How Much Are Presale Morgan Wallen Tickets

Morgan Wallen’s powerful voice makes his concerts a must-see for country fans. Getting presale tickets is crucial for scoring great seats. This guide explains presale ticket prices and tips for purchasing them successfully.

Understanding Morgan Wallen’s Presale Tickets

What Are Presale Tickets?

Presale tickets are a special allocation of tickets made available to a specific group of people before the general public sale. These groups can include fan club members, credit card holders, and subscribers to certain services or newsletters. Presale tickets offer fans the chance to purchase seats earlier, often ensuring better seating options.

Benefits of Purchasing Presale Tickets

  • Early Access: Get tickets before the general public.
  • Better Seats: More choices for prime seating.
  • Exclusive Packages: Access to VIP experiences and bundles.

Average Cost of Presale Tickets

General Price Range

The cost of presale tickets for Morgan Wallen’s “One Night At A Time” tour can vary significantly based on several factors, including the venue, location, and type of ticket. On average, standard presale tickets range from $80 to $150. VIP packages, which offer additional perks, can range from $250 to over $500.

Factors Influencing the Price

  • Venue: Larger venues typically have a wider range of ticket prices.
  • Location: Cities with higher living costs may have more expensive tickets.
  • Seating Choice: Premium seats and VIP packages cost more.
  • Timing: Prices can increase as the event date approaches.

Breakdown by Venues and Locations

DateEvent VenueCityLowest Ticket Price
06/06/2024Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia BeachVirginia Beach$228
06/07/2024Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia BeachVirginia Beach$279
06/20/2024U.S. Bank StadiumMinneapolis$154
06/21/2024U.S. Bank StadiumMinneapolis$173
06/27/2024Empower Field at Mile HighDenver$173
06/28/2024Empower Field at Mile HighDenver$178
07/11/2024Raymond James StadiumTampa$339
07/12/2024Raymond James StadiumTampa$294
07/18/2024Bank of America StadiumCharlotte$183
07/19/2024Bank of America StadiumCharlotte$189
07/25/2024AT&T StadiumArlington$135
07/26/2024AT&T StadiumArlington$135
08/01/2024GEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumKansas City$228
08/02/2024GEHA Field at Arrowhead StadiumKansas City$146
08/08/2024Allegiant StadiumLas Vegas$381
08/09/2024Allegiant StadiumLas Vegas$264

VIP and Special Packages

Overview of Available VIP Packages

Morgan Wallen offers several VIP packages that enhance the concert experience. Here are some of the most popular options:

Morgan Wallen Premium VIP Lounge Package

  • Price Range: $1300
  • Includes: Exclusive access to a pre-show lounge, premium seating, and commemorative merchandise.

Morgan Wallen VIP Lounge Package

  • Price Range: $806
  • Includes: Access to the VIP lounge, preferred seating, and limited-edition merchandise.

Morgan Wallen Party Pit Package

  • Price Range: $950
  • Includes: Access to the party pit area close to the stage, early entry, and exclusive merchandise.

Morgan Wallen Hot Seat Package

  • Price Range: $556
  • Includes: Premium seat location, a souvenir laminate, and a limited-edition merchandise item.

How to Get Presale Tickets

Steps to Secure Presale Tickets

  1. Join Fan Clubs: Many artists, including Morgan Wallen, offer presale ticket access memberships.
  2. Credit Card Promotions: Certain credit cards, like American Express, offer cardholders early access to tickets.
  3. Venue Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters from the venue hosting the concert for presale announcements.
  4. Social Media: Follow Morgan Wallen and relevant promoters on social media for presale code announcements.

Tips for Buying Presale Tickets

  • Set Reminders: Mark the presale dates on your calendar.
  • Log In Early: Be online and log into your ticketing account before the presale starts.
  • Have Payment Ready: Ensure your payment method is ready and verified.
  • Use Multiple Devices: Increase your chances of accessing the presale by using multiple devices.

Comparing Prices Across Different Platforms


Ticketmaster is a primary source for presale tickets, often offering exclusive presale codes through fan clubs and credit card promotions. Prices here include additional service fees which can add to the total cost.

Live Nation

Live Nation also provides presale tickets and often has exclusive packages. Similar to Ticketmaster, there are service fees to consider.


SeatGeek offers a user-friendly platform for purchasing presale tickets, sometimes with slightly higher prices due to service fees. However, their price transparency and seating maps are a big plus.


StubHub is a secondary marketplace where prices can be higher due to demand. It’s a good place to check if presale tickets are sold out on primary platforms.

Factors Affecting Presale Ticket Prices

Popularity of the Artist

Morgan Wallen’s immense popularity means high demand for his tickets, which can drive up prices, especially for presales.

Venue Size and Location

Larger venues in major cities typically have a broader range of prices due to the variety of seating options available.

Timing of Purchase

Ticket prices can fluctuate based on how close the purchase is to the event date. Early purchases often have more reasonable prices compared to last-minute buys.

Historical Pricing Trends

Analysis of Past Morgan Wallen Tours

Past tours show that presale tickets tend to be slightly cheaper than those sold during general sales. However, the difference is often marginal, emphasizing the benefit of securing better seats rather than lower prices.

Comparison of Presale Prices vs. Regular Sale Prices

Presale tickets can offer better value in terms of seat location and access to exclusive packages. Regular sale tickets may not provide the same level of access to prime seating or VIP experiences.

Reviews from Fans

Experiences from Fans Who Have Purchased Presale Tickets

Many fans report positive experiences with presale tickets, highlighting the ease of securing good seats and the benefits of exclusive packages. However, some fans mention the added service fees as a downside.

Pros Shared by Fans

  • Better Seats: Early access often results in better seating options.
  • Exclusive Packages: Access to VIP experiences and unique merchandise.
  • Less Stress: Avoid the rush and uncertainty of general ticket sales.

Cons Shared by Fans

  • Service Fees: Additional fees can increase the total cost.
  • Limited Availability: Presale tickets can sell out quickly, especially for highly anticipated shows.


Morgan Wallen’s concerts are a must-see for country music fans, and securing presale tickets is a great way to ensure you get the best seats and exclusive experiences. While the cost of presale tickets can vary, they offer significant benefits that can enhance your concert experience. Remember to act quickly, stay informed, and use the tips provided to snag your tickets before they sell out. Enjoy the show!

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