Where Was The Unclaimed Powerball Ticket Purchased

Have you ever wondered what happens when a winning Powerball ticket goes unclaimed? More often than you’d think, winning lottery tickets expire before players cash them in. We’re talking life-changing jackpots worth $1 million, $2 million or even more.

So where were these big winning tickets originally purchased? Which stores unwittingly sold golden tickets to customers that never returned? Let’s explore some of the biggest unclaimed Powerball prizes and where the winners bought their lucky slip.

Why Do Winning Lottery Tickets Go Unclaimed?

Before getting into specific unclaimed tickets, it helps to understand why any winner would fail to claim a jackpot. With so much cash on the line, it seems impossible these prizes would ever expire without the winners coming forward. But several common issues cause lost lottery windfalls:

Lost or Misplaced Tickets

It’s easy to lose old lottery tickets, especially if you play frequently. Many winners likely misplaced or forgot where they stashed the winning ticket. Out of sight, out of mind.

Not Checking Numbers

Some lottery players don’t bother to check if their ticket matched the winning numbers. Without confirming, it’s easy to miss a big payout.

Forgetting to Claim

Lottery rules only provide 180 days to 1 year to claim, depending on your state. It’s possible for winners to simply forget and miss the tight deadline.

Confusion Over Claiming Process

Winners might not understand the rules around when and how to claim prizes. Not knowing the proper steps can lead to missed deadlines.

Avoiding Publicity

Winners of huge Powerball jackpots get intense media publicity. Some lottery winners purposely lay low to avoid attention. But they take it too far and miss the window to claim.

Now let’s explore some of the most notable unclaimed Powerball tickets and where they were originally purchased.

$1 Million Texas Ticket Sold in Houston Set to Expire

One massive unclaimed prize is a $1 million Powerball ticket purchased in Houston, Texas. This lucrative slip was sold at the Big Shot convenience store on Bissonnet Street in Houston. It matched all 5 white ball numbers drawn on July 19, 2023 – 7, 10, 11, 13, and 24.

Unfortunately, no winner has come forward to claim the $1 million Texas jackpot. The deadline is January 15, 2024, meaning this mystery ticket holder is about to lose out on a life-changing amount of cash.

Lottery officials aren’t sure whether a local Houston resident or someone just passing through bought the fateful ticket. But without realizing they hit the jackpot, the holder of this unclaimed ticket is on the verge of squandering $1 million in Texas lottery winnings.

Kentucky $1 Million Powerball Winner Yet to Claim Prize

Texas isn’t the only state where major jackpots are going unclaimed. A $1 million winning Powerball ticket was sold in Pendleton, Kentucky for the July 19, 2023 drawing that also remains unclaimed.

This potentially lucrative ticket was specifically purchased at a Pilot Travel Center in Pendleton. Like the Texas winner, the ticket matched 5 numbers but just missed the Powerball for a cool $1 million prize.

With no winner stepping forward, this $1 million payout is set to expire on January 15, 2024. Kentucky Lottery spokesperson Mary Harville noted it is extremely rare for a $1 million prize to go unclaimed. But unless this mystery winner identifies themselves soon, the jackpot will revert back to the state lottery rather than changing someone’s life.

California $1.5 Million Powerball Ticket About to Expire

The Lone Star State and Kentucky aren’t the only ones grappling with big unclaimed winners. A $1.5 million winning Powerball ticket was sold in California that is about to expire with no winner in sight.

This highly valuable ticket was purchased at a Los Gatos Mobil gas station on October 26, 2022. It matched 5 numbers from that night’s Powerball drawing but just missed the Powerball. California lottery officials traced this ticket specifically to the Los Gatos Mobil station.

With the April 24, 2023 expiration date fast approaching, California Lottery is making urgent appeals for the $1.5 million ticket holder to come forward. But if the deadline passes, this life changing amount will simply transfer back to the state’s lottery fund rather than making someone a millionaire.

