Are Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster the Same

Attending live events like concerts, sports games, or theater shows is an experience that many look forward to. However, the process of finding and purchasing tickets can sometimes be confusing, especially when dealing with multiple ticketing platforms. Two of the most well-known names in this industry are Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster, but are they essentially the same thing?

Are Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster the same? No, they are not the same. While they share some similarities as ticketing platforms, Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster have distinct differences in their business models, operational scope, and offerings.

This guide compares Ticketmaster and SeatGeek, two popular ticket platforms. It highlights key differences in their buying/selling processes, pricing, policies, and other aspects. By the end, you’ll know which platform suits your needs better as a buyer or seller.

What is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is an online ticket resale marketplace that was founded in 2001. It primarily operates in the United States and Canada, allowing users to buy and sell tickets for various live events such as concerts, sports games, theater performances, and more.

The platform acts as an intermediary between ticket holders (sellers) and those seeking tickets (buyers). Vivid Seats does not directly sell tickets but rather facilitates the resale of tickets from verified fans, brokers, and professional resellers.

What is Ticketmaster?

On the other hand, Ticketmaster is a primary ticket marketplace and one of the largest players in the live event ticketing industry. Owned by Live Nation Entertainment, Ticketmaster has been in operation for over 40 years and has a global presence, selling tickets in more than 32 countries worldwide.

Ticketmaster is an official partner of major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA, as well as numerous venues, artists, and theater tours. It offers tickets directly from the source, whether it’s a concert promoter, sports team, or event organizer.

Key Differences Between Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster

While both platforms deal with event tickets, there are several key distinctions between Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster:

  • Business Model: Vivid Seats is a resale marketplace, while Ticketmaster is a primary ticket seller.
  • Global Reach: Ticketmaster operates globally in over 32 countries, whereas Vivid Seats primarily focuses on the U.S. and Canada.
  • Ticket Availability and Volume: Ticketmaster often has a larger inventory and wider selection of tickets due to its direct partnerships with event organizers.
  • Pricing Structure: Ticketmaster sells tickets at face value, while Vivid Seats resale prices can be above or below face value based on demand.

Ticket Buying Experience

Both platforms offer user-friendly interfaces and mobile apps for searching and purchasing tickets. However, the process and available features may vary slightly.

Buying Tickets on Vivid Seats

  1. Visit the Vivid Seats website or mobile app and search for the desired event.
  2. Use filters to sort results by price, location, or other preferences.
  3. Select the tickets you want and proceed to checkout.
  4. Review the order details, including any fees, and complete the purchase.

Vivid Seats allows users to set price alerts and provides a rewards program for frequent buyers, offering incentives like discounts and free tickets after making a certain number of purchases.

Buying Tickets on Ticketmaster

  1. Go to the Ticketmaster website or app and find the event you’re interested in attending.
  2. Choose the date, venue, and seating preferences.
  3. Review the ticket options and pricing.
  4. Log in or create an account, then complete the purchase process.

Ticketmaster offers various perks and partnerships, such as early access for American Express cardholders and special VIP packages for select events. It also provides options for ticket transfers and resales through its platform.

What About Ticket Prices and Fees?

One of the most significant differences between Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster lies in their pricing models and associated fees.

Ticketmaster Pricing:

  • Tickets are sold at face value, as set by the event organizers.
  • Service fees and delivery charges may apply, varying based on the event and venue.

Vivid Seats Pricing:

  • Resale prices can be above or below the face value, depending on demand.
  • In addition to the resale price, buyers typically pay service fees (around 20-40% of the ticket price) and delivery charges.

Ticket prices on both platforms can fluctuate based on factors like event popularity, timing of purchase, and supply and demand dynamics.

Selling Tickets on Vivid Seats vs. Ticketmaster

If you find yourself unable to attend an event or simply want to resell your tickets, both Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster offer reselling options.

Selling on Vivid Seats

  1. List your tickets for free on the Vivid Seats platform, specifying the event, number of tickets, and your desired price.
  2. Once a buyer purchases your tickets, you’ll receive a notification to deliver them (either digitally or physically).
  3. After the event, Vivid Seats will transfer the payment to you, typically via PayPal, minus a 10% seller commission.

Vivid Seats allows sellers flexibility in pricing their tickets and provides prepaid shipping labels for physical ticket delivery.

Selling on Ticketmaster

  1. Log into your Ticketmaster account and select the tickets you want to resell.
  2. Set the resale price and provide your payment information.
  3. Once sold, Ticketmaster will automatically transfer the tickets to the buyer’s account.
  4. You’ll receive your payment within 7-10 business days, minus Ticketmaster’s commission (typically around 6–12% or more).

