How to Easily Link Your Disney Tickets to Another Account?

Have you ever tried to plan a Disney vacation with friends or family, only to run into issues linking your Walt Disney World park tickets across different Disney accounts? Want to grant access for someone to make FastPass+ reservations with your park tickets or use their extra unused tickets?

Can you link Disneyland tickets to multiple accounts?

Yes, you can link Disney park tickets to another guest’s Disney account! With just a few simple steps, you can connect your tickets for easier planning and sharing.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

  • What linking Disney tickets means and why you’d need to do it
  • Step-by-step instructions for linking Disney World and Disneyland tickets
  • How to use the mobile app to link tickets
  • Troubleshooting for common Disney ticket linking problems
  • Tips for managing multiple linked Disney accounts
  • How to handle ticket transfers between accounts
  • If old or unused tickets can still be linked

Plus where to get help from Disney Cast Members if you have any other questions on linking your park tickets.

So let’s get started!

What Does “Linking Disney Tickets” Mean?

When you link Disney theme park tickets to your Disney account, it connects the ticket data like dates, entitlements, and usage directly to your account profile in My Disney Experience.

This allows you to easily access and view your tickets from the app or website to make planning fast and seamless. You can book FastPass+ reservations, dining, and more without needing the physical tickets on hand.

Plus linking tickets across multiple Disney accounts allows families and friend groups traveling together to coordinate plans. You can view each other’s hotel stays, park visits, and more when linked.

So in short, linking your Disney World or Disneyland tickets assigns and syncs the ticket data to your account for vacation planning conveniences and better experiences.

When Would You Need to Link Tickets to Another Account?

Common reasons you may need to link Disney theme park tickets across accounts include:

  • Friends or family purchasing tickets for your trip: To allow you access to make FastPass+ or dining bookings, they would need to link the tickets they bought to your Disney account.
  • Coordinating plans with your travel party: Linking Walt Disney World or Disneyland tickets lets you view and make ride, restaurant, and other bookings together.
  • Using leftover tickets from friends or family: If part of your group has unused park tickets you want to use, those would need to be transferred from their account and linked to yours first.
  • Granting FastPass+ or Genie+ access to others: By linking your tickets temporarily to friends and family, you allow them booking access as if they owned the tickets.

So basically anytime you need digital access to tickets bought under another person or account, linking them is required.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Linking Disney World Tickets

Let’s go through the full process now for linking tickets to your My Disney Experience account. We’ll cover both on desktop and in the mobile app.

Here are the steps to link Walt Disney World park tickets on the website:

  1. Go visit and login to your Disney account.
  2. Click “My Plans” and under Walt Disney World tickets, select “Link Tickets.”
  3. Enter your ticket confirmation code (can also scan ticket barcode here)
  4. Assign each ticket to a person linked on your friends/family list.
  5. Confirm the ticket linking is complete!

To link Disney World tickets using the My Disney Experience mobile app:

  1. Open app and click on main menu (3 lines icon)
  2. Go to “Tickets and Passes” option
  3. Click the “+” button and select “Link Tickets & Passes”
  4. Type in ticket confirmation code number
  5. Assign the newly added tickets to people in your party
  6. Confirm the tickets show under your account tickets

And it’s the same process to link Disneyland theme park tickets too!

Once the tickets are successfully linked, you’ll see them listed under “My Tickets” in My Disney Experience. Now you’re ready to start making those magical FastPass+ ride reservations and dining bookings! 🎆

Using the Mobile App to Link Walt Disney World Tickets

Speaking of apps, we highly recommend using the My Disney Experience mobile app to link any Walt Disney World tickets you need access to.

Reasons why:

  • Streamlined and intuitive process for linking park tickets
  • Allows scanning ticket numbers for easy input
  • Seamlessly syncs across devices after linking
  • Provides full access to Genie+, mobile food order, and more

Additionally, with Disney Mobile Magic, you can use digital tickets right from your phone to enter the theme parks! Simply open the app, confirm your active tickets, and head to the touchpoints at park entrances.

After linking tickets, Magic Mobile essentially turns your phone into your park ticket. Super convenient and handy!

Troubleshooting Problems Linking Your Disney Tickets

Of course with any Disney digital service, you may run into a few hiccups when linking your tickets across accounts.

