Does NFL Sunday Ticket Automatically Renew Each Season

The NFL season is in full swing, which means football fans are glued to their TVs every Sunday watching games from morning till night. And what better way to catch every game than with NFL Sunday Ticket? The ability to watch any out-of-market NFL game is a must-have for diehard football fans.

But now that Sunday Ticket has moved from DirecTV over to YouTube and YouTube TV, many fans have questions around how subscriptions and renewals work.

Does NFL Sunday Ticket automatically renew every year like it did with DirecTV? Or is it a single season subscription you have to repurchase annually?

The answer is…it depends!

Whether your Sunday Ticket auto-renews or not actually depends on if you subscribe through YouTube TV or directly through YouTube Primetime Channels.

In this detailed guide, we’ll breakdown exactly how automatic renewals work with NFL Sunday Ticket across the different platforms, look at cancellation and refund policies, and equip you with tips to avoid being overcharged when next season rolls around.

Let’s kick things off with a quick primer on the new home for NFL Sunday Ticket, then dive into specifics around renewals and cancellations.

NFL Sunday Ticket Now Lives on YouTube and YouTube TV

After decades exclusively on DirecTV, NFL Sunday Ticket is finally opening up to new platforms. 2022 marks the first season it’s available beyond just satellite TV, expanding to two new homes:

  • YouTube TV – The wildly popular live TV streaming service with over 5 million subscribers
  • YouTube Primetime Channels – Allows subscribing to “channels” like Sunday Ticket directly on YouTube

This is big news because now football fans can get Sunday Ticket without needing a satellite dish or even a cable subscription. All you need is an internet connection and compatible device.

It does come at a premium cost, with Sunday Ticket running $489 for the full season. But now millions more fans have access that were previously shutout if they couldn’t or didn’t want DirecTV.

The rollout on YouTube/YouTube TV hasn’t been without hiccups. Many users reported stream quality issues and outages during the first few weeks. But Google has worked quickly to resolve those bugs and improve reliability as the season progresses.

With Sunday Ticket here to stay on YouTube/YouTube TV, let’s look at a key question on every fan’s mind when it comes to subscriptions…

Does NFL Sunday Ticket Auto-Renew Every Season?

This is the million dollar question when it comes to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV – will it automatically renew and charge you for the next season?

The short answer is…it depends on where and how you subscribe:

  • YouTube TV: Does NOT Auto-Renew
  • YouTube Primetime Channels: Automatically Renews

Whether your Sunday Ticket subscription auto-renews comes down to using YouTube TV or the direct YouTube Primetime Channel option.

Below we’ll explain exactly how automatic renewal works on both platforms and why you may want to cancel even if you plan on re-subscribing.

But first, let’s look at cancellation and refund policies in case you change your mind about keeping Sunday Ticket at all.

Canceling Sunday Ticket and Getting Refunds

Before we dive into auto-renew specifics, you need to know the deal with canceling your subscription and potential refunds if you change your mind.

Can You Get a Refund for Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket?

The refund policy for NFL Sunday Ticket is restrictive but straightforward:

  • Cancel before season starts = Full Refund
  • Cancel after season starts = No Refund

If you cancel your Sunday Ticket subscription prior to the NFL season kickoff (which is typically early September), you will receive a full refund of what you paid.

However, if you try to cancel after the season gets underway, you will no longer be eligible for any refund. Once games begin, you’re locked in for the remainder of the season.

When Will You Get Your NFL Sunday Ticket Refund?

If you cancel before the season and qualify for a refund, expect your money back within 60 days of cancellation being processed.

DirecTV typically issues refunds around 45 days after a subscribed service ends. So if you cancel in July or August before the NFL season starts, plan on seeing your refund by October or November.

Can You Cancel During the Free Trial Period?

Sunday Ticket offers new users a 7-day free trial. You can cancel anytime during the free trial and not be charged if you decide it’s not for you.

Just be sure to cancel before the 7 days is up. Once the trial expires, you’ll be charged the full amount for the season.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics of cancelling and refunds, let’s dive into renewal specifics…

NFL Sunday Ticket Auto-Renewal on YouTube TV

Let’s start with YouTube TV since this one is simple – NFL Sunday Ticket does NOT automatically renew the following season if you subscribe through YouTube TV.

YouTube TV treats Sunday Ticket like any other add-on channel or service. When you add it to your account, it’s a single season purchase that expires once the NFL season wraps up.

There is no auto-renewal for the next year or recurring charges. You’ll have to manually resubscribe through your YouTube TV membership if you want Sunday Ticket again next season.

So if you get Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV, you don’t have to worry about surprise charges or unintentional renewals down the road. It’s one and done.

Now let’s talk about the auto-renewal specifics if you subscribe directly through YouTube instead…

NFL Sunday Ticket DOES Auto-Renew on YouTube Primetime Channels

This is where NFL Sunday Ticket automatic renewal gets a bit tricky.

