How to Easily Sell Tickets on TickPick

Looking to offload those extra tickets you have for an upcoming concert, game, or show? With TickPick’s seamless online ticket marketplace, you can conveniently list your tickets for sale and connect with eager buyers within minutes.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline everything you need to know about selling tickets quickly and securely on TickPick, one of the most popular secondary ticket sites with millions of users.

Why Should You Use TickPick to Sell Tickets?

Before we get into the step-by-step process, let’s look at some of the key benefits TickPick offers for selling tickets:

No Buyer Service Fees

TickPick does not charge any processing fees or hidden costs to ticket buyers. The price you list is the final price. This attracts more buyers and enables faster sales.

Low and Fair Seller Fees

As a seller, you only pay a 10% commission to TickPick when your tickets sell. There are no extra listing fees. Many other sites charge sellers 25-30% in fees.

Quick and Reliable Payments

You’ll receive your seller payout quickly within 14 days after the event through PayPal or check. TickPick won’t make you wait weeks to get paid.

User-Friendly Ticket Listing Process

TickPick’s selling platform enables you to easily post tickets for sale in just a few clicks through your desktop or mobile app.

High Buyer Traffic for Your Listings

With its affordable pricing and loyal user base, TickPick draws significant buyer traffic searching for tickets. This gives your listings great visibility.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Sell Your Tickets on TickPick

Ready to list your extra tickets and potentially earn some cash back? Here is the simple process to sell tickets on TickPick:

Step 1: Create Your Free TickPick Account

First, you’ll need to create an account on TickPick by providing your email address and contact information.

You can sign up on TickPick’s website or by downloading their iOS/Android app.

Step 2: Find Your Event Listing

Once logged into your TickPick account, click the green “Sell Tickets” button on the top right of your dashboard.

This will take you to TickPick’s safe and secure ticket selling marketplace.

Search for the specific event you want to sell tickets for. Make sure to pick the correct event, date, venue, etc.

Step 3: Enter Your Ticket Details

When you select the right event listing, you’ll be prompted to enter details about the tickets you’re selling.

Provide the section, row, and exact seat numbers printed on the tickets. Also specify if they are paper tickets, e-tickets, instant download, PDF, mobile transfer, etc.

The more details you list, the easier it is for buyers to purchase confidently.

Step 4: Set Your Price

One of the most important factors is deciding your sale price. TickPick allows you to set your own price, but here are some tips on pricing strategically:

  • Check current ticket listings for the event on TickPick to gauge fair market value and price competitively.
  • If it’s short notice before the event, consider pricing a bit below market rates to attract buyers.
  • Factor in what you originally paid and aim for the best possible return on your tickets.

Step 5: Specify Your Delivery Method

TickPick offers various delivery methods:

  • Electronic tickets can be transferred instantly to buyers via email or TickPick’s online delivery system.
  • You can physically mail paper tickets with tracking to the buyer’s address.
  • Some tickets may require in-person delivery at the event venue if transfers are restricted.

Select the method that works best for your tickets.

Step 6: Publish Your Listing

Once you’ve entered all the key ticket details including pricing and delivery method, go ahead and publish your listing.

Double check that all the information is 100% accurate before confirming.

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your listing is live on the marketplace.

Step 7: Manage Your Listing and Sale

Now your tickets are publicly listed for buyers to purchase on TickPick!

Log into your account to track your listing and see if any buyers make offers or ask questions. Respond promptly to maximize your chances of selling quickly.

Once your tickets sell, you’ll receive a notification email. Coordinate ticket delivery with the buyer and comply with TickPick’s transfer policies.

After the event concludes, you’ll receive your seller payout by your selected payment method within a week.

Handy Tips for Successfully Selling Tickets on TickPick

Follow these tips and best practices to help your tickets sell quickly and smoothly:

  • Price competitively based on current market rates and demand. List at or slightly below comparable tickets.
  • Respond ASAP to buyer questions and offers so you don’t lose out on sales.
  • List early to allow plenty of time for buyers to find and purchase your tickets.
  • Include detailed seat numbers to enable buyers to purchase with confidence.
  • Transfer tickets properly for electronic tickets to ensure validity for buyers.
  • Communicate about delivery plans to keep buyers informed on shipping or meetups.
  • Only sell tickets you can deliver to avoid cancellations or fraud claims. Don’t oversell your inventory.

Selling Paper Tickets vs. E-Tickets on TickPick

TickPick provides a secure marketplace for selling both paper and electronic tickets. Here is a quick comparison:

Paper Tickets

  • Require physically mailing tickets to the buyer.
  • Involve more time and coordination for shipping.
  • Allow buyers to receive hard tickets in-hand.

