Can You Return Disney Tickets? Disney Refund Policies

A dream trip to a Disney theme park is on the bucket list for many families. Kids’ imaginations are captured by the magic of beloved Disney characters coming to life before their eyes. And adults appreciate the world-class rides, shows, restaurants, and attention to detail that makes Disney parks truly unique experiences.

However, life sometimes throws curveballs that can force a change of plans, even for long-awaited Disney vacations.

So can you return Disney tickets if your trip falls through? The short answer is it’s complicated. While Disney tickets are mostly nonrefundable as standard policy, there are some exceptions and alternatives worth knowing about.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a refund, credit, or modification for Disney park tickets, including:

  • Disney’s official refund policies for tickets and vacation packages
  • Exceptions like inclement weather and hurricanes
  • Options for changing reservation dates or reassigning tickets
  • Tips for avoiding issues when booking tickets
  • And more on how to maximize value from unused Disney tickets

Let’s dive into the details on whether you can get your money back for those coveted passes to “The Most Magical Place on Earth”!

Are Disney Tickets Refundable? Standard Policies

Disney’s official standard policy is clearly stated on their websites and during the ticket purchase process – park tickets for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

This stringent policy applies no matter if tickets are bought directly from Disney or through third party ticket brokers. Once the Disney ticket transaction is complete, refunds will not be provided.

The only exception relates to the ticket’s monetary value or validity timeframe rather than actually returning money…

Using Credits Towards Future Disney Tickets

Though Disney tickets are nonrefundable, their monetary value can be applied to future ticket purchases in certain scenarios:

  • Wholly unused tickets (never entered a park) retain their full original value to be credited towards buying new tickets at a later date, even if the old tickets have expired.
  • Partially used tickets also retain value for the remaining unused days, to be applied to new tickets. This also applies if the ticket expires before you used all the days.

You can take advantage of these credits by visiting Disney’s ticket booths or Guest Relations in-person, or contacting them over the phone. The value stays available indefinitely as long as you hang onto the original tickets.

So while you can’t get an actual refund for Disney tickets, the monetary value isn’t lost if you end up not using them.

Now let’s talk about the few cases where exceptions allow changing plans beyond just ticket value credits…

When Can You Get a Refund for Disney Tickets?

Though their standard policy is clearly no refunds or returns allowed, Disney does make official exceptions in certain limited situations.

The most common exceptional scenario is when hurricanes or other severe weather impacts travel plans.

  • If a hurricane warning is issued for the Orlando or Anaheim area within a week of your trip’s start date, Disney may allow refunds or rescheduling of theme park tickets.
  • They may also proactively cancel or reschedule certain outdoor events and shows if inclement weather occurs during your trip.

Another way to qualify for a refund is if you booked a full Disney vacation package (hotel stay + tickets + other components).

  • Canceling the full package at least 30 days pre-trip provides a full refund.
  • Between 2-29 days out, they refund most amounts paid minus a $200 cancellation fee.

So if you want the most flexibility for potential refunds, book tickets as part of full Disney vacation packages rather than on their own.

Additionally, some authorized third party ticket resellers offer their own cancellation policies or refund protections, which we’ll get into shortly…

Changing Disney Ticket Reservation Dates

If your original travel dates got disrupted but you still intend to take your Disney trip someday, changing reservation dates on unused tickets is likely your best option.

The process works like this:

  • First, access your reservation through the My Disney Experience website or mobile app
  • Select your ticket reservation then choose “Change Reservation” or “Modify”
  • Pick your new preferred dates for park visits
  • Pay any ticket price differences if the new dates fall into a higher cost season

As long as your ticket is still valid, unused, and not expired, you can change the reservation yourself without hassles.

Just note that you cannot get refunded for paying lower prices on the new dates. Disney tickets are always a “minimum value”, so you only pay more if reservation changes move into higher fare seasons.

Reassigning Unused Disney Tickets to Others

Along with changing dates, you also have the option to reassign unused tickets to a family member or friend if your party changes last minute.