Here are some top troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check your ticket numbers entered are fully accurate
  • Retry closing completely out of the app and logging back in
  • Ensure the correct friends and family are linked (sharing enabled)
  • Use the website instead of mobile app or vice versa
  • Call Disney ticketing guest services for further help at (407) 939-5277 

Additionally, if someone shared Disney tickets with you that won’t link due to an error, they will need to remove the link on their end first. This “unlinks” the tickets so you can properly connect them to your own account after.

Tips for Managing Multiple Linked Disney Accounts

When you link park tickets between friends, family members, or others in your travel party, it can start to get confusing with many Disney accounts connected.

Here are some of our top tips for seamless management:

  • Name each account connection descriptive like “Mom’s MDE” or “John Tickets” so you know which tickets are whose
  • Occasionally confirm which tickets are assigned under each account
  • Use group messaging features to coordinate on Disney Genie+ selections
  • Create custom Disney Friend Lists for easy visibility into just your travel party’s upcoming plans
  • Utilize features like Family Album linking to easily share Disney PhotoPass pics across accounts

Taking a few minutes to organize everything ahead of time and learn relationship management shortcuts in My Disney Experience goes a long way. This allows you to easily view or make dining, attraction access, and other bookings across any connected tickets or accounts!

How to Handle Ticket Transfers Between Disney Accounts?

What happens when you have an unused Disney ticket linked to your account that a friend or family member now needs to access for their upcoming trip? This requires a ticket transfer.

The process works the same whether you need to transfer unused Disneyland or Walt Disney World park tickets to another guest:

  1. Log into your Disney account that has the active ticket(s) to transfer
  2. Under “My Reservations and Tickets”, click the ticket you wish to move
  3. Select “Transfer Ticket” and choose the correct friend or family member account
  4. They will receive a transfer notification to accept and link the Disney ticket(s)

Once completed, the tickets will automatically unlink from your account and now show under the new recipient’s account. Easy!

If you run into any issues trying to transfer Disney park tickets between accounts, you can always call ticketing guest services at (407) 934-7639 for help.

Now the recipient can make their FastPass+, dining, and other Disney World or Disneyland vacation plans using those newly transferred tickets!

Can Old or Unused Disney Tickets Be Linked?

Have years-old unused Disneyland or Disney World paper tickets lying around that you want to finally redeem on an upcoming trip? Or received actual plastic RFID tickets from a friend?

The great news is – yes, you can link older unused park tickets to your Disney account!

As long as the tickets are still valid based on their expiration date AND usage, you can call up Disney ticketing services or visit any park Guest Relations to have them linked.

This assigns the old tickets to your account with any remaining entitlements for you to book FastPasses or dining reservations as normal. Certain very old ticket media may require upgrades or other adjustments, but your original value is still redeemable.

For already partially used tickets where some days remain, the system simply notes those visits under the Usage History when linked. Again allowing you to access any unused days left for theme park visits or add-ons.

So dig through your drawers and recover those unused Disney tickets before your next vacation! Link them to start planning activities to take full advantage of leftover days or amounts. 🎟️

How to Get Help Linking Park Tickets from Disney Cast Members

Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know on linking your Disneyland and Walt Disney World tickets across accounts or fixing any linking problems.

But in the rare case you encounter any other issues or have unique questions, Disney’s Cast Members are available to help!

To get one-on-one ticketing assistance, you can:

  • Call Disney Ticketing Services: (407) 939-5277 for Walt Disney World tickets or (714) 781-4636 for Disneyland (hours: 7am-11pm Eastern)
  • Visit Any Theme Park Guest Services: Ticket booths and Guest Relations spots found at park entrances can also help troubleshoot any stubborn linking problems
  • Use My Disney Experience Online Help Chat: Chat live via the Disney website

The Cast Members that handle ticketing and accounts are knowledgeable experts when it comes to anything linking and Disney Genie+ related. Don’t hesitate to utilize them as a resource!

So that covers everything on how to link Disney park tickets across accounts – to friends, family members, other guests, even unused old tickets.

Linking your tickets enables easier Disney vacation planning, coordinating group activities, accessing unused ticket days, and much more convenience.

Use our step-by-step walkthroughs, mobile app guidance, and Cast Member help tips for seamless Disney ticket account linking. Plus check out more related Disney planning content here on our site!

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