Ticketmaster’s resale process is more streamlined and automated, but sellers have less control over pricing compared to Vivid Seats.

Rewards, Guarantees, and Purchase Protection

Both platforms offer various buyer guarantees and protection policies to ensure a seamless and secure transaction.

Vivid Seats:

  • 100% Buyer Guarantee: Ensures valid and authentic tickets or a full refund.
  • Vivid Seats Rewards: Earn free tickets, discounts, and other perks for frequent purchases.
  • Event Ticket Protection: Optional insurance coverage in case of event cancellation or rescheduling.


  • 100% Ticket Guarantee: Ensures valid tickets for entry or a refund.
  • Allianz Ticket Insurance: Optional coverage for event cancellations or rescheduling.
  • Purchase policies and refunds for limited circumstances (at the discretion of the event organizer).

While both platforms prioritize buyer protection, Ticketmaster may offer slightly more flexibility in terms of refunds and cancellations, depending on the specific event and organizer policies.

Customer Support and Reviews

Reliable customer support is crucial when dealing with ticket purchases, especially in case of issues or inquiries.

Vivid Seats Customer Support:

  • Live chat available from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM CST
  • Toll-free phone support during the same hours
  • Email contact form

Ticketmaster Customer Support:

  • Virtual assistant available 24/7
  • Contact form for inquiries
  • Phone support hotline at +1-833-239-0550

In terms of user reviews and experiences, both platforms receive a mix of positive and negative feedback. Common complaints include issues with ticket delivery, customer service responsiveness, and occasional cases of fraudulent or invalid tickets (despite the guarantees in place).

It’s advisable to research and read multiple reviews from various sources to get a well-rounded perspective on each platform’s customer service quality and reputation.

Other Key Considerations

Beyond the core features and processes, there are a few additional factors to consider when choosing between Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster:

  • International Availability: While Ticketmaster has a global presence, Vivid Seats primarily caters to events in the United States and Canada.
  • Mobile Apps and Features: Both platforms offer mobile apps for iOS and Android, with Vivid Seats’ app being praised for its user-friendly interface.
  • Partnerships and Affiliations: Ticketmaster has partnerships with major sports leagues, venues, and credit card companies (like American Express), while Vivid Seats focuses more on its rewards program.
  • Social Media Integration: Ticketmaster allows users to share and transfer tickets through social media platforms, while Vivid Seats has a more limited social presence.

Which Platform is Better for Buyers? For Sellers?

Based on the comparisons outlined in this guide, here’s a summary of the ideal use cases for Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster:

For Ticket Buyers:

  • Ticketmaster may be the better choice if you’re looking to purchase tickets at face value directly from the event organizers, especially for popular or high-demand events that haven’t sold out yet. Additionally, Ticketmaster’s partnerships and perks, such as early access for American Express cardholders, can be advantageous.
  • Vivid Seats could be a more suitable option if you’re open to purchasing resale tickets (which may be priced above or below face value) or if you’re looking for last-minute tickets to sold-out events. The platform’s search filters and rewards program can help you find good deals and incentives.

For Ticket Sellers:

  • Vivid Seats may be preferable if you want more control over pricing your tickets and the potential to earn higher profits. The platform’s flexible pricing model and lower seller commissions (10%) could result in greater earnings compared to Ticketmaster.
  • Ticketmaster could be a better choice if you prioritize a more streamlined and automated resale process. While you may have less control over pricing, Ticketmaster’s integration with the primary ticket sales can make the resale process more convenient, especially for transferring tickets to buyers.

The decision between Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster depends on your needs, preferences, and the type of event.


In summary, while Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster are both prominent names in the ticketing industry, they are not the same. They differ in their business models, operational scope, pricing structures, and overall offerings.

Ticketmaster is a primary ticket marketplace with a global presence, selling tickets directly from event organizers at face value. It offers a wide range of events and partnerships, providing perks like early access and VIP packages.

On the other hand, Vivid Seats is a resale marketplace focused primarily on the U.S. and Canada, facilitating the buying and selling of tickets between individuals and resellers. Its pricing can fluctuate based on demand, and it offers rewards and incentives for frequent buyers and sellers.

Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to factors like fees, customer support, and buyer/seller experiences. Ultimately, the choice between Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the type of event you’re interested in attending or selling tickets for.

Whether you’re a ticket buyer seeking the best deals and availability or a seller looking to maximize profits or convenience, this comprehensive guide has provided you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Happy ticket hunting!

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