How To Win Aerosmith Tickets For 2024

Scoring tickets to rock legends Aerosmith’s highly anticipated 2024 farewell tour is a dream for many longtime fans. However, with frenzied demand expected for the band’s final series of live shows before their retirement, buying coveted seats may be a challenge. Read on to learn insider tips and strategies for maximizing your chances of winning free Aerosmith tickets through contests and giveaways or purchasing them during presales and general public sales for their upcoming tour dates.

Overview of Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour and Why Tickets are in High Demand

After 50 epic years of making music, Aerosmith has decided to embark on one last tour in 2024 before closing the final chapter of their illustrious performing career. Aptly named the “Peace Out Tour,” this farewell trek will give fans all around the world one final chance to see Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the rest of the band rock out live on stage.

The tour announcement immediately sparked a frenzy among Aerosmith’s devoted fanbase, known lovingly as the “Blue Army.” The 2024 concerts are set to be a historic event, as well as an emotional goodbye for a band that has provided the soundtrack to so many lives. Venues are expected to sell out quickly, with resale ticket prices likely shooting sky high.

For those hoping to score seats, especially affordably, contests and presales are key opportunities to buy Aerosmith tickets before the general public on-sale dates. Acting fast and strategically when contests and presales happen will greatly improve your chances amid the competition from thousands of other eager fans.

Smart Tips for Entering Contests to Win Free Aerosmith Tickets

One great way to secure seats for Aerosmith’s 2024 tour for free is to win them through contests and giveaways. Here are some insider strategies for upping your odds:

Research Ongoing Contests for Aerosmith Tickets

The first step is to search for any active contests offering Aerosmith tickets as prizes. Radio stations, music publications, venue/tour sponsors, and fan sites are all good places to find relevant contests. Follow Aerosmith’s official social accounts too, as they may promote select giveaways leading up to tour dates.

Sign up for email newsletters from likely contest sources so you never miss announcement posts. Check contest rules carefully to confirm entry requirements, regions/locations eligible, timing of entry periods and draw dates, number of winners selected, etc.

Read All Contest Rules and Eligibility Requirements Thoroughly

It’s critical to read the full official contest rules before entering. This will clarify important fine print around any age restrictions, location limitations, entry frequency limits, and other eligibility factors. Understanding the rules helps ensure your entries comply and aren’t disqualified on a technicality.

Increase Your Odds by Entering Multiple Contests

Since Aerosmith ticket contests will involve an element of chance, entering as many reputable contests as you can find will diversify your chances across multiple prize draws. Just be sure to focus on credible sources and avoid “too good to be true” offers, as ticket scams abound. Spreading your entries across contests run by various promoters/sponsors further boosts your odds versus putting all your hopes in just one draw.

Follow Relevant Accounts for Contest Announcements

By following Aerosmith’s official accounts, nearby venues hosting their tour dates, and local radio stations on social media, you can stay on top of any newly announced contests as soon as they are posted. Turn on notifications so you never miss a giveaway announcement that could score you free tickets if you enter quickly.

Provide Accurate Personal Information When Entering

Contest entries require submitting basic personal information like your full name, email address, phone number, etc. Be sure all details you provide are complete and accurate. If you are selected as a potential winner, contests will use this info to contact and verify you. Providing incorrect details can lead to disqualification.

Confirm Your Email/Phone Promptly If Selected

Speaking of verification, be sure to closely monitor your email and phone in the timeframe when contest winners are slated to be contacted per the rules. Respond as soon as possible to any notification that you’ve been selected as a potential winner to start the prize verification process. Delaying too long can mean disqualification.

Be Ready to Verify Your Identity and Claim Tickets Quickly

To confirm contest winners are legitimate entrants, you may need to verify your identity by providing personal documentation. This might include a scan/photo of a valid ID confirming your name, birthdate, location, etc. Expedite prize delivery by submitting requested verification materials promptly so your tickets aren’t forfeited.

Download Required Mobile Ticketing Apps in Advance

Many contests now deliver won tickets electronically via third-party mobile ticketing apps like AXS, Ticketmaster, etc. Download the specified app(s) ahead of time so you can seamlessly access any won tickets. Be sure your device meets the app’s minimum requirements too.

Savvy Strategies for Purchasing Aerosmith Tickets in Presales and General Sales

Beyond contests, presales and general public on-sales offer additional opportunities to buy Aerosmith farewell tour tickets. Use these insider strategies during the competitive sales:

Join Fan Clubs and Mailing Lists for Presale Codes

Taking advantage of presales, which precede general sales, requires special presale codes or links. Joining Aerosmith’s official fan club is the best way to get exclusive presale access. Sign up for LiveNation’s mailing list too, as they may hold a presale for venues/dates they promote.

Use Presale Codes Promptly When Sales Begin

When eligible presales kick off, promptly enter your unique codes on the ticket retailer’s website to access seats before the general public. Presale ticket allotments tend to be limited, so act fast once sales open to improve results. Codes often expire quickly as well.

Have Accounts Set Up on Major Ticket Retailer Websites

To enable rapid ticket buying during frenzied on-sales, create accounts ahead of time on Ticketmaster, AXS, LiveNation, and any other ticketing platforms selling Aerosmith tickets. Adding your payment info, creating logins, and getting set up now avoids wasting precious time later.

