Can You Cancel & Get Refund on AMC Movie Tickets?

Going to the movies can be an exciting experience, especially when seeing the latest blockbuster on the big screen at your local AMC theater. But sometimes plans change or you have an experience that leaves you dissatisfied. When that happens, you may wonder: can you cancel or get a refund for AMC movie tickets?

The short answer is yes, AMC does allow ticket refunds in many cases when certain conditions are met. However, rules, fees, and processing times can vary.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting refunds for AMC movie tickets and more, including:

  • AMC’s standard refund policy and eligibility
  • How to request ticket refunds online or in person
  • Special cases for AMC Stubs members
  • Refund options for food, concessions, and other purchases
  • Estimated processing times for ticket refunds
  • Cancelling subscriptions like AMC Stubs A-List

Understanding the ins and outs of AMC’s refund systems will ensure you can cancel tickets when needed and get your money back. So let’s get started!

What is AMC’s Refund Policy for Movie Tickets?

AMC allows refunds on advance movie tickets purchased on their website, mobile app, or at theater box offices. However, refunds must be requested by a specific deadline before the printed showtime:

  • For online or mobile app ticket purchases, refunds can be requested any time prior to the listed showtime.
  • For box office ticket purchases, refunds must be requested at least 30 minutes before showtime.

In both cases, if you miss the deadline to cancel AMC tickets before the showtime, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. The overall policy applies to all regular AMC tickets, including those purchased by AMC Stubs members.

However, convenience or processing fees from online/mobile ticket sales are generally non-refundable regardless of cancellation time.

When you successfully cancel an eligible AMC ticket purchase and qualify for a refund under their policy, only the base ticket price will be returned to your original payment method. Any non-refundable fees are forfeited.

How Do I Request an Online Refund from AMC?

Requesting an online refund for eligible AMC movie tickets purchased through AMC’s website or mobile app is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account at AMC’s website.
  2. Under “Your Account” select “Your Tickets”.
  3. Find the eligible ticket purchase you want to cancel and click “Request Refund”.
  4. Confirm the details and submit your online refund request.

After submitting the request, you’ll receive a confirmation email from AMC. Expect the refund amount to process back to your original payment method within approximately 1 hour from the request time.

Just remember online refund requests must be made prior to the listed showtime for eligibility under the standard policy. Otherwise you will be denied the ability to cancel those tickets online after the showtime deadline passes.

Can I Get an AMC Ticket Refund In Person?

Besides the online process outlined above, in-person refunds for AMC movie tickets can also be requested at AMC theatre box office locations. Here is the basic procedure:

  1. Bring your physical AMC printed ticket(s) to the theatre box office.
  2. Let the ticket agent know you need to cancel your tickets and request a full refund.
  3. Provide reason for refund request if asked.
  4. Submit your printed ticket(s) to the agent after cancellation.

Assuming you meet the timing requirement of asking at least 30 minutes prior to showtime, an in-person refund will be approved on the spot in most cases. The refund amount will then credited right back to the original gift card, credit/debit card, or other payment method used to purchase the tickets.

This makes in-person cancellations the quickest processing option. You walk out with money back in hand rather than waiting days for banks to handle transfers. But the downside is you must visit the theatre within the 30 minute cutoff before showtime for eligibility.

Overall though, the ability to request and receive AMC ticket refunds in person provides important flexibility if you are unable to access their website.

What if I’m an AMC Stubs Member?

The good news is that standard AMC refund timing policies and procedures also apply to purchases made using AMC Stubs accounts, including AMC Stubs A-List.

As an AMC Stubs member, if you used your member credit card or another form of payment associated with your Stubs account to buy tickets, the same refund options are available:

  • Request refund online prior to listed showtime
  • Request refund at theatre box office 30 mins before showtime

After cancellation, the refund will be issued to back to the original Stubs payment method used for buying the tickets.

The only exception is if you redeemed Stubs rewards points or a similar store credit instead of paying normally. In that specific case, the refund would be issued as a store credit rather than cash back to account. But regardless of payment type, Stubs members can still conveniently request refunds on eligible AMC movie tickets purchased through their membership account.

Are There Any Exceptions to AMC’s Refund Policy?

Generally AMC strictly follows the refund timing policies outlined so far regarding when you are eligible to cancel tickets. However, certain special cases or unusual circumstances can warrant exceptions:

  • If a showtime is canceled by the theatre or experience technical issues, AMC will process refunds for that screening outside normal policy.
  • Severe weather events, power outages, or similar issues that restrict the ability to reach the theatre in time for a show can justify late refund eligibility in some cases when discussed with AMC representatives.
  • For customers with disabilities or special needs that restrict mobility, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis as well.

In these kinds of extraordinary situations where forces outside the customer’s control prevented attending the movie, AMC theatre management can provide refund approval after reviewing details of what happened.

So while generally AMC follows the standard published cancellation deadlines very strictly, special allowances are possible in certain scenarios if you reach out and discuss directly with AMC management.

What About Refunds for Food and Drinks?

