Is TickPick Reliable for Buying Tickets

Buying tickets to concerts, sports games, theater shows and other events often involves paying annoying extra fees when going through major ticket sellers online. That’s why many fans get intrigued when they come across TickPick, which advertises “no hidden fees” when buying tickets on its marketplace platform.

But is TickPick truly a reliable option for ticket buying? Can you trust that the tickets are legitimate and will be delivered on time? In this in-depth review, we’ll provide a thorough evaluation of TickPick to help you decide if it’s a good choice for purchasing tickets to your next event.

What Exactly is TickPick and How Does it Work?

Founded in 2011 and based in New York City, TickPick is an online ticket marketplace that allows people to buy and sell tickets to events like concerts, sports games, festivals and more. Here’s a quick rundown of how TickPick operates:

  • TickPick makes money by charging sellers a 10-15% fee when tickets are sold through its platform. No fees are charged directly to buyers during checkout.
  • Buyers can search for events and tickets on TickPick’s website and mobile apps. Once tickets are purchased, they are delivered electronically to the buyer’s TickPick account.
  • TickPick offers buyer guarantees on valid event tickets, timely delivery before events, and refunds if events get cancelled. This provides buyer protection.
  • A unique feature is TickPick’s specialized ticket rating system that assigns “points” to tickets based on seat location, viewing quality and amenities. This helps buyers evaluate different ticket options.
  • TickPick focuses heavily on events in the United States and Canada. International ticket availability is not as robust compared to some competitors.

So in a nutshell, TickPick connects ticket buyers and sellers through its online marketplace, charges sellers a fee, and offers buyers protections through its guarantees. Next, let’s look at whether TickPick is considered a legitimate business you can trust.

Is TickPick a Legitimate and Trustworthy Ticket Site?

Whenever you buy something online, especially high-demand event tickets, you naturally want assurance that the company you’re dealing with is legitimate, safe and reliable. Here are the key facts that establish TickPick as a trustworthy ticket marketplace:

  • TickPick is a real business that has been operating since 2011. They have been selling event tickets through their online marketplace for over a decade now.
  • TickPick has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB assesses many factors including honest advertising practices and proper complaint resolution when giving companies their rating.
  • TickPick’s website uses standard security measures like SSL encryption and fraud prevention tools to protect users’ personal and financial information.
  • TickPick offers reasonable buyer guarantees (more details shortly) that ensure you either gain entry to the event with valid tickets or get a refund. This adds a layer of buyer protection.

So based on its long-term history combined with security features and buyer protection policies, TickPick checks the right boxes in terms of being a legitimate and trustworthy platform, even if occasional issues pop up. Now let’s examine what actual buyers are saying in their TickPick reviews.

What Do User Reviews Say About TickPick?

To supplement our own analysis, it’s very telling to look at TickPick reviews from other buyers sharing their experiences purchasing tickets through the platform. Here’s a summary of TickPick reviews across major consumer sites:

  • On Trustpilot, TickPick has 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 756 reviews.
  • Similar 4.62 star rating on SiteJabber, with some negative reviews related to delayed ticket transfers and lack of support.
  • Review aggregation sites like BestCompany provide more favorable TickPick ratings, focusing on the convenience of its no-fee setup and buyer guarantee policies.
  • On Google reviews, TickPick averages around 4.8 stars out of 5 with very mixed opinions. Some love the prices and ease of use, others cite unreliable service.

So in looking at TickPick reviews, there seems to be quite a split. While some fans appreciate the simplicity of TickPick’s no-hidden-fees platform, many others have voiced concerns about late ticket delivery and subpar support when issues come up.

Does TickPick Really Offer the Cheapest Ticket Prices?

One of the biggest selling points emphasized by TickPick is that its no-fees model results in cheaper ticket prices for buyers compared to other sites. But does TickPick truly offer the most affordable ticket prices?

When we compared TickPick ticket prices to other major ticket marketplaces, here is what we found:

  • Upfront prices may appear cheaper on TickPick since no fees get added during checkout. However, this isn’t always the case.
  • When directly comparing final checkout prices for the same tickets across sites, pricing is typically very similar the majority of the time. Certain sites may offer lower prices depending on the specific event.
  • For extremely high-demand events where ticket supply is limited, prices tend to be standardized across the various ticket platforms. More price variation happens with less popular events.
  • TickPick’s unique bidding process can sometimes yield good deals that beat out the fixed list prices on other sites for particular seats. But this is not guaranteed.

Overall, while TickPick advertises cheaper pricing thanks to its lack of buyer fees, the final checkout price you pay often ends up being very similar to other established sites after accounting for their various fees and charges. It pays to compare prices across two or three platforms before purchasing tickets to ensure you get the best deal.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Tickets Through TickPick?

Buying tickets through TickPick has several advantages that make it an attractive option for some purchasers:

Pros of Using TickPick

  • The absence of fees is a major perk, meaning the price you see is the final amount you’ll pay at checkout. No surprise charges.
  • TickPick’s specialized ticket rating system gives buyers more insight into seat quality when browsing listings.
  • The ability to bid on ticket prices through TickPick’s unique bidding process can occasionally yield excellent deals.
  • TickPick provides important buyer guarantees related to valid tickets, timely delivery, and refunds for cancelled events.
  • The website and mobile apps are slick and easy to use. The overall user experience is smooth.

