Does Fubo Have NFL Sunday Ticket for Out-of-Market Games?

Watching NFL games without cable has become easier thanks to live TV streaming services. But if you want to follow an out-of-market team, options are still limited. So does Fubo have Sunday Ticket for out-of-market NFL games?

No, Fubo does not have NFL Sunday Ticket. The exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket now belong to YouTube TV. However, Fubo does offer various other ways to stream NFL games.

In this detailed guide, we’ll compare Fubo to YouTube TV and other streaming services for watching NFL games. We’ll cover everything you need to know:

What Is Included with Fubo for NFL Games

  • Regional Sunday afternoon games on CBS and Fox
  • National broadcasts like Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football
  • Availability of NFL RedZone as an add-on

How Fubo Compares to YouTube TV

  • Games available on both Fubo and YouTube TV
  • Key differences in Sunday Ticket access
  • Cost comparison of base packages and add-ons

Other Ways to Stream NFL Besides Fubo

  • Services like Sling TV and DirecTV Stream
  • Using an antenna for local games
  • NFL+ for streaming on mobile devices

Getting NFL Sunday Ticket Without YouTube TV

  • Standalone Sunday Ticket package details
  • International NFL Game Pass option

By the end, you’ll know exactly what NFL games you can and can’t watch with a Fubo subscription.

What NFL Games Can You Watch on Fubo?

The 2024 NFL season is underway, making now a great time to review your options for streaming NFL games.

Fubo offers access to nationally televised games and regional Sunday afternoon matchups.

This includes:

  • Local Sunday games on CBS and Fox, depending on regional broadcasts
  • Sunday Night Football on NBC
  • Monday Night Football on ESPN

So during Sundays in the NFL season, you can easily catch your local team’s games on Fubo provided you live in-market. You also get primetime games on Sunday and Monday nights.

One notable omission is Thursday Night Football. With the rights now exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, Fubo does not offer any way to stream Thursday night games.

Out-of-market Sunday games are also not available on Fubo. So if you’re looking to watch a specific team that plays on Sundays outside your area, Fubo won’t meet this need. Only NFL Sunday Ticket includes out-of-market Sunday afternoon games now that it has moved to YouTube TV.

Can You Add NFL RedZone to Fubo?

Fubo does give subscribers a way to get even more NFL action on Sundays with NFL RedZone available via the Sports Plus add-on package.

RedZone jumps around to the biggest moments from all the Sunday afternoon games. It’s a great way to monitor all the key action if you don’t have a specific team you want to follow.

By adding Sports Plus to your Fubo subscription, you can tune into RedZone each Sunday. This costs an extra $11 per month but is easy to add or remove at any time.

How Does Fubo Compare to YouTube TV for Streaming NFL Games?

Now that YouTube TV has exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, it has become the go-to for many football fans hoping to watch out-of-market NFL games.

But how does it stack up against Fubo? Here’s a full rundown comparing the two services:

Games Available on Both Fubo and YouTube TV

  • Local Sunday afternoon games
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Monday Night Football
  • Limited Thursday Night Football availability

The core selection of nationally televised and local market games is identical between Fubo and YouTube TV.

YouTube TV does include some Thursday Night Football games that air on Fox. But to get all Thursday matchups, you still need a Prime Video subscription as that is the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football.

One difference is 4K streaming quality – Fubo offers some NFL games in 4K while YouTube TV maxes out at 1080p. So if picture quality is vital, Fubo may look nicer on a compatible TV. However, both services looked excellent in our testing.

Key Difference – Access to NFL Sunday Ticket

As mentioned earlier, the big distinction between Fubo and YouTube TV this NFL season is access to NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Fubo does not offer Sunday Ticket
  • YouTube TV now has exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket

This means if you want to watch NFL games on Sundays that aren’t airing locally in your market, YouTube TV is a must. Fubo lacks out-of-market Sunday games entirely.

YouTube TV subscribers can add Sunday Ticket for a one-time fee each NFL season. This grants access to watch any out-of-market Sunday game. Non-YouTube TV subscribers can also buy Sunday Ticket as a standalone package but the pricing is more expensive.

Cost Comparison

At first glance, Fubo and YouTube TV are very close in terms of base pricing. Here’s how the plans and add-ons stack up:

  • Fubo Pro – $74.99/month
  • Fubo Elite – $84.99/month
  • YouTube TV – $72.99/month
  • Add Sports Plus on Fubo – $10.99/month
  • Add Sports Plus on YouTube TV – $10.99/month
  • Add Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV – $79 one-time or $109 one-time for non-subscribers

The Elite plan on Fubo offers extra sports networks and 4K streaming quality compared to the Pro plan. YouTube TV has one straightforward base package then add-ons you can tack on.

In all cases, you’re looking right around $75-85 per month for the base live TV streaming coverage. Adding NFL RedZone is identical in cost at $10.99/month across both services.

Where it gets interesting is YouTube TV also has the option for NFL Sunday Ticket. Given it’s a per season price, you do have to factor in this larger one-time cost.

