How to Get the Best Deals on Vivid Seats

Ticket resellers like Vivid Seats offer tickets to sold-out events and better seats but charge higher prices due to demand and markups. Smart buyers can use tactics to find cheaper tickets:

  1. Use Promo Codes and Cashback Offers: Vivid Seats frequently partners with other brands and publications to offer exclusive promo codes or cashback incentives for ticket purchases. Be on the lookout for these special offers, which can provide discounts or rebates.
  2. Monitor Prices Closer to Event Dates: While prices may be highest when tickets first go on sale, they can fluctuate as the event date approaches. Sellers may be more motivated to offload the remaining inventory at lower prices closer to the event. Monitoring prices and being flexible with purchase timing can help you snag better deals.
  3. Consider Slightly Obstructed Views: If you’re primarily interested in attending the event rather than having perfect sightlines, exploring slightly obstructed view seating can yield significant savings compared to unobstructed options.
  4. Check for Ticket Listings at Multiple Price Points: On Vivid Seats, the same seating section may have tickets listed at varying price points by different sellers. Thoroughly comparing listings can help you identify the most affordable options for your desired seats.
  5. Opt for Weekday or Less Popular Events: Tickets for weekday events or less popular performers/teams may be priced lower due to reduced demand. If you’re flexible with event timing or don’t need to attend the biggest headliners, this can be a cost-saving strategy.

By employing a combination of these tactics, patient and savvy buyers can often find more budget-friendly options on Vivid Seats without sacrificing the live event experience.

Vivid Seats vs. Other Ticket Resellers

In the ticket resale market, Vivid Seats faces competition from several other major platforms, including:

  • StubHub: One of the largest and most well-known ticket marketplaces, StubHub has been in operation since 2000. Like Vivid Seats, it facilitates the buying and selling of tickets for various live events.
  • SeatGeek: A more modern and user-friendly platform, SeatGeek offers a sleek interface and unique features like interactive venue maps and deal scoring to help buyers find the best values.
  • Ticketmaster Resale: The official resale marketplace of Ticketmaster, this platform allows fans to buy and sell tickets for events originally purchased through Ticketmaster.

So, how does Vivid Seats stack up against these competitors? Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Fees: The fee structures across these platforms are generally comparable, with service fees, delivery charges, and other additional costs added on top of the ticket price. However, the specific fee amounts can vary.
  • Selection and Inventory: All the major resellers typically have extensive inventories across various live events. However, some may have better availability for certain categories like sports vs. concerts based on their partnerships and seller networks.
  • Buyer Guarantees and Policies: Most reputable resellers offer some form of buyer guarantee and event cancellation/postponement policies. Vivid Seats’ guarantees are on par with the industry standards.
  • User Experience and Features: Platforms like SeatGeek often receive praise for their modern, user-friendly interfaces and unique features like deal scoring and venue maps. Vivid Seats’ website and app are functional but may lack some of the cutting-edge tools offered by newer competitors.

The best ticket reseller depends on the event, seating options, and personal preferences. Compare listings and costs across multiple platforms to find the best option for your needs.

Vivid Seats Customer Support and Policies

When dealing with ticket purchases, especially on the resale market, having access to reliable customer support and understanding the platform’s policies is crucial. Vivid Seats aims to provide comprehensive support and clear guidelines to its users.

Customer Support

Vivid Seats offers an award-winning customer service team to assist buyers and sellers throughout the ticket purchase process. This team is available via phone, email, and live chat to address any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.

Whether you need assistance with finding and selecting tickets, completing your order, tracking delivery status, or resolving disputes or refund requests, the Vivid Seats support team is trained to provide prompt and helpful solutions.

Policies and Guarantees

In addition to its 100% Buyer Guarantee, which ensures valid ticket delivery or a full refund, Vivid Seats has several other policies in place to protect customers:

  • Event Cancellation/Postponement Policy: If an event is canceled or postponed, Vivid Seats will automatically issue a full refund for the order, including service fees and delivery charges.
  • Ticket Delivery Guarantee: Customers are guaranteed to receive their tickets before the event starts, providing ample time for entry.
  • Seller Vetting and Verification: As mentioned earlier, Vivid Seats has a rigorous process for vetting and approving sellers before allowing them to list inventory, helping to maintain ticket authenticity and validity.
  • Order Tracking and Updates: Customers can log into their Vivid Seats account to track the status of their order, view estimated delivery dates, and receive updates on any changes or delays.

By prioritizing customer support and maintaining clear policies, Vivid Seats aims to provide a transparent and reliable experience for both buyers and sellers on its platform.