Be Ready Online Right When Sales Go Live

Mark your calendar for exact Aerosmith presale and general on-sale dates/times, then be poised at your device ready to search for tickets the moment sales open. Latecomers are likely to miss out on the best seats during hot sales. Refresh pages at the designated start time for prompt access.

Act Quickly But Avoid Rushing Through the Buying Process

Work speedily when tickets hit the market, but don’t get so frenzied you make costly errors. Allow enough time to carefully select your desired number/type of tickets and check out properly. Botched checkout processes or duplicate orders can lead to cancelled purchases.

Consider VIP or Resale Options If Struggling to Get Tickets

VIP ticket packages with perks like premier seating, meet and greets, or exclusive merch may release alongside standard tickets. These cost more but can secure tickets if main sales sell out fast. Similarly, authorized resale sites like VividSeats may offer last-minute seats, often at a premium price.

Final Tips for Making the Most of Your Aerosmith Farewell Tour Tickets

You scored the coveted tickets…now make sure your concert experience is everything you dreamed of:

Arrive Early and Follow Venue Health/Safety Requirements

Give yourself extra time when heading to the venue so you breeze through entry lines before showtime. Closely adhere to any COVID-19 vaccination proof, masking policies, or other health protocols required. These essential steps avoid denied entry.

Charge Your Phone to Access Any Mobile Tickets

If using mobile tickets, ensure your phone is fully charged so you can readily access them for scanning at the gate. Bring a backup charger too in case your phone battery dies. You wouldn’t want dead phone = dead tickets to ruin the event!

Bring Valid ID That Matches Your Ticket Details

Most venues require showing ID that verifies your name and matches ticket owner info, especially for e-tickets. Locate the same ID used to purchase tickets. Mismatched credentials risk denied admission.

Check Permitted/Prohibited Items Before Heading to Venue

Review security and gate policies on what you can/cannot bring inside so you comply. Forbidden items like professional cameras often must be left behind or risk confiscation. This prevents unnecessary delays getting to your seat.

Soak Up Every Moment of Aerosmith’s Final Tour Performances

Lastly, savor every epic guitar riff, crazy outfit, and showstopping song with your all. This is the final ride with Aerosmith’s 50 year legacy! Enjoy the historic night knowing you secured scarce tickets using insider strategies. Aero-mazing memories await!

Scoring seats to icons like Aerosmith’s farewell tour is hugely competitive, but contests, presales, mobile ticketing apps, and other insider tips can massively boost your odds of securing a spot at one of these unforgettable 2024 shows. With strategic planning and persistence, your chances shine bright against the frenzied ticket demand.

Don’t Lose Hope If You Miss Out at First – More Opportunities May Arise

Given rabid interest in Aerosmith’s last hurrah, initial contests and on-sales will be intensely competitive. However, don’t abandon hope altogether if you come up empty on the first go-around. As the tour approaches, more contests and ticket releases may crop up.

Set Google Alerts using relevant keywords like “Aerosmith 2024 tickets” so you receive notifications of any new contests or on-sales. Check fan forums and Reddit too, as insider tips on new ticket availability often emerge. Consider signing up for waiting lists on ticketing sites in case extra seats open up. Expand your city search as well – a short road trip may be worthwhile to catch one of these unforgettable final shows!

Patience and Persistence Are Key to Achieving Your Aerosmith Farewell Tour Goals

At the end of the day, tenacity and creativity in your ticket search are vital. If scoring seats easily was guaranteed, these historic farewell concerts wouldn’t hold nearly as much meaning for those fortunate enough to go. The hunt itself becomes a journey, bringing you closer to a band that’s provided the soundtrack to your life.

Approach the process with measured patience rather than sky-high stress. Avoid shady resellers or touts selling fake tickets in desperation. With strategic effort and passion, your ticket dreams can become reality! The Blue Army willing to go the extra mile will be richly rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.

So get creative, get proactive, and get ready to witness the final epic chapter of Aerosmith’s astounding legacy unfold right before your eyes. Channel your inner rock star tenacity to gain access to the hottest tickets in town. The band may be bowing out, but their music and magic will rock on in the hearts of fans forever.


Aerosmith’s impending 2024 Peace Out Tour marks a historic milestone and bittersweet farewell for one of music’s most iconic groups. With frenzied demand expected as fans scramble for finite tickets, scoring seats requires next-level dedication, ingenuity, and persistence. Contests, presales, mobile apps, and other insider strategies are key to boosting your odds against the competition.

Approach the ticket hunt step-by-step, focusing first on contests before widening your search for any presales, general on-sales, or waiting lists as needed. Be vigilant against ticket scams lurking amid the frenzy too. With passion and refusal to take “sold out” for an answer, your rock n’ roll dreams can take flight. The memories made will far outlive any temporary defeats along the way.

Just as Aerosmith poured 50 years of boundless energy into their legendary career, fans willing to match that spirit have every chance of winning the ticket prize. Follow these tips faithfully, believe in your rock star potential, and avoid going down in flames. Your winners circle glory awaits!

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