Cons of Using TickPick

  • Mediocre customer service is a commonly cited drawback by TickPick users posting negative reviews after encountering issues.
  • Delayed ticket delivery is another frequent complaint, as TickPick tickets often don’t arrive as quickly as expected.
  • Cancellation and resale restrictions make it difficult to re-sell an unwanted ticket through channels outside of TickPick.
  • As a smaller marketplace, overall ticket availability is lower compared to industry leaders like StubHub.
  • Lack of loyalty programs or rewards for repeat buyers beyond the new user promo codes.

Now let’s see how TickPick compares to one of its major competitors, StubHub.

TickPick vs. StubHub – How Do They Compare?

StubHub reigns as one of the most popular and trusted platforms in the secondary ticket marketplace. How does StubHub stack up against TickPick?

  • StubHub adds on various service, delivery and processing fees during checkout – usually adding 10-15%+ to the final cost. TickPick builds fees into the initial listed price.
  • StubHub provides far greater ticket availability across hundreds of thousands of events globally. TickPick focuses mostly on North America.
  • StubHub offers buyer guarantees similar to TickPick, pledging valid tickets, timely delivery and refunds for cancelled events.
  • StubHub has a more feature-rich site and app, like interactive 3D seat views from each ticket perspective. TickPick has a smoother, more streamlined interface.
  • Reviewers generally agree StubHub offers much better customer service support when issues come up during or after purchase.

For buyers concerned strictly with avoiding extra fees, TickPick holds some advantage there. But overall, StubHub remains a strong option thanks to its vast ticket inventory, strong buyer protections, and superior user experience.

Tips for Having the Best Buying Experience on TickPick

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ticket purchasing experience on TickPick:

  • Compare prices across two or three different platforms to find the best deal on the exact tickets you want.
  • Understand seller ratings when browsing listings, and aim to buy from highly rated sellers when possible.
  • Carefully verify all ticket details like seat location, transfer method, and delivery times before finalizing a purchase.
  • For very popular events, buy tickets early to get the best selection. Prices usually go up closer to the event date as demand increases.
  • Opt for e-ticket delivery to get your tickets fastest. Mailed physical tickets can take weeks to arrive by standard mail.
  • Don’t hesitate to use TickPick’s buyer guarantees if tickets don’t arrive on time or you encounter any other issues. This includes their Best Price Guarantee.
  • When bidding on tickets, set your highest price and don’t exceed what you’re willing to pay in the heat of the bidding process.
  • Use TickPick promo codes when available to save on fees. Follow them on social media for special offer announcements.
  • If ticket delivery is delayed, proactively contact customer support for assistance getting your tickets in time for the event.
  • For extra assurance, purchase ticket insurance through a third-party provider in case any issues come up.

Are There Any TickPick Alternatives Worth Considering?

While TickPick is a major player in the secondary ticket market, it’s not your only option. Here are some other reputable sites that could be worth considering for ticket purchases:

  • StubHub – The largest ticket marketplace with high buyer protections and fees around 10-15% of ticket prices.
  • Vivid Seats – Well-reviewed site with competitive pricing and a loyalty rewards program for buyers.
  • SeatGeek – Provides Deal Score ratings to assess ticket value. Offers some tools TickPick lacks.
  • Gametime – Specializes in last-minute tickets with good mobile app experience. Lower fees around 10%.
  • TicketNetwork – Large inventory with fair pricing. Lacks fees but seems to inflate ticket prices to compensate.

As always, it pays to compare prices and features across a few leading sites to find your best option. Consider your priorities like lower fees, wider selection, or site features when choosing a platform.

Is TickPick Ultimately a Trustworthy Option for Ticket Buying?

In summary, here are the key points on whether TickPick is reliable for ticket purchases:

  • TickPick establishes itself as a legitimate ticket marketplace thanks to over 10 years in business, buyer guarantees, and security features.
  • However, mixed reviews citing mediocre customer service and delayed ticket delivery may give some buyers pause.
  • While TickPick advertises cheaper pricing from no fees, final ticket costs are typically similar across major resale platforms after fees.
  • TickPick provides a streamlined website/app experience but lacks some proprietary features found on larger competitors.
  • For buyers focused strictly on avoiding service fees, TickPick can offer convenience. But carefully compare all options.

So TickPick is likely worth considering, especially if you want to avoid add-on fees. Just set proper expectations around customer service limitations and the possibility of delayed ticket delivery based on past reviews. With the right research and preparation, TickPick can be a decent platform for purchasing tickets to your desired events.

Key Takeaways – Is TickPick Reliable for Buying Event Tickets?

  • TickPick operates a legitimate ticket marketplace with 10+ years in business and buyer protections, albeit mediocre customer service reputation.
  • User reviews are very mixed – some love the no-fee buying experience while many complain of delayed ticket delivery issues.
  • Upfront TickPick prices may appear cheaper without fees but final checkout costs are very similar across top ticket sites once fees are added.
  • TickPick offers a smooth website/app experience yet lacks some proprietary features found on larger competitors like StubHub.
  • While TickPick is an acceptable option, carefully compare pricing and features across multiple platforms to find your best buy.

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