The History and Growth of Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats was founded in 2001 in Chicago by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos. Originally a smaller ticket resale operation, the company has experienced significant growth and investment over the past two decades:

  • 2016: Vivid Seats received investment from private equity firm Vista Equity Partners.
  • 2017: Another private equity firm, GTCR, acquired a majority stake in Vivid Seats for $575 million, valuing the company at over $1 billion in revenue.
  • Notable Partnerships: Over the years, Vivid Seats has formed partnerships with major brands like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the University of Tennessee, the Los Angeles Clippers, and more, expanding its reach and credibility.
  • Public Offering: In October 2021, Vivid Seats went public through a merger with Horizon Acquisition Corporation, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). The company now trades on the NYSE and Nasdaq under the ticker symbol SEAT.

Today, Vivid Seats employs around 768 people. With a strong foothold in the ticket resale market and a focus on continued expansion, the company aims to solidify its position as a leading platform for live event ticketing.

Using Vivid Seats – A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you understand the ins and outs of Vivid Seats, let’s walk through the process of actually using the platform to purchase tickets for your desired live event:

  1. Browse and Search for Events: Visit the Vivid Seats website or mobile app and use the search functionality to find upcoming events by keyword, location, date range, or category (sports, concerts, theater, etc.). You can also browse curated listings and personalized recommendations based on your preferences.
  2. Select Desired Tickets: Once you’ve found the event you want to attend, you’ll see available ticket listings from various sellers. Compare seating options, prices, and any notes or ratings provided by sellers to find tickets that fit your needs and budget.
  3. Proceed to Checkout: When you’ve selected the tickets you want, click the “Buy” button to initiate the checkout process. You’ll be prompted to log in or create a Vivid Seats account if you haven’t already.
  4. Review Order Details and Fees: On the checkout page, carefully review the order details, including the ticket information, seller notes, delivery method, and any additional fees (service fees, delivery charges, etc.) that will be applied to your total cost.
  5. Provide Payment and Shipping Information: Enter your payment method details (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and shipping address if physical tickets need to be delivered. Vivid Seats accepts various payment methods for your convenience.
  6. Complete Purchase: Once you’ve reviewed all the order details and are satisfied with the pricing and terms, complete your purchase by submitting the order. Vivid Seats will facilitate the transaction with the seller and provide you with an order confirmation and estimated delivery date.
  7. Track Order Status and Receive Tickets: You can log into your Vivid Seats account to track the status of your order, view any updates or changes, and monitor the ticket delivery process. Depending on the event and seller, tickets may be delivered electronically (via email or mobile transfer) or shipped physically closer to the event date.
  8. Attend the Event: With your valid tickets in hand (either printed or mobile), you’re all set to attend the live event you purchased through Vivid Seats! Be sure to arrive at the venue with ample time for entry.

Throughout the process, Vivid Seats’ customer service team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise regarding your order or the event itself.

FAQs about Vivid Seats

To wrap up this comprehensive guide, let’s address some frequently asked questions about using Vivid Seats:

Do Vivid Seats tickets come from Ticketmaster originally?

No, Vivid Seats is not directly affiliated with Ticketmaster or any other official ticket vendor. The tickets sold on Vivid Seats come from individual sellers or brokers who have acquired them on the secondary market.

What payment methods do Vivid Seats accept?

Vivid Seats accepts various payment methods for ticket purchases, including major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and some mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How long before an event do tickets get delivered?

Vivid Seats guarantees that customers will receive their tickets before the event starts, providing ample time for entry. The platform provides estimated delivery dates during the purchase process, and you can track the status of your order in your account.

Can I sell my extra tickets on Vivid Seats?

Yes, Vivid Seats allows individuals and brokers to list tickets for resale on their platform. However, sellers must go through an application and approval process before being permitted to list inventory.

Is there a mobile app for purchasing Vivid Seats tickets?

Yes, Vivid Seats offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to browse events, purchase tickets, and manage their orders conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.


Vivid Seats has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly platform for buying and selling tickets to live events across various categories, including sports, concerts, theater performances, and more. With features like a 100% Buyer Guarantee, a rigorous seller vetting process, and unique offerings like Seat Saver and Fan Forecast, the platform provides a secure and valuable experience for fans.

While ticket resale marketplaces often face concerns about legitimacy and hidden fees, Vivid Seats has addressed these issues through transparent policies, consumer protection measures, and partnerships with reputable brands. Savvy buyers can find affordable deals on the platform by employing strategies like monitoring prices, using promo codes, and considering alternative seating options.

As the live event industry continues to evolve, platforms like Vivid Seats play a crucial role in connecting passionate fans with their favorite events, providing access to sold-out shows and unique experiences. With its user-friendly interface, extensive inventory, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Vivid Seats remains a top choice for those seeking a convenient and reliable way to secure tickets for unforgettable live experiences.

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