$2 Million Iowa Powerball Ticket Waiting to Be Cashed

One of the biggest unclaimed prizes is a $2 million Powerball ticket purchased in Iowa. This mystery ticket was bought at the Clinton Liquor store in Clinton, Iowa for the November 25 drawing. Thanks to the Power Play, it’s now worth $2 million despite only matching 5 numbers.

While lottery officials confirmed the ticket was sold at Clinton Liquor, no winner has actually come forward yet to claim the jackpot. Iowa Lottery urgently wants to locate the person who bought this potential $2 million ticket last November before time runs out.

The winner has until May 23, 2024 to claim the prize. But without realizing they hit the jackpot, this $2 million prize could easily go unclaimed.

$50K Sold in Missouri at QuikTrip Set to Expire

Smaller dollar amounts can also go unclaimed, showing prizes at every level are affected. For example, a $50,000 Powerball ticket sold in Missouri is about to expire. This ticket was purchased at a Kansas City QuikTrip for the September 30 drawing.

With 4 numbers and the Powerball matched, this winner is entitled to a $50,000 payout. While not as giant as a jackpot, this amount is still life changing for most. But unless the winner acts before March 28, 2024, this prize will go unclaimed.

Colorado Winner Purchased $50K Ticket Now Set to Expire

In addition to Missouri, Colorado has its own $50,000 unclaimed prize. This winning ticket was purchased at Winners Corner in Pueblo, Colorado for the December 25, 2023 Powerball drawing. It matched 4 numbers and the Powerball for a potential payout around $50,000.

Colorado Lottery offices observe New Year’s as a holiday, so the deadline got extended to 129 days. That means the unclaimed ticket sold in Pueblo expires on June 22, 2024 if no winner steps up.

While lesser than million dollar prizes, $50,000 is still a fortune for many Americans. Colorado Lottery urges residents to check old tickets so this cash can get awarded rather than expiring.

Other Major Unclaimed Powerball Tickets

The above cases represent just a sample of the biggest unclaimed Powerball jackpots and where they were sold. Across different states, tickets worth $50,000 and greater have ultimately gone unclaimed when winners didn’t redeem them in time.

Here are some other key locations where major unredeemed Powerball tickets were purchased:

