Can You Reschedule Your Disney Tickets? All Explained!!

Have you been dreaming of that magical Disney vacation for months (or even years)? You’ve finally booked your resort, made dining reservations, and purchased your park tickets. But now, your long-awaited trip might need to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Can you reschedule your Disney park tickets?

The short answer is yes, you can change your Disney ticket dates under most circumstances. Disney has a rescheduling policy in place that provides options for modifying your vacation plans if something comes up.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about rescheduling Disney tickets, including:

  • Disney’s official ticket rescheduling policy
  • Step-by-step process for changing Disney ticket dates
  • Factors that allow ticket refunds or exceptions
  • Using travel insurance for added protection
  • Tips for a smooth rescheduling process
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s dive into the magic!

Disney’s Ticket Rescheduling Policy

Disneyland and Walt Disney World both have rescheduling policies that allow you to change the dates on unused park tickets. Here are some key points:

  • Tickets can be rescheduled to a future date as long as they are still valid and unused.
  • There are typically no fees to reschedule Disney tickets to a different date.
  • Ticket changes must be made before the original start date printed on the ticket.
  • Rescheduling is subject to availability on new dates. Disney can restrict reservations during peak season.
  • For Walt Disney World, multi-day tickets can only be rescheduled if completely unused. Once a day is used, the rest are non-transferable.

While Disney does not offer direct cash refunds for tickets, the original value can be applied to future tickets if unused and unexpired. Make sure to review the specific terms for your ticket type.

For example, at Disneyland, the policy states:

“The amount paid for any wholly unused, expired Disneyland Resort theme park ticket…may be applied towards the purchase of a new theme park ticket at the current price…”

When adjusting your travel dates, there are typically no refunds for choosing lower-priced days, but you will pay applicable differences if selecting a higher-priced date.

Disney World’s policy has similar language allowing date modifications within the valid timeframe.

The best practice is to reschedule as soon as possible when plans change. You can contact Disney via phone, email, website, or mobile app to modify dates. Having some date flexibility and back-up options helps too.

Step-by-Step Process to Reschedule Tickets

If you need to postpone your upcoming trip to a Disney park, here are step-by-step instructions to easily change your ticket dates:

Via My Disney Experience App

  1. Open the My Disney Experience app and select “Tickets and Passes” from the menu.
  2. Choose the ticket you want to modify.
  3. Select “Change Ticket” and pick your new desired date.
  4. Check park availability on new dates before finalizing changes.

Through Disney Website

  1. Log into your Disney account online.
  2. Under “My Plans,” click on “Tickets & Memory Maker.”
  3. Select your ticket and choose the option to change the dates.
  4. Follow prompts to reschedule tickets to new visit dates.

Contact Disney Customer Service

  1. Locate Disney customer service contact information online or on your confirmation emails.
  2. Call or email them, explaining your situation and rescheduling request.
  3. Provide ticket details and any documentation needed.
  4. Discuss availability, fees, and options with the representative.
  5. Finalize any changes to reschedule ticket dates.

Disney cast members are available by phone or email to help modify your reservation. Simply communicate your needs clearly, provide any relevant information, and explore available dates.

When you reschedule park tickets through these channels, be sure to also cancel or modify any associated hotel stays, dining plans, or other experiences that were scheduled for those original dates. You want to rebook the entire vacation package for the new dates.

For exceptional customer service, I recommend reaching out to Get Away Today – an authorized Disney vacation planner that can modify your entire package easily. Their agents will take care of any changes seamlessly.

When You Should Reschedule vs. Refund Disney Tickets

Ideally, if your original vacation dates no longer work, the best option is to reschedule the entire trip to new dates that fit your schedule. Disney allows you to reuse the full value of tickets for future vacations.

However, refund exceptions exist in certain cases:

  • If your trip is cancelled entirely, refunds may be possible through third-parties like Get Away Today if you purchased ticket insurance.
  • For unused multi-day Walt Disney World tickets, partial refunds on unused days may be available if trip is cut short.
  • If tickets are expired and cannot be rescheduled, the original value can sometimes be credited towards future purchases.
  • In severe weather like a hurricane, Disney may provide full refunds on hotel/tickets even if the parks remain open.

You typically want to reschedule rather than refund if possible, as unused ticket value can be applied to a future trip. But in extenuating circumstances like a hurricane, family emergency, or expired tickets, partial or full refunds may be available.

Contact Disney to discuss your specific situation if you cannot reschedule and need to request a refund or credit instead.

Factors That Allow Refunds or Exceptions

While the standard policy does not permit ticket refunds, there are some cases where exceptions may be made.

Severe Weather and Disney’s Hurricane Policy

If a hurricane warning is issued for the Orlando or Anaheim area within 7 days of your arrival, Disney allows impacted guests to reschedule or cancel vacation packages and hotel stays without fees.

Park tickets may also be refunded if the hurricane results in park closures during your trip dates. Each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Make sure to contact Disney quickly regarding hurricane impacts.