In addition to movie tickets, AMC also sells various food and beverage items that you can order online and then pick up at the concessions counter prior to the film. Examples include:

  • Popcorn
  • Candy
  • Nachos
  • Sodas
  • Slushies
  • More

For these online concessions orders, the refund policy has some similarities and differences compared to tickets:


  • Like tickets, food/drink orders must be refunded prior to showtime
  • Online convenience fees paid are still non-refundable


  • Rather than cash back, credit for substitute items is issued
  • Refunds only done at physical theatre location, not online

So while the timing cutoff for refund eligibility matches that of tickets (no later than showtime), the actual refund handling contrasts.

Rather than reversing charges back to your card, they will allow you to choose replacement food/drink items of equal or lesser value. There is no cash refund provided at theatre concession stands.

You must also request the substitution in person rather than online. But provided you meet the showtime deadline, you can get alternative concessions items or “refund” relative to what you initially ordered and paid for through AMC’s web/app system.

Do AMC Gift Cards, Vouchers, and Passes Qualify for Refunds?

Besides normal tickets and concessions orders, AMC also offers various prepaid credit options for accessing movies and amenities at AMC locations. Examples include:

  • AMC Gift Cards
  • Promotional Vouchers
  • Discount Passes
  • More

In general, these prepaid stored value items are not eligible for typical cash refunds. However, some do allow you to receive a substitute credit:

  • Gift cards can generally be exchanged for new plastic gift card with unredeemed credit transferred over. Approximate fees of $5 to $10 may apply.
  • Vouchers or passes with expiration dates can possibly be extended if unused when expiry approaching.

So while not a direct cash refund back to your credit card or original payment method, you can receive continuing store credit instead in most cases involving these prepaid AMC credit options.

Checking with an AMC associate for full policy details on a specific voucher or gift card type you purchased is advisable before expecting eligibility for an exchange or extension. But for unused balances remaining, some level of substitution, exchange, or rollover is often allowed based on specific terms.

How Long Does an AMC Ticket Refund Take?

The amount of time it takes to receive your money back from an approved AMC ticket refund depends on how you chose to cancel with them:

  • Online refund requests take approximately 1 hour for the refund amount to process back to your original payment card or method used.
  • In-person refunds requested at the box office are credited instantly at time of cancellation back to your debit/credit card or other payment form you initially used.

So while online refunds are very convenient not requiring a trip to the theatre, in-person refunds will be fastest if you need the money right away.

Do keep in mind that if paying online originally with an AMC gift card, your in-person refund would go back onto a replacement plastic gift card rather than directly to your bank account. The same would apply to any credit from unused AMC vouchers or passes exchanged in person for replacements. You can later redeem substitute plastic or paper credit received at AMC locations over time rather than obtaining immediate cash back.

Can I Cancel an AMC Subscription Like A-List?

In addition to just purchasing individual movie tickets, frequent AMC moviegoers can sign up for recurring paid subscription plans like AMC Stubs A-List to access extra perks and theatre visits. The details and pricing breakdown of A-List benefits are available directly from AMC.

The good news is you can cancel A-List or any paid AMC subscription anytime without penalties or ongoing billings extending beyond the current membership period you already paid for. Some key things to know about cancelling include:

  • Visit account management online or call AMC to cancel
  • Benefits stop at end of current paid period
  • Can take 6 months before rejoining after cancelling

So AMC subscriptions are generally commitment-free allowing straightforward cancellation when ready, just keeping the above points in mind. Do be aware there is typically a short waiting period before being able to resubscribe again in future months.

But the flexible “no penalty” cancellation policy combined with prorated final period access does provide confidence in exploring the programs risk-free. You can always cancel penalty-free if determining the recurring fee not worthwhile for your movie frequency after initially testing it out for a billing cycle.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

The possibility of needing an AMC movie ticket refund can create ambiguity around timing limitations, fees involved, redemption methods, and more based on various rules and product types purchased.

To recap key points for ensuring your next cancellation or refund request goes smoothly:

  • Both online and in-person refunds available before showtime
  • Online fastest processing but has non-refundable fees
  • In-person instant cash back to original form of payment
  • Gift cards/passes get substituted credit, not cash
  • Special circumstances justify waivers if discussed
  • Paying subscriptions like AMC Stubs A-List are cancellable anytime

Always refer first to official AMC published policies which legally govern binding refund terms for your specific situation.

But if questions remain afterwards or issues arise when trying to implement AMC’s standardized refund procedures at your local theatre, never hesitate to reach out to an AMC associate for personalized guidance specific to your case details.

Understanding policies is important but so too is realizing helpful support exists when navigating less straightforward exceptions that inevitably arise now and then for customers amidst the of complexity cinema industry business models.

With accurate expectations set around AMC cancellation limitations but also avenues that provide flexibility when needed most, you can now confidently enjoy movies through AMC knowing last-minute change plans can be reasonably accommodated as well.

Happy moviegoing and hopefully no refunds needed in the future! But if so, you’re now prepared.

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