But in terms of ongoing access to live NFL games, Fubo and YouTube TV are very competitive. Plus both offer free trials so you can see channels and streaming quality first-hand.

What Are Some Other Ways to Stream NFL Games?

Beyond the two heavy hitters of Fubo and YouTube TV, you might be wondering what other streaming services could work to watch NFL games.

Here are a few alternative options to consider:

Sling TV

Sling TV makes our list as a very affordable way to stream Sunday NFL games. Plans start at just $40 per month providing you local Fox and NBC channels in select markets plus Monday Night Football on ESPN.

For $11 more, you can add NFL RedZone as part of the Sports Extra package on Sling. This mimics the Fubo and YouTube TV approach of bundling in RedZone at a similar price.

One catch with Sling TV is that it lacks local CBS stations. So while you can watch NFC Sunday matchups and Sunday primetime games, catching AFC Sunday games is harder. An antenna can supplement Sling TV nicely here.

DirecTV Stream

Another live TV streaming choice is the aptly named DirecTV Stream. Pricing starts at $74.99 per month for the Entertainment package with 65+ channels.

From there you can step up to higher tiers that add more channels plus NFL Sunday Ticket access starting at $104.99 per month. So DirecTV Stream gives you ESPN, local channels, NFL Network and optional Sunday Ticket too.

The downside is no NFL RedZone available – you’d need to look at an antenna if you also want in-market Sunday games beyond what airs locally on CBS and Fox.

HDTV Antenna

Speaking of antennas, we can’t leave them out as a cost-effective way to catch NFL games. You can attach an antenna to your TV and access over-the-air broadcasts in your region for a one-time purchase of around $20-30.

Antennas easily pull in CBS, Fox, NBC and more depending on your proximity to local broadcast towers. Most also offer DVR capabilities to record games. Just pair your antenna with a streaming service like Sling TV and suddenly you can watch tons of NFL games.

The catch is you only get what your antenna can pickup locally. No special channels like NFL Network/RedZone or out-of-market Sunday Ticket access. But for under $30 plus a streaming service, antennas unlock NFL games for very cheap.


Lastly, the NFL’s own streaming service called NFL+ empowers you to stream NFL games right on your mobile devices or tablets. Think of it like Sunday Ticket but specifically for phones/tablets.

The base $6.99/month NFL+ plan includes local and primetime game streams. You can step up to the $14.99/month Premium plan to also get full game replays and condensed game recaps, almost like an on-demand ticket.

NFL+ won’t directly replace needing Fubo, YouTube TV or another streaming provider for big screen viewing. But it beautifully supplements them with portable NFL game streams.

Are There Ways to Get Sunday Ticket Without YouTube TV?

Since YouTube TV now has exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket in the United States, your options for out-of-market games are limited compared to past seasons.

You can still get Sunday Ticket even without a YouTube TV subscription. However, it is more expensive to go directly through YouTube versus bundling with their live TV service.

Here are two paths to get Sunday Ticket access without YouTube TV:

YouTube Primetime Channels

This is the home for premium channel subscriptions tied to your Google account and managed through YouTube. Primetime Channels now is home to NFL Sunday Ticket as well.

  • Cost is $109 for the rest of 2024 season
  • Includes all out-of-market Sunday games
  • Doesn’t require a YouTube TV subscription

Basically if you just want Sunday Ticket and don’t care about a full live TV package from YouTube, Primetime Channels is the way to go.

NFL Game Pass International

The very daring can access something called NFL Game Pass International. This offers a “loophole” way to get all regular NFL games but requires connecting to NFL Game Pass from outside the United States.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • All games available through Game Pass International
  • Must use VPN to access – sets location outside US
  • Pricing varies (~$150 per season)
  • Streams can have delays

Essentially you’d connect to a VPN server based internationally, open NFL Game Pass from that location to purchase the global NFL subscription, then watch all games.

The legality is questionable and streaming delays are frequent. But Game Pass International does technically work as an alternative to view all NFL games. Proceed at your own risk and research VPNs thoroughly before attempting this method.

The Bottom Line – What NFL Games Can I Watch on Fubo?

While Fubo offers plenty of awesome live TV streaming features and channel packages, NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t one of them.

YouTube TV retains sole rights to all out-of-market NFL games airing on Sundays. So if you closely follow a team not local to you, you’ll need to look at YouTube TV.

However, Fubo remains an excellent choice for streaming NFL games based on:

  • Local Sunday Regionals on CBS and Fox
  • Primetime Games like Sunday Night (NBC) and Monday Night Football (ESPN)
  • NFL RedZone Add-On via Sports Plus to get extra coverage

The Fubo, YouTube TV and streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV provide everything you need to cut cable and watch NFL games easily anywhere. Now you can strategically choose services based on your local team, favorite out-of-market squad and budget preferences.

Hopefully this guide cleared up the lingering question – does Fubo have Sunday Ticket? And which providers in total allow you to stream all the NFL games you want this coming football season.

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