If you subscribe to Sunday Ticket directly through YouTube Primetime Channels, it WILL automatically renew your subscription each year by default.

Auto-renewal means once one NFL season ends, you’ll be automatically charged again when the new season rolls around in the summer.

These annual renewals happen sometime in July or August according to the terms of service. The exact renewal date isn’t specified.

That means if you don’t want to be charged for the next NFL season, you’ll need to manually cancel the auto-renewal in your YouTube account settings.

Here are simple steps to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket auto-renewal on YouTube Primetime Channels before you’re charged again:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account
  2. Go to Settings > Purchases and Memberships
  3. Select your NFL Sunday Ticket membership
  4. Turn off auto-renewal
  5. Confirm cancellation

Once cancelled, your access to Sunday Ticket will continue for the remainder of the current NFL season but won’t renew for the next year.

Why You Should Cancel Auto-Renewal on YouTube Primetime Channels

Beyond just avoiding surprise charges, there’s an important reason you should take the extra step to cancel auto-renewal on YouTube Primetime Channels.

Allowing your Sunday Ticket subscription to auto-renew means you’ll end up paying the full retail price the following season, not any early bird discounted pricing.

For the 2022 season, Sunday Ticket was priced at only $249-289 if you subscribed early by June 6th. That’s $100 off!

But if you didn’t cancel auto-renewal, you’d end up paying the full $349-489 price tag when the 2024 season rolls around instead of saving big by re-subscribing at the discounted rate.

By cancelling ahead of time, you can resubscribe later when special pricing is announced and be sure you don’t overpay.

What Are Your Other NFL Sunday Ticket Subscription Options?

Up until this year, DirecTV was the only place to get Sunday Ticket. Now with YouTube and YouTube TV on board, do you have any other options?

While YouTube/YouTube TV are the biggest and most widely available sources for Sunday Ticket today, here are a few other limited avenues you may be able to subscribe through:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount – College students can get Sunday Ticket at a big discount by verifying enrollment. Only $119 for the season.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket TV App – You can subscribe directly through the NFL Sunday Ticket TV app on streaming platforms like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV (but not mobile apps).
  • AT&T TV/U-Verse TV – In limited markets where satellite isn’t available, AT&T provides Sunday Ticket to TV customers.
  • NFL Game Pass – Get live out-of-market game streams outside the US. Doesn’t include domestic live games.

No matter where you choose to subscribe, you’ll want to understand the specific auto-renewal policies so you don’t get overcharged down the road!

Answers to Your NFL Sunday Ticket Subscription FAQs

Let’s wrap things up with quick answers to some frequently asked questions around NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions, cancellations and renewals:

Can I cancel my Sunday Ticket at any time?

You can technically cancel whenever you want, but refunds are only allowed before the NFL season starts. Once games are underway, no refunds for cancellations.

How do I cancel Sunday Ticket on my iPhone?

Open Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions > Sunday Ticket > Cancel Subscription

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket without DIRECTV?

Yes! Sunday Ticket is now available through YouTube TV, YouTube Prime Channels, the Sunday Ticket TV app, and in limited cases, AT&T/U-verse TV.

Does the student Sunday Ticket auto-renew?

No, the student version does not auto-renew each season. You have to re-verify eligibility and repay each year.

Can I watch Sunday Ticket on multiple devices?

YouTube TV allows 2 streams. Other providers like YouTube Channels offer unlimited concurrent streams.

What happens when I cancel auto-renewal on YouTube?

You’ll retain access for the remainder of the current NFL season, but won’t be charged again for the next season.

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV Stream?

At this time, Sunday Ticket is not available on the DirecTV Stream platform (formerly AT&T TV). Still DirecTV satellite exclusive.

If I cancel DirecTV do I lose Sunday Ticket?

Yes, if you cancel your DirecTV satellite service entirely you will lose access to any add-ons like Sunday Ticket as well.

Hopefully that gives you clarity around NFL Sunday Ticket’s auto-renewal policies as well as answers to common subscription and cancellation questions!

The Bottom Line on NFL Sunday Ticket Automatic Renewal

To recap, here’s the key takeaway when it comes to NFL Sunday Ticket auto-renewing each season:

  • YouTube TV – Does NOT auto-renew. Single season purchase.
  • YouTube Prime Channels – DOES auto-renew by default unless you cancel.

Be sure to cancel automatic renewal if you want to avoid surprise charges when the 2024 NFL season rolls around.

And take advantage of early bird special pricing by re-subscribing each season rather than letting auto-renewal overcharge you!

Enjoy the rest of the NFL season with your Sunday Ticket. Just set a reminder to cancel those pesky auto-renewals when it ends if you subscribed directly on YouTube.

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