Does Vivid Seats Charge Fees

Buying tickets from a resale marketplace like Vivid Seats can seem appealing thanks to cheaper ticket prices and better availability compared to box offices. But before getting too excited about those $20 concert tickets, it’s important to understand exactly what fees Vivid Seats charges on top of the initial ticket listing price.

In this detailed guide, we’ll provide a full breakdown of all the Vivid Seats service fees, delivery fees, seller commissions, and other extra costs that contribute to your final checkout price. Read on to find out what’s included, how Vivid Seats ticket pricing compares to competitors, and a few tips for saving on fees when using the platform.

What is Vivid Seats?

For starters, Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, founded way back in 2001. This independent company provides a platform for fans to buy and sell tickets to concerts, sports games, theater shows, and other live entertainment events.

Vivid Seats calls itself a “full-service marketplace” thanks to robust buyer protection policies, a loyalty rewards program, and relationships with trusted ticket sellers. Over 100 million verified tickets have been sold through the platform to date.

Do Vivid Seats Service Fees Apply to All Ticket Orders?

Yes, Vivid Seats does charge a service fee on every ticket purchase, which covers costs associated with running their business. This includes expenses like:

  • Maintaining the Vivid Seats website, mobile app, and associated security measures
  • Customer service staffing and support across phone, email, chat, and social channels
  • Coordinating ticket order fulfillment and delivery logistics

According to Vivid Seats’ website, the service fee is typically around 20-40% of the ticket’s price.

So if you purchase a $100 concert ticket, expect to pay an additional $20-40 service fee at checkout. For a higher-priced $500 ticket, that service fee could total $100-200 extra.

The exact fee percentage likely varies based on factors like:

  • The popularity and demand for a given event
  • Agreements with certain venue partners
  • Whether it’s peak season or off-season

But in general, buyers pay approximately 1/3 of the ticket price in Vivid Seats service fees.

Are There Delivery Fees on Vivid Seats? How Much Do They Cost?

On top of service fees, Vivid Seats levies a delivery fee to cover the costs of getting your tickets into your hands (or devices).

Delivery fee amounts range from $7-25 on average, depending on which delivery method you choose during checkout:

  • Electronic delivery – Cheapest fees, includes e-tickets and mobile entry options
  • Standard shipping via USPS, UPS Ground, etc.
  • Expedited shipping for rush delivery in 1-2 days

Electronic delivery is the most affordable way to receive your Vivid Seats tickets. But for physical ticket shipments, especially those needing expedited handling, delivery fees can start approaching $25+.

It’s annoying, but delivery charges are standard practice across most major ticket resellers.

How Much Are Seller Fees on Vivid Seats?

If you’re looking to sell tickets through Vivid Seats instead of buy them, seller fees also apply.

Vivid Seats collects a 10% commission on the final sale price whenever a seller’s ticket listing results in a successful transaction.

So the amount of seller fees paid ultimately depends on factors like:

  • How much the tickets sell for
  • Number of tickets in the order
  • Whether or not the tickets actually sell at all

Sellers cover the cost of ticket transfer and delivery themselves.

But otherwise, Vivid Seats takes 10% off the top as commission for providing the marketplace platform and connecting sellers with interested buyers.

What’s Included in Vivid Seats’ Final Checkout Price?

When browsing ticket listings on or in the app, the price you first see is the base ticket price per seat, set by sellers. This initial price generally does not reflect the final amount you’ll pay though.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in Vivid Seats’ final checkout price:

  • Base ticket price (set by seller)
  • Service fee (20-40% of ticket price)
  • Delivery fee ($7-25)
  • Applicable taxes

With all costs added together, your final total can be 50-100% higher than the listed ticket price in some cases. No wonder buyers complain about confusing fees!

Vivid Seats does break down the specific service and delivery fees prior to final checkout. But you have to reach the last step before seeing the complete pricing picture.

How Does Vivid Seats Ticket Pricing Compare to Other Resale Sites?

Few ticket resellers outline their fees clearly upfront, but Vivid Seats is considered relatively affordable compared to leading marketplace rivals like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

For example, Ticketmaster reportedly charges lower service fees at around 20% of ticket price on average. But their delivery fees tend to exceed those on Vivid Seats.

Meanwhile, StubHub’s combined fees can range as high as 50% or more depending on the event, venue, and ticket price factors involved.

So Vivid Seats sits somewhere in the middle fee-wise, offering cheaper ticket availability than primary sellers, yet higher total costs compared to “all-in pricing” models.

Are There Any Ways Buyers Can Save Money on Vivid Seats Service and Delivery Fees?

While Vivid Seats fees might seem steep compared to the initial ticket price advertised, there are a few tricks for reducing extra costs:

  • Use promo codes and rewards discounts – Vivid Seats offers first-time buyer promo codes and their VividSeats Rewards program which includes access to exclusive ticket deals. Sign up to save 10% or more.
  • Choose e-ticket delivery – Opting for mobile or instant download delivery means avoiding the physical ticket shipping charges.
  • Buy more tickets in one order – Fees are applied per order, so consolidating ticket purchases spreads out delivery costs.
  • Buy early – Prices and demand increase for hot events as show dates approach. Getting in early means fewer fees.
  • Avoid reselling – Every time a ticket is resold, it picks up an additional layer of fees. Buy straight from primary sellers when possible.

Is It Still Worth Buying Tickets on Vivid Seats Given the Extra Fees?

Even with various service fees and delivery charges added on top, Vivid Seats can represent serious savings compared to box office pricing – especially for high-demand events that are sold out elsewhere.

Additional benefits making tickets worth the fees for many buyers include:

  • Wider event availability compared to primary sellers
  • Access to sold out shows thanks to Vivid’s resale inventory
  • Reliable delivery with buyer guarantees in place
  • Secure checkout and payment processing
  • Convenient shopping across web, mobile, and apps

As long as you read the fine print and factor those add-on costs into your budget, scoring tickets for cheap via Vivid Seats is usually a good bet.

The Bottom Line – Prepare for Fees, But Vivid Seats Still Offers Good Deals

When evaluating ticket purchases on Vivid Seats, the bottom line is that substantial service fees, delivery charges, and taxes apply to every order. The total price can easily swell 50-100% higher than what’s advertised initially.

That said, their service and delivery fee amounts are comparable to competitors, while providing cheaper ticket availability in many cases. As long as you accurately calculate the final cost before checkout, Vivid Seats remains a reliable marketplace for great deals – especially on sold out and in-demand events.

It’s annoying to sort through vague pricing and tacked-on fees, but with proper planning Vivid Seats can offer serious savings versus box office rates. Just prepare yourself for some serious sticker shock!

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