due to evidence of neglect, the foster care system fails to provide six-year-old Terry any sense of home or stability.

Desperate to save Terry from continued displacement in the overburdened foster system, Inez resorts to kidnapping her son from his latest temporary housing situation despite facing severe criminal charges.

For the next number of years, Inez then raises Terry “off-the-grid” in her modest apartment home, sacrificing her own freedom in order to try giving her son the loving family he needs while evading detection.

A Thousand and One explores the bonds between mother and child amid cycles of generational trauma, poverty in America, and the harsh realities of the foster care system.

What Makes A Thousand and One Movie Worth Seeing in Theaters?

Here are just some of the elements that make A Thousand and One a must-see drama on the big screen:

  • Raw, authentic performances led by Teyana Taylor’s dazzling breakout acting in her first major movie role
  • Timely themes exploring socioeconomic inequality and flaws in the foster care system
  • Empathetic perspective telling one mother’s story amid larger cycles of trauma
  • Powerful celebration of the unbreakable bond between parent and child
  • Stunning cinematography immersing viewers within Inez’s world
  • Masterful balance of heavy subject matter with humanity and hope

A Thousand and One promises an emotional cinematic experience carried by Taylor’s standout talent as struggling mother Inez. Don’t miss the magic of this urgent story unfolding on the big screen at a movie theater near you.

In Conclusion…

From upcoming theater showtimes and ticket links to home video release plans, this inside look at drama A Thousand and One offers everything you need to know to watch Teyana Taylor’s breakthrough performance as devoted mother Inez fighting for her family.

See the acclaimed new film from director A.V. Rockwell in cinemas starting March 31, and stay tuned for A Thousand and One becoming available to purchase or rent on streaming and Blu-ray a few months after premiering in theaters.

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