Drawing DateState’s Name.Street AddressUnclaimed JackpotJackpot TierDeadline to Claim JackpotDays Left to Claim
27/09/2023Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball25/03/202424
30/09/2023MissouriQuikTrip, 4380 N.W. 90th St., Kansas City$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball28/03/202427
02/10/2023IowaKUM & GO #2093, 409 NILE KINNICK DR S, ADEL$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball01/04/202431
07/10/2023Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball04/04/202434
09/10/2023Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball06/04/202436
09/10/2023LouisianaPiggly Wiggly, 8410 Highway 182, Opelousas, LA 70570$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball06/04/202436
11/10/2023Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball08/04/202438
11/11/2023LouisianaSpeedy Mart, 12532 South Harrells Ferry Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70816$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball09/05/202469
25/11/2023IowaCLINTON LIQUOR, 1641 S BLUFF BLVD, CLINTON$2,000,000Match 5 (with Power Play)23/05/202483
25/11/2023Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball23/05/202483
09/12/2023IowaGIT-N-GO CONV STORE #6, 5736 FRANKLIN AVE, DES MOINES$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball06/06/202497
16/12/2023IowaCASEYS #2921, 3725 BEAVER AVE, DES MOINES$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball13/06/2024104
25/12/2023ColoradoWINNERS CORNER CO, 310 N MAIN STREET, PUEBLO, CO 81003$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball22/06/2024113
27/12/2023ColoradoNATIONAL ESSENTIALS, 8100 PENA BLVD, DENVER, CO 80249$150,000Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play)24/06/2024115
27/12/2023MissouriQuikTrip, 604 Big Bend Road, St. Louis$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball24/06/2024115
01/01/2024Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball29/06/2024120
08/07/2023MinnesotaCASEY’S GENERAL STORE #1679, 605 N SIBLEY AVE, LITCHFIELD$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball08/07/2024129
20/01/2024LouisianaDiaz Market Hwy. 59 & Lonesome, 2758 Highway 59, Mandeville, LA 70448$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball18/07/2024139
29/01/2024MissouriHot Spot, 1112 E. Austin Blvd., Nevada$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball27/07/2024148
31/01/2024Arizona$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball29/07/2024150
12/02/2024MissouriGas Mart, 9765 Mackenzie Road, Affton$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball10/08/2024162
21/02/2024MissouriKum & Go, 5002 S. Main St., Joplin$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball19/08/2024171
26/02/2024MissouriEastgate Express, 22993 Professional Drive, Lebanon$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball24/08/2024176
24/02/2024MontanaSCHULTE’S 38TH ST STORE & COFFEE HOUSE, Great FallsMatch 4 plus Powerball28/08/2024180
24/02/2024MontanaMOUNTAIN VIEW CO-OP, Black Eagle$150,000Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play)28/08/2024180
06/09/2023KansasNortheast Kansas$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball06/09/2024189
06/09/2023KansasSouth Central Kansas$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball06/09/2024189
09/09/2023IllinoisROAD RANGER #211,7500 E RIVERSIDE, LOVES PARK, IL,61111$100,000Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play)09/09/2024192
27/09/2023KansasSouth Central Kansas$1,000,000Match 527/09/2024210
07/10/2023KansasNortheast Kansas$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball07/10/2024220
09/10/2023MinnesotaHOLIDAY STATIONSTORES LLC, 12970 LAKE BLVD, LINDSTROM$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball09/10/2024222
11/10/2023KansasNortheast Kansas$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball11/10/2024224
11/10/2023KansasSouth Central Kansas$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball11/10/2024224
01/11/2023MinnesotaCUB FOODS (CAMBRIDGE), 100 OPPORTUNITY BLVD N, CAMBRIDGE$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball01/11/2024245
13/12/2023MinnesotaHY-VEE FOOD STORES(ROCHESTER), 500 CROSSROADS DR SW, ROCHESTER$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball13/12/2024287
27/12/2023MinnesotaMT IRON SHORT STOP, 5539 NICHOLS AVE, MOUNTAIN IRON$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball27/12/2024301
27/12/2023Rhode IslandJD’s Bar, 137 Central St., Central Falls$150,000Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play)27/12/2024301
03/01/2024MinnesotaCUB FOODS (60TH & NICOLLET), 5937 NICOLLET AVE S, MINNEAPOLIS$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball03/01/2025308
27/01/2024MinnesotaHY-VEE C-STORE #5183, 917 SOUTH STATE ST, FAIRMONT$50,000Match 4 plus Powerball27/01/2025332

The spectrum of locations shows lack of winner awareness happens across geographic boundaries. State lottery officials try spreading the word when deadlines approach, but prizes still go unclaimed.

Don’t Let Your Tickets Expire – Claim Powerball Jackpots on Time

The good news is you can take steps to avoid having your own winning ticket expire. Here are some tips:

  • Sign It: Sign the back of tickets immediately so they can’t be claimed by others if lost.
  • Make Copies: Keep photocopies in case the original ticket gets damaged or destroyed.
  • Confirm Numbers: Check your ticket numbers against the Powerball drawings for every ticket.
  • Mark Calendar: Note the expiration date and set reminders to claim your prize in time.
  • Act Fast: Redeem winnings as soon as possible to quickly get your lottery payout.
  • Know the Rules: Understand your state’s procedures to claim prizes and deadline.

Checking past Powerball numbers is easy with online databases and state lottery apps. Avoid losing a jackpot by being diligent about confirming your tickets. Don’t end up like the unfortunate unclaimed ticket winners who lost life-changing fortunes by not cashing in.

Let us hope future Powerball winners fully claim their prizes. Until then, we can only wonder about the mystery men and women who bought winning tickets worth millions, only to accidentally miss out when the deadlines expired.

So next time you buy a Powerball ticket, remember to check those numbers! You never

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