Family Emergencies or Extenuating Circumstances

For medical emergencies, a death in the family, sudden job loss or military leave, and similar extraordinary circumstances, Disney may make rare exceptions to provide refunds or credits if a trip cannot be rescheduled.

Explain your unique situation in detail and provide supporting documents. Refund approval depends on the specific conditions.

While not guaranteed, for severe unforeseen events, Disney may work with you on ticket refunds if absolutely necessary, especially for multi-day and higher-value purchases.

Using Travel Insurance for Added Protection

To safeguard your vacation investment, I strongly recommend considering travel insurance when booking Disney trips. Insurance provides coverage for many unforeseen events that could disrupt travel plans.

Get Away Today offers comprehensive vacation packages that include theme park tickets, hotel, and add-on features like dining and transportation. I highly recommend booking your Disney trip through them.

Their Peace of Mind insurance plan is only $99 and lets you:

  • Cancel for any reason and receive refund/credit for package cost
  • Reschedule unlimited times with no change fees
  • Modify tickets, hotels, rental cars, activities, and more

Trip insurance gives peace of mind if an event outside your control occurs. Get Away Today also provides exceptional customer support to help modify reservations.

For family Disney vacations, trip insurance should absolutely be considered to protect your investment in case you need to reschedule tickets or dates.

Tips for a Smooth Rescheduling Process

To ensure a seamless ticket rescheduling experience, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check park reservation availability before finalizing new dates to avoid issues.
  • Modify all vacation components like hotel, dining, transportation when moving dates.
  • Purchase trip insurance for further financial protection when rescheduling.
  • Save confirmation numbers, documents, and track changes carefully in case any questions arise.
  • Book early for maximum date flexibility in case a change is necessary down the road.
  • Avoid peak season dates that are less likely to have availability if rescheduling is needed.
  • Contact Disney quickly when plans shift so new arrangements can be made.
  • Be patient and polite with cast members assisting you with needed changes.

With some advanced planning, you can reschedule Disney trips smoothly even with last minute changes. Having insurance and date flexibility built into the original booking helps too!

Enjoying Your Trip After Rescheduling

Once your Disney vacation is successfully rescheduled, it’s time to focus on having an unforgettable experience! Here are some tips:

  • Arrive prepared – use planning time to make smart choices on dining, FastPasses, activities, etc.
  • Take breaks – the parks involve a lot of walking, so rest and recharge when needed.
  • Capture memories – take lots of photos with family/friends and Disney characters.
  • Engage the magic – talk with cast members, explore hidden gems, and go on adventures.
  • Savor special moments – fireworks, parades, meals together, and time with loved ones.

While having to postpone a Disney trip can be disappointing, look at the rescheduling process as an opportunity. You now have extra time to research, adjust plans, and daydream on what new experiences await!

FAQs: Rescheduling Disney Tickets

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on changing Disney ticket dates:

How much does it cost to reschedule Disney tickets?

In most cases, there is no fee to change Disney ticket dates as long as the new date is within the same tier/season. You will pay any applicable price difference if the new date is a higher cost.

Can I reschedule my Disney tickets multiple times?

Disney tickets can be rescheduled multiple times as long as the new dates fall within the original validity period before first use. However, changes are subject to availability.

What if my tickets are expired? Can I still reschedule?

Expired wholly unused tickets can be credited towards future purchases at Disney. The original value is applied, not a cash refund.

Do blackout dates apply when rescheduling tickets?

Certain high-demand dates may be blacked out when trying to reschedule. Disney can restrict reservations as needed, even during the ticket’s original validity window.

Can I reschedule just one day of a multi-day ticket?

At Walt Disney World, partially used multi-day tickets cannot be rescheduled. All days must be unused to change the date. At Disneyland, you may be able to modify a single date of a multi-day ticket in some cases.

What if I bought tickets from a third-party seller?

You will need to contact the original ticket seller directly if you purchased from a third party or authorized travel agency like Get Away Today. Their rescheduling policies may differ.

Can I reschedule if a ride is temporarily closed on my visit date?

Disney does not offer rescheduling or refunds solely due to a specific attraction being closed. The rest of the park remains open to enjoy.

What if my entire party can’t go on the new date?

If some members cannot join on the rescheduled trip, Disney may allow you to transfer unused tickets to others joining you. Options vary case-by-case.

What happens if I miss the cancellation deadline for a special event?

Tickets for special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party are typically non-refundable. However, Disney may provide a courtesy credit towards future events if you contact them.


A Disney vacation takes time and money to plan, so it’s understandable to be concerned if you suddenly have to reschedule. Fortunately, Disney’s ticket policies allow flexibility for modifying dates when life throws curveballs at you.

Now you know the ins and outs of rescheduling Disney park tickets – from the standard policy to special exceptions. Reach out to customer service and provide all details of your situation for assistance. Consider travel insurance for further protection.

With some preparation and magic on your side, you can modify Disney plans while still enjoying your long-awaited theme park getaway. The memories made with family and friends will be well worth it!

So go ahead – reschedule those tickets and have a magical day at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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