How To Win Coveted Morgan Wallen Tickets Through Contests Giveaways

Scoring tickets to see one of country music’s biggest stars, Morgan Wallen, in concert is a dream for many fans. But his shows routinely sell out massive stadiums and arenas within minutes at extremely high prices. Thankfully, you can win free Morgan Wallen tickets through radio station contests, secret giveaways, social media promotions, and more.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to find and win Morgan Wallen ticket contests so you can see his electrifying show live without breaking the bank.

Why Try to Win Morgan Wallen Tickets?

Ever since releasing breakout hits like “Whiskey Glasses” and “Up Down” in 2018, Morgan Wallen has become one of the most popular artists in country music. The demand from fans to see him on tour is truly massive.

When Morgan Wallen tickets officially go on sale, they sell out in seconds. If you don’t luck out scoring seats, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars per ticket on resale sites. Even nosebleed seats often run $200-300+ due to the incredibly high demand.

But stations, venues, and promoters frequently run contests giving away free tickets to see Morgan Wallen in concert. If you win, you get to attend the show for free instead of paying ridiculous scalper prices!

You will need some luck to win contests, of course. But you can also use strategy and persistence to give yourself the best possible odds. This guide will walk you through the most effective ways to win Morgan Wallen tickets in 2024.

How Local Radio Stations Give Away Coveted Tickets?

Your best source of free Morgan Wallen tickets is local country radio stations. They develop creative contests and giveaways to award tickets to dedicated listeners.

In the weeks and months leading up to Morgan Wallen performing in a city, partner country stations will heavily promote contests across multiple platforms. So tune in and pay attention!

Here are the most popular types of radio station contests to win Morgan Wallen tickets:

Fun On-Air Call Contests

Many country stations will ask listeners to call in at specific times when they hear a certain song or sounder. For example, they may take the 10th caller after playing a Morgan Wallen hit rather than just the first caller.

When you hear the cue to call, have your phone ready and dial quickly. Contests for major artists like Morgan Wallen draw lots of listeners trying to call in at once. Being prepared helps ensure you get through right away before all the lines fill up.

Mysterious Secret Sound Contests

For these contests, stations play an obscure sound effect multiple times throughout the day and take guesses what the “secret sound” is. If you correctly identify the sound, you win!

Pay close attention to the hints they reveal over time and take logical guesses to increase your odds. The first person to guess correctly often wins hard-to-get tickets to see Morgan Wallen.

Hot Code Word Contests

Sometimes the radio station will announce a special code word during certain hours of the day. Listeners need to text the code word or enter it on the station’s website within a short time limit to be eligible to win prizes like Morgan Wallen tickets.

Be sure to stream the station online or set up text alerts so you never miss a code word. Entering each one right away gives you the best chance before the entry period closes.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Stations will also post exciting contests on platforms like Facebook and Instagram asking fans to like, comment, share, or otherwise participate for the chance to win free tickets.

Follow all the country stations near you closely and turn on notifications. Check back frequently so you never miss an opportunity! Social media provides awesome ways to score Morgan Wallen tickets.

Fun Pop-Up Events and Appearances

Some radio stations set up tent events where visitors can earn extra contest entries and prizes. Often a DJ will appear granting special verification codes you can submit online for huge entry boosts.

Try to attend as many pop-ups as possible in the weeks before the concert. Getting verified at each one can rapidly increase your odds of winning free Morgan Wallen tickets!

Find Special Unadvertised Contests for Morgan Wallen Tickets

Secret contests that are not promoted publicly can be an excellent way to win Morgan Wallen tickets without as much competition. But you need inside info to even find out about them.

Here are some useful tips for uncovering special secret Morgan Wallen ticket giveaways:

  • Check the websites of country stations right after a local tour stop is announced. Look for contest pages that are not linked or promoted anywhere else.
  • Listen closely on-air for hints like “keep it locked to win the Morgan Wallen giveaway with your favorite country radio station.” This indicates an unadvertised contest.
  • Follow country DJs on social media and turn on notifications. Sometimes they will share secret contest details that aren’t mentioned on the air.
  • Search social media around the time a concert is announced using relevant hashtags and keywords. Stations may reply with instructions on finding secret contests.
  • Look out for special flyers in the mail that may reveal an inside line or code to enter exclusive giveaways.

Finding secret contests with fewer entrants can dramatically improve your chances to win given the lower competition. So uncovering inside information about special giveaways for Morgan Wallen tickets is extremely helpful.

