Is Vivid Seats Legit in 2024

Looking to buy tickets for an upcoming concert, game, or show? With lots of options for purchasing event tickets online these days, it can be hard to know which sites are legit. One marketplace that often comes up in searches is Vivid Seats. But is Vivid Seats a trusted place to buy tickets in 2024?

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Vivid Seats, including an overview of their services, how their buying and selling process works, what kind of fees they charge, customer reviews, and whether Vivid Seats is ultimately a good choice for buying event tickets online.

What is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace that was founded in 2001. The Chicago-based company connects buyers looking for tickets with sellers who have tickets to sell. This makes them a secondary market, rather than a primary seller like Ticketmaster.

As a secondary marketplace, Vivid Seats doesn’t own or generate any tickets directly. Instead, they facilitate transactions between individual buyers and sellers.

Some key facts about Vivid Seats:

  • Founded in 2001 in Chicago, IL
  • Privately owned company
  • Connects buyers and sellers on a secondary ticket marketplace
  • Has sold over 100 million tickets since launching
  • Has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

So in summary, Vivid Seats operates an online ticket marketplace that allows people to buy and resell live event tickets, similar to sites like StubHub. Their large inventory and long operating history make them one of the major players in the secondary ticket market.

Is Vivid Seats Legit and Safe to Use?

When buying tickets from any secondary marketplace, it’s understandable to be concerned about getting scammed. Is the site secure? Are the tickets valid? Will you actually receive what you paid for?

Here’s what to know about Vivid Seats’ legitimacy and safety:

  • Considered a legitimate business – Vivid Seats is an accredited and authorized ticket reseller. They are an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Mixed customer reviews – On sites like TrustPilot, Vivid Seats has just 3.9 out of 5 stars. Many complaints involve bad experiences with customer service.
  • Buyer Guarantees offered – Vivid Seats does offer buyer guarantees on valid tickets, refunds for canceled events, and secure checkout. This offers some protection.
  • Some issues raised – Customers have complained about very high fees, difficulty getting refunds, and unresponsive customer service.

So while Vivid Seats is considered a legitimate business, they do not have a perfect track record according to customer reviews. Issues like high costs and poor service are red flags to keep in mind.

Vivid Seats Buyer Guarantees

Vivid Seats does offer some buyer guarantees and protections meant to ensure a safe experience. These include:

  • 100% Valid Tickets – Vivid Seats guarantees your tickets will be valid and authentic for entry. If there is an issue, they state they will find you comparable replacement tickets.
  • Refunds for Canceled Events – If an event is outright canceled with no rescheduled date, you can get a full refund including service fees.
  • Secure Checkout – Vivid Seats uses encryption and other measures during checkout to keep your purchase and data safe.
  • On-Time Delivery – Vivid Seats promises you will receive your tickets in time for the event. If not, they will provide comparable last-minute tickets.

Having buyer guarantees in place does offer some assurance that Vivid Seats is taking steps to make the buying experience smooth and risk-free. However, based on reviews, issues can still occur even with guarantees in place.

Customer Issues with Vivid Seats

Looking at external review sites, some common issues cited with Vivid Seats include:

  • High service and delivery fees – Fees can add 20-40% on top of already expensive ticket prices, which many customers feel is excessive.
  • Difficulty getting refunds – Some customers report problems getting promised refunds for canceled or invalid tickets. Refunds can take weeks or not happen at all.
  • Poor customer service – Multiple reviews cite unhelpful service, long wait times, reps giving incorrect info, and an unwillingness to address issues.

While Vivid Seats states a commitment to buyer guarantees and protections, actual customer experiences suggest inconsistencies in their services. It’s important to be aware of the potential for very high fees, refund hassles, and poor support.

How Does Buying and Selling Tickets on Vivid Seats Work?

If you decide to use Vivid Seats, either as a buyer or seller, here is an overview of how their marketplace functions:

For Sellers: Listing Tickets to Sell

Vivid Seats allows anyone to list extra tickets for sale on their marketplace. The steps sellers go through include:

  • Create an online seller account
  • Verify identity and link payment accounts
  • List ticket information like event, section, seats
  • Choose a selling price
  • Select delivery timeframe and method
  • Wait for Vivid Seats to review and approve listing
  • If tickets sell, deliver them to the buyer as promised

Sellers retain flexibility in pricing and delivery. Vivid Seats takes a 10% commission on all sales. There are no listing fees to post tickets for sale.

