What Time Are Colosseum Tickets Released in 2024

Visiting the iconic Colosseum is on almost every traveler’s list for their trip to Rome. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, over 7 million people visit the ancient amphitheater each year.

With such high demand, it’s essential to plan ahead and get your Colosseum entrance tickets well in advance. But exactly when are tickets released? And what’s the best way to secure your spot?

In this complete guide, we breakdown everything you need to know about when and how Colosseum tickets are released so you can easily plan your visit to this magnificent site.

Colosseum Tickets Go on Sale About One Month in Advance

The official Colosseum ticket office starts releasing tickets around 30 days before the date of visit.

So for example, if you want to explore the Colosseum on May 8th, the tickets for that specific date will become available on the website around April 8th.

It’s important to mark your calendar and prepare to book as soon as your desired date pops up, as tickets tend to get snapped up very quickly!

Booking Early is Essential as Tickets Sell Out Fast

Due to the sheer volume of visitors heading to the Colosseum each day, tickets often sell out completely – especially the popular guided underground tour and exclusive full experience tickets.

In fact, the coveted full experience tickets – which allow access to the arena floor, underground and extra sites – routinely sell out within 24 hours of being released.

So it’s essential to act fast and secure your tickets to the Colosseum as soon as bookings open for your chosen travel date.

Aim to purchase either first thing in the morning or late at night when the ticket website is less busy. And have your credit card details on hand to guarantee your spot before tickets disappear.

Third Party Resellers Offer Tickets and Tours

If you’ve missed out on purchasing tickets directly from the official website, all hope is not lost!

Third party resellers like GetYourGuide and Tiqets buy an allocation of Colosseum tickets and tours which they then sell on to tourists, usually at a small markup.

So checking tour company websites can be a useful fallback option for securing entry tickets to the Colosseum if you missed the release from the official seller.

Just keep in mind these third party tickets may have a premium added, or be bundled into a guided tour package rather than just standard entry.

The Colosseum Opens Between 8:30am and 9:00am

The majestic Colosseum opens up to visitors every morning between 8:30am and 9:00am, depending on the season.

Earlier time slots, especially those first thing when the site opens, tend to be the most popular and quickest to sell out when tickets are initially released.

So if beating the worst of the crowds is a priority for your visit to the Colosseum, aim for an early morning arrival time after tickets become available to purchase.

Nothing beats wandering around this iconic landmark without hordes of other tourists to contend with!

Special Tours Like the Underground Book Up in Advance

If you have your heart set on going deep underground into the belly of the Colosseum or seeing this ancient structure under the stars on an atmospheric night tour – it’s essential to plan well ahead.

Underground guided tour tickets in particular are highly coveted and routinely book out completely just days or even weeks after being released.

Likewise, a limited number of passes are made available for exclusive night tours of the Colosseum. So you’ll need to schedule your Roman vacation many months out if you wish to secure spots.

For these specialty tours, set calendar reminders so you are ready to snap up tickets the minute they are made available to give yourself the best shot.

Free Entry on the First Sunday of Each Month

Did you know entrance tickets to the magnificent Colosseum are free for all visitors on the first Sunday of every month?

However, you still need to reserve your place to take advantage of the complimentary entry, as visitor numbers are restricted for conservation reasons.

Just don’t expect to beat the crowds! The promotion understandably draws thousands of budget-savvy tourists and locals alike, with lengthy queues starting from the early morning.

If you don’t mind battling hordes of other people, visiting on the first free Sunday can be a good way to save on your trip to Rome. Just secure your free passes online well in advance.

Top Tips for Booking Your Colosseum Ticket

Follow these top tips to give yourself the best shot at reserving your preferred date and time for wandering the corridors of the Colosseum:

  • Use the official CoopCulture website for booking your tickets. This offers the lowest prices without any third-party markups.
  • Have your passport number handy when booking, as all tickets are personalized to try to curb touting.
  • Consider opting for a bundled guided tour when purchasing your pass – this allows you to learn about the rich history from real experts and skip jostling with crowds.
  • Secure your tickets the minute bookings open for your chosen date – at least a month out from travel as covered earlier. Setting multiple calendar reminders can help catch that all-important release day!
  • Print out your reservation and carry it with you on the day, or have your smartphone ticket ready to scan under the turnstiles.


Planning your visit to the phenomenal Colosseum when in Rome requires a bit of preparation and insider knowledge about when coveted entry tickets are made available online.

As we’ve covered in this guide, tickets are released around 30 days out from the date you want to visit. And early booking is vital to landing a spot – often within 24 hours for popular guided tours.

Armed with the tips above, you can now easily schedule your Roman vacation and reserve places to view this Ancient Wonder of the World with minimal hassles or stress!

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets locked in today and look forward to exploring the spectacular Colosseum later this year!

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