Are TickPick Tickets Really 100% Guaranteed

TickPick promises “every ticket, no hidden fees” – but does their buyer guarantee really ensure your tickets are valid and you won’t get scammed? Let’s take an in-depth look at what TickPick’s buyer protection entails.

As an online ticket marketplace, TickPick aims to provide a seamless and protected buying experience. A key part of their value proposition is a “100% BuyerTrust Guarantee” that reassures customers their tickets will be legitimate.

But with any ticket resale site, you want to ensure your purchase is risk-free. So does TickPick truly guarantee your tickets?

In this guide, we’ll outline exactly what TickPick’s buyer guarantee covers, its limitations, and what customers have experienced using their protection policy. Read on to determine if you can trust TickPick’s tickets.

What is TickPick’s BuyerTrust Guarantee?

TickPick’s BuyerTrust Guarantee consists of several key promises to ticket buyers:

  • Your tickets will be authentic and valid for entry. TickPick guarantees your tickets will scan successfully and grant you entry into the event.
  • You will receive your tickets with ample time before the event. TickPick aims to get your tickets to you 1-5 days in advance via email or postal mail.
  • If the event is cancelled, TickPick will refund your tickets. You’ll receive a full refund including all fees if the event is called off completely.
  • In the event of an emergency, TickPick will work to replace your tickets with tickets of equal or better value. If there’s an issue, they’ll attempt to secure comparable or upgraded replacement tickets for you.

This buyer protection is designed to give customers confidence in the validity of tickets and the buying experience. But there are limitations…

Does TickPick Really Guarantee Valid Event Tickets?

The primary guarantee from TickPick is that your tickets will scan and grant entry to the event. This provides peace of mind that your tickets are authentic.

However, TickPick’s ability to verify ticket validity is constrained because they operate as a secondary marketplace – they are dependent on sellers fulfilling their obligation to provide valid tickets.

There have been reported cases of TickPick customers receiving fraudulent or duplicate tickets that were denied entry.

So while TickPick does offer buyer protection in these situations, there is still an inherent risk buying tickets secondhand. Ensuring valid tickets ultimately comes down to the credibility of the seller.

Will I Get My TickPick Tickets on Time?

Receiving your tickets promptly is also part of TickPick’s guarantee. They pledge to deliver your tickets 1-5 days before the event.

In most cases, buyers report getting their TickPick tickets on time without issue. As long as you purchase with ample lead time, you should get your tickets electronically in your account in time.

However, there are isolated cases where ticketing delays or issues meant customers didn’t get their tickets until the last minute or day-of. While TickPick aims to prevent these situations, it’s not impossible.

To stay protected, try to buy your tickets with extra lead time in case delays occur. And reach out to TickPick customer support if your delivery timeline seems tight.

What if My Event is Cancelled – Will I Get a Refund?

If your event is completely cancelled and not rescheduled, TickPick’s guarantee covers you with a full refund. This includes the original ticket cost and any fees you paid.

Key words: “completely cancelled.” TickPick’s refund policy does not apply if your event is simply postponed or rescheduled to a later date.

Many buyers have reported issues getting refunds when events were rescheduled vs fully cancelled. So double check TickPick’s policies if your event date changes but isn’t outright cancelled.

What Happens if My Tickets Have an Issue?

If you encounter invalid, duplicate, or wrong ticket issues that prevent your entry, TickPick pledges to help remediate the situation.

Their guarantee states they will “work to replace your tickets with tickets of equal or better value.” This means they will try to secure comparable replacement tickets for you if available.

However, customers have had mixed results when problems do occur. While TickPick does appear to make efforts to replace tickets, there are no guarantees alternative seats can be found last minute or at a fair price.

You may have to pay more out of pocket if replacement tickets are limited or more expensive. So the effectiveness of TickPick’s replacements relies heavily on availability.

What are the Limitations of TickPick’s Guarantee?

While the TickPick guarantee provides some protection, there are distinct limitations to be aware of:

  • It only applies if the event is completely cancelled, not postponed or rescheduled. No refunds for date changes.
  • TickPick cannot guarantee ticket validity or replacements if a seller backs out or provides fraudulent tickets. Their protection relies on sellers acting ethically.
  • You only have a short 5 day window after the event to report issues and request a refund or replacement under the guarantee.
  • The guarantee depends heavily on inventory and availability. Replacements aren’t always possible for sold out events.
  • You must contact TickPick customer service and deal with their process. Remedies aren’t automatic.

So in summary – there are distinct gaps in TickPick’s buyer guarantee that limit its effectiveness in some situations. It shouldn’t be viewed as an ironclad assurance.

How Does TickPick’s Guarantee Compare to Other Sites?

Most major ticket marketplaces like StubHub and Vivid Seats offer comparable buyer guarantees to TickPick. So TickPick is not unique in providing buyer protection.

However, TickPick does differ in that they do not charge service or delivery fees to buyers. So if your event is cancelled, your refund includes those fees other sites would likely keep.

Overall though, TickPick offers industry standard buyer protection. You can likely find similar guarantees on other reputable ticket platforms.

What Do Customers Say About TickPick’s Guarantee?

TickPick buyers have had polarizing experiences with the ticket guarantee, according to online reviews:

Positive experiences include smooth ticket delivery and refunds for cancelled events. These buyers were pleased with the fulfillment of the guarantee.

However, many ran into problems like invalid tickets, tight delivery timelines, and difficulty securing replacements and refunds when issues arose. They felt the guarantee fell short.

There are undoubtedly success stories. But numerous customers report TickPick failing to adequately enforce their guarantee when problems occur.

How Do I Contact TickPick Customer Support About the Guarantee?

If you need to contact TickPick regarding their buyer guarantee, you can reach their customer support:

Be sure to contact them right away if your event is cancelled or you encounter ticket issues. You must report problems within 5 days of the event to be covered under the guarantee.

Save documentation detailing any problems in case it is needed later during discussions with their support team.

How Can I Verify My TickPick Tickets are Valid?

To provide extra assurance about your tickets, take these proactive steps:

  • Inspect your tickets as soon as you receive them. Contact TickPick support immediately if anything looks amiss. Don’t wait until event day.
  • Purchase early to allow more time for TickPick to remedy any potential issues with your order. Buying last minute leaves little recourse if there are problems.
  • Arrive early at the event to get your tickets scanned as soon as possible. If there is an issue, you’ll have more time to contact TickPick and resolve before start time.
  • Have your ticket purchase documentation handy in case you need to reference details or order numbers when discussing with TickPick.
  • Test scanning your tickets beforehand using a ticket scanner app to validate the barcodes. Report concerns to TickPick right away.

While not foolproof, these precautions can help identify and resolve any ticket problems early with TickPick’s support.

Final Thoughts – Is TickPick’s Guarantee Trustworthy?

TickPick does offer buyer protection for your ticket purchase through their 100% BuyerTrust Guarantee. However, there are distinct limitations in their ability to truly guarantee tickets given their resale business model.

The guarantee can provide peace of mind, but should not be viewed as an absolute assurance against problems. Issues around fraudulent tickets, delivery delays, and recourse for replacements are possible.

Customers have had mixed success outcomes when seeking remedy under the TickPick guarantee. It ultimately comes down to putting some trust in their policies and support team.

For important unmissable events, more peace of mind may come from purchasing directly through primary ticket sources like box offices and artist fan clubs when possible. But for resale tickets, TickPick provides industry standard buyer protection worth considering.

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