Electronic Tickets

  • Can instantly transfer ticket files online to buyers.
  • More convenient and efficient for buyers and sellers.
  • Reduce risk of lost, stolen, or forgotten tickets.
  • Allow ticket tracking and buyer identification.

Both ticket sale methods are viable options accepted on TickPick. Choose what works best for your specific tickets and situation.

How Does Getting Paid as a Seller Work on TickPick?

Once your tickets successfully sell on TickPick, here is how their payout process works:

  • TickPick will deduct their 10% seller commission fee from the final sale price.
  • Payouts are processed within 14 days after the event takes place.
  • You can select PayPal or check as your preferred payment method.
  • Payment amount is based on the sold ticket price, minus TickPick’s seller fee.
  • For canceled events, you’ll receive a full refund without any fees deducted.

You’ll get paid quickly and reliably as a seller on TickPick.

What Types of Tickets Can You Sell on TickPick?

TickPick has a diverse ticket marketplace suited for selling various event tickets:

Sports Tickets – Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, wrestling, UFC fights, and more.

Concert Tickets – Rock, pop, country, rap, music festivals, and any live show tickets.

Theater Tickets – Broadway, off-Broadway, musicals, plays, comedy shows.

Festival Tickets – Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, EDC Las Vegas, and other major festivals.

No matter what extra tickets you need to offload, TickPick can connect you with interested buyers nationwide.

What Payment Methods Does TickPick Accept?

TickPick offers several convenient payment options for buyers:

  • Credit/Debit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards accepted.
  • PayPal – Quick and easy checkout using a PayPal account.
  • Apple Pay – For iOS users, Apple Pay enables seamless one-touch payments.

TickPick also allows buyers to apply promo codes and coupons to save on ticket purchases.

As a seller, you can choose to receive your payouts via PayPal or physical check. More payment options may be added later as TickPick expands.

Can You List Tickets You Don’t Have Yet on TickPick?

TickPick strictly prohibits sellers from listing tickets they do not yet have in their possession or direct access to.

Do not list tickets:

  • You plan to buy soon but haven’t yet.
  • You no longer have access to.
  • You are unsure if you can deliver.

Make sure you currently have the valid barcoded tickets in-hand or in your account before listing them for sale.

This policy helps maintain trust in the marketplace and prevent fake or fraudulent ticket sales.

What Happens if Your Event is Postponed or Canceled?

In case your tickets are for an event that gets rescheduled or canceled, here is how TickPick handles it:

Postponed Event

Your tickets will automatically be valid for the new rescheduled event date. You do not have to relist or edit your existing ticket listing.

Canceled Event

If the event is canceled altogether, you will receive a full refund of the ticket’s original purchase value. TickPick’s fees are waived for canceled event ticket sales.

The key is keeping your email and account contact information up-to-date so you receive all notifications about postponements or cancellations from TickPick.

Can You Transfer Ticket Listings to a New Buyer on TickPick?

If the buyer of your tickets can no longer attend the event, TickPick does facilitate ticket transfers in certain cases.

The original ticket buyer can contact TickPick’s customer support to request a transfer. If approved, your tickets can be transferred to a new buyer that the original purchaser designates.

Make sure your tickets allow transferability – some may be restricted to just the original purchaser.

Are There Any Restrictions on Reselling Tickets on TickPick?

TickPick wants to maintain a fair and trusted ticket marketplace. They have some guidelines in place:

  • Don’t list speculative tickets you don’t actually have yet.
  • Only sell tickets that are valid barcoded tickets, not just reservations or unverified passes.
  • Abide by venue or event ticket transfer policies and restrictions.
  • Avoid dramatically inflated unfair pricing of tickets.

Using common sense goes a long way. As long as you sell valid tickets at reasonable market prices, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

TickPick Customer Support for Sellers and Buyers

Throughout the ticket buying and selling process, TickPick’s customer support team is available to assist both buyers and sellers.

You can contact their support staff via:

Their team is very responsive and aims to resolve any issues promptly. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


Selling tickets on TickPick is an easy and lucrative way to unload extra tickets and potentially recoup some costs.

With its transparent fee structure, security protections, and helpful customer service, TickPick offers a premier ticket marketplace for buyers and sellers alike.

Follow this comprehensive guide to list your tickets quickly, attract buyers, coordinate smooth delivery, and get paid promptly.

Whether you have concert, sports, theater or any other event tickets to offload, TickPick provides a trusted platform to sell tickets in just a few clicks.

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