Follow the same steps to access your My Disney Experience ticket reservation. Choose the “Reassign Ticket” function, then select who to transfer the unused ticket to from your Friends and Family list.

As with date changes, as long as the ticket has not been activated in any way, you can handle full reassignments on your own without contacting Disney.

So while Disney continues upholding strict no refund policies, they do give you power to modify existing unused tickets in useful ways.

Tips to Avoid Disney Ticket Refund Issues

While things like illnesses or sudden changes of plans can sometimes disrupt trips, you can employ some proactive strategies to prevent or reduce situations where Disney ticket refunds are needed.

Research Cancellation Policies Before Booking

Be an informed consumer by reading the full fine print on ticket terms, conditions and policies before finalizing purchases. This will prevent unpleasant surprises if you later need to try getting money back. Look on Disney’s official websites, third party seller sites, travel insurance brochures, etc.

Book Packages Directly Through Disney

As noted earlier, full Disney vacation packages booked directly through Disney have the most favorable cancellation policies. Refunds are allowed up until 30 days pre-trip if plans fall through. Booking this way provides more flexibility compared to standalone tickets.

Consider Refundable Third Party Ticket Sellers

Certain authorized third party ticket sellers like Undercover Tourist provide their own cancellation protections, allowing partial refunds on unused tickets within a certain timeframe if Disney’s policies won’t allow it. Make sure to confirm policies before purchasing.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Look into trip insurance from third parties, which can sometimes refund components like theme park tickets if entire vacations are interrupted under covered circumstances. As with ticket reseller policies, verify coverage details thoroughly pre-purchase.

What About Refunds for Disneyland Tickets?

Most of the information we’ve covered applies equally to getting refunds for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland tickets. They share near identical nonrefundable ticket policies.

However, there is more flexibility to adjust Disneyland vacation packages over Walt Disney World.

If you booked a full Disneyland Resort vacation through Disney, their stated cancellation/refund terms are:

  • Cancel 30+ days pre-trip for a full refund
  • Cancel 2-29 days out to get partial refund minus $200 fee
  • Cancel 48 hours or less pre-trip for no refund

So especially with Disneyland, if you want any cancellation coverage it pays to book complete vacation packages instead of only tickets.

Key Takeaways: Returning Disney Park Tickets

While Disney generally maintains strict no refund policies on park tickets, guests do have options like using value credits on future tickets, changing reservation dates, or reassigning to others. Some key takeaways include:

  • Standard policy is tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable, for both Disney World and Disneyland
  • Exceptions are sometimes made for severe weather disruptions and when canceling full pre-booked vacation packages
  • Unused ticket value can be credited towards future Walt Disney World and Disneyland ticket purchases
  • Modify unused tickets to have flexibility on dates or reassign to other people
  • Purchase tickets as part of full vacation packages through Disney for the best cancellation policies
  • Consider travel insurance or third party ticket sellers with cancellation protections

Understanding all these nuances allows smarter planning and purchasing decisions to save money and avoid hassles. With strategic preparation, you can better experience the magical escape of Disney theme parks, without worrying about unused tickets going to waste!


Disney vacations represent significant financial and emotional investment for many guests young and old. When changing circumstances mean altered travel plans, having options to reuse the monetary value of unused tickets brings some relief.

Ideally with proactive planning around cancellation policies, travel insurance, package bookings, or third party protections, getting a refund for Disney tickets won’t be an issue at all. Your trip will go off without a hitch!

But even Disney magic can’t prevent all outside forces from disrupting adventures now and then. If your long-awaited visit does need postponing for any reason, remember you can still take advantage of ticket value credits, reservation changes, or reassignments to family or friends.

With all the flexible alternatives, unused tickets don’t have to mean a total loss. The key is understanding Disney’s guidelines, restrictions, and workaround options ahead of time when purchasing tickets.

Does this fully cover the core concerns around trying to get refunds for Disneyland or Disney World tickets? Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

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