For Buyers: Purchasing Listed Tickets

On the buyer side, Vivid Seats allows you to:

  • Search thousands of tickets across different events
  • Filter by criteria like price, seat location, ticket quantity
  • View listing details including notes on seat views
  • Choose instant delivery if available
  • Purchase tickets by checkout with card or PayPal
  • Receive confirmation email with ticket delivery details
  • Get tickets delivered electronically or physically by mail

The buying process is meant to be simple and flexible. However, consumers should know that various fees get added during checkout.

Vivid Seats Fees: What Are the Costs for Buyers and Sellers?

Vivid Seats does charge fees to both sellers and buyers for facilitating transactions. Here’s an overview of their fee structure:

Seller Fees

  • 10% commission on sales – Vivid Seats takes a commission of 10% on the final selling price of all tickets. This is their main revenue stream.
  • No listing fees – Posting tickets for sale on Vivid Seats is free. Sellers only pay after tickets sell.
  • Cover own delivery – Sellers must cover the costs for delivering tickets to buyers via their chosen method.

Buyer Fees

  • Service fee per ticket – Vivid Seats charges a service fee on every ticket purchase. Amount varies based on event.
  • Delivery charges – Costs for shipping tickets or electronic delivery get passed onto the buyer.
  • Fees add 20-40% – Combined, fees can tack on an extra 20-40% over the base ticket prices.

Unlike seller fees, Vivid Seats does not disclose specifics on buyer fees upfront. The final costs only get revealed at checkout. Their ambiguous fees are a top complaint from customers.

What Do Customers Say About Using Vivid Seats?

Looking at online customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot, ConsumerAffairs, and the Better Business Bureau, here is a summary of the pros and cons cited by people who have used Vivid Seats:


  • Large inventory of tickets across many different events
  • Often cheaper upfront ticket prices compared to other sites
  • Quick and easy buying process
  • Electronic and instant delivery options


  • Very high service and delivery fees that get added later
  • Prices can jump up 20-40% after fees at checkout
  • Mixed reviews of customer service helpfulness
  • Complaints about botched deliveries and refund hassles
  • Use of “dynamic pricing” – fluctuating prices based on demand

Overall, reviews indicate Vivid Seats does offer convenient access to a large inventory of tickets. But many buyers end up paying more than expected after excessive fees. Customers also encounter inconsistent service when problems arise.

Is Vivid Seats a Good Option for Buying Tickets?

Based on its long history and buyer guarantees, Vivid Seats is considered a legitimate ticket marketplace. However, there are also downsides like high costs and spotty service noted in reviews.

Here are some key points to consider if using Vivid Seats:

  • Large selection – They do provide extensive inventory for high demand events.
  • Be aware of fees – Read listings closely and expect added fees at checkout.
  • Check reviews – Search for recent reviews to watch for recurring issues.
  • Price fluctuations – Vivid Seats uses “dynamic pricing” where prices can change frequently based on demand. An inexpensive ticket could jump in price by the time you checkout.
  • Customer service inconsistencies – Reviews are mixed when it comes to getting issues resolved. Be prepared for potential hassles.
  • Reselling restrictions – Vivid Seats places restrictions around reselling tickets that they deliver electronically. Read policies closely.
  • Compared to competitors – Sites like StubHub and SeatGeek offer similar secondary marketplaces, sometimes with better pricing and service.
  • Read the fine print – Vivid Seats’ policies contain important details around valid tickets, refunds, and more. Understanding the fine print prepares you if issues arise.

Should You Use Vivid Seats to Buy Tickets?

Vivid Seats is certainly an established player in the secondary event ticketing market. Their large inventory gives you solid options for finding tickets, even for high demand events. However, it’s important to educate yourself going in.

Look out for extra fees that can drive costs up. Seek out recent customer reviews to spot potential problems around deliveries, refunds, and service. Vivid Seats offers a legitimate marketplace, but one that may bring frustrations depending on your experience.

For buying highly coveted tickets, Vivid Seats is worth considering. Just go in with clear eyes, do your research, and make sure you fully understand their policies and fees. With the right expectations set, you can benefit from their ticket selection while avoiding the pitfalls noted by some past customers.


  • Vivid Seats operates a large secondary ticket marketplace with extensive inventory
  • They are an accredited business, but have mixed reviews from customers
  • Buyer guarantees provide some protection, but issues still commonly occur
  • Be aware of added fees that can increase ticket costs by 20-40%
  • Check recent customer reviews to watch for problems with service or deliveries
  • For hard to find tickets, Vivid Seats has availability but read their policies closely

When considering Vivid Seats or any secondary ticket seller, weighs the benefits of selection and availability against drawbacks other buyers report. Read reviews, understand their fees, and know your protections in case any issues occur. While legitimacy is a factor, buyer experience is just as important for any ticket purchase.

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