Maximize Entries into Morgan Wallen Ticket Contests

Once you identify various contests by local radio stations and venues, you need to submit as many entries as possible across all of them to increase your odds of winning. Here are some key strategies:

  • Carefully read all official contest rules to find out how many entries you can submit per day, how many total winners will be selected, exact contest dates, and other key details.
  • Enter on every platform allowed, which may include calling the station, texting a keyword, filling out online forms, entering social media giveaways, etc. Use every available method.
  • Follow instructions precisely to earn extra entries like getting verified at live events, sharing social posts, or referring friends. Double check guidelines to avoid disqualification.
  • Ask trusted friends and family to enter legitimate contests on your behalf using your contact information to multiply your entries. Just make sure third-party entries are permitted.
  • Create multiple eligible social media accounts for entering giveaways on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to submit more entries.
  • Check back daily during the contest period to complete any allowed daily entries again each new day.

Look for contests allowing entries across multiple platforms and methods to maximize your chances. Submit your information through every legitimate opportunity to stuff that entry box!

Helpful Tips for Actually Winning Morgan Wallen Tickets

While luck is always a factor, you can also use skill to improve your odds of winning Morgan Wallen ticket contests:

  • Read all rules carefully so you do not get disqualified for a technical reason like missing a deadline to claim prizes or submit forms. Set calendar reminders with buffers so you have time to spare.
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date everywhere so you will receive prize notifications if selected as a winner.
  • Save screenshots and records of your entries in case you need to provide proof of eligibility later. Some stations require evidence.
  • Avoid common mistakes like answering skill testing questions incorrectly that could invalidate your entry. Double check your work.
  • Target contests with less competition when possible to face better odds. Competing against fewer entrants makes a big difference.
  • Have friends and family enter using your contact info to multiply your chances. Just ensure third-party entries are allowed.

Pay close attention to details, follow all rules, and submit as many legitimate entries as possible across multiple contests to win your Morgan Wallen tickets!

Major Morgan Wallen Ticket Contests to Keep on Your Radar

Now that you know how stations and venues run contests and giveaways for hot tickets, keep an eye out for these major Morgan Wallen contests:

  • iHeartRadio contests – iHeartRadio partners with stations nationwide to provide exclusive ticket contests through their app.
  • Live Nation contests – As the tour promoter, they run contests in many cities through country radio partners.
  • CMT contests – The country music channel frequently gives away major concert tickets through their site and social accounts.
  • SiriusXM contests – The satellite radio provider runs nationwide contests to award tickets through country music stations.
  • Country festival contests – Events like Stagecoach, Faster Horses, and Country Jam often give away tickets to current star tours.
  • Venue contests – Follow official accounts for stadiums, arenas, and amphitheaters near you for ticket contests.

Persistence and awareness are vital. So keep entering as many reputable contests from major players as you can find for the chance to win free Morgan Wallen tickets!

Bringing It All Together to Win Coveted Morgan Wallen Tickets

With preparation and dedication, you can win free tickets to see Morgan Wallen’s explosive live show at a tour stop near you without breaking the bank. Here are some final tips to win the coveted tickets:

  • Search for every legitimate contest within a reasonable distance as soon as Morgan Wallen announces tour dates. Sign up and start entering contests immediately.
  • Set up news alerts about new contests so you don’t miss any opportunities. Respond to contest announcements promptly.
  • Submit the maximum number of entries allowed in each contest by taking advantage of every permissible entry method. Leave no stone unturned!
  • Get friends and family to enter quality contests on your behalf using your contact info to gain more chances. Just verify third-party entries are allowed.
  • Target contests carefully where you’ll have less competition against other entrants to boost your odds.
  • Study all contest rules meticulously and build in cushions so you don’t miss deadlines or make careless mistakes that could lead to disqualification.
  • Save records of your many entries in the event you need to show proof later if selected as a winner. Cover your bases.
  • Provide current contact information everywhere you enter so you will get notified if you win tickets. Double check it is up to date.
  • If you win, immediately review all fine print thoroughly related to transfers, cancellations, ticket delivery methods, and any other policies to ensure you comply with requirements.

With a combination of luck, preparation, persistence, and strategy, you can win free Morgan Wallen tickets to see his legendary concert tour live in action. Never give up and keep entering contests constantly to make your Morgan Wallen concert dream a reality!


Winning free tickets to see chart-topping country music superstar Morgan Wallen in concert is a great way to experience his incredible high-energy show without draining your bank account. Tickets to his shows sell out instantly and resell for outrageous prices.

But you can beat the system and win tickets by leveraging radio station contests, secret giveaways, social media promotions, and other techniques highlighted here. It takes awareness, effort, skill, and some luck – but it can be done with the right strategy.

Apply the advice in this guide to identify contests, maximize entries, avoid mistakes, and ultimately secure your free Morgan Wallen tickets. With dedication to finding and entering as many contests as possible, you can win seats to see Morgan Wallen’s electrifying concert tour at a venue near you.

So start searching for contests, build your entry numbers, recruit friends to help gain more chances, and get ready to win! Let this guide help you make your Morgan Wallen concert dream a reality even with his massive popularity. The tickets are out there through contests if you work diligently to win them.

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