Where to Buy Official Colosseum Tickets in Rome

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. As the largest amphitheater ever built by the Roman Empire, this impressive structure hosted everything from brutal gladiator battles to mock naval wars with thousands of spectators.

Visiting the Colosseum should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re traveling to Rome. But with the increasing popularity of this historic site, getting tickets has become a challenge due to the limited number of visitors allowed at a time.

So where exactly can you get tickets to the Colosseum? And what’s the best way to ensure you don’t waste precious time waiting in long lines?

The short answer is: Buy tickets in advance online whenever possible. But let’s dive into the details…

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover:

  • Getting Colosseum tickets at the official ticket office
  • Booking online through the official website
  • Third party and reseller websites
  • Guided tours with tickets included
  • Visiting the Colosseum after hours
  • Combo tickets and passes
  • Tips for avoiding crowds
  • Frequently asked questions

Plus much more to help make your Colosseum experience smooth and enjoyable!

Getting Colosseum Tickets at the Official Ticket Office

The main ticket office for the Colosseum is located right outside the structure itself, next to the Temple of Venus and Rome. Here you can buy tickets on the same day of your intended visit.

However, Colosseum tickets purchased at the physical ticket office must be for a later time slot that day – you cannot immediately enter after buying. This helps control visitor capacity inside the ancient structure.

Plus, tickets tend to sell out completely during peak season. So relying on same-day tickets is risky.

That being said, some tickets for free entry are only available for collection onsite:

  • Visitors under 18 years old
  • People with disabilities plus one companion
  • Special free entry days

If you fall into one of those categories, head to the ticket office booths reserved for free tickets. Make sure to bring valid ID to verify eligibility.

Booking Online Through the Official Website

To ensure you get tickets for your preferred date/time, the official Coopculture website lets you book in advance:


Tickets typically become available starting 30 days prior to any given date.

You can choose from:

  • General admission tickets: Entry to the main floors and exhibitions
  • Full experience tickets: Includes access to the Arena Floor and Underground areas

Pricing is:

  • Adults: €18 for general, €24 for full experience
  • EU residents ages 18-25: €4
  • Children under 0-17: €6

Once booked, you can print tickets at home or download them to your smartphone for scanning at the entrance gate.

Downsides are tickets cannot be changed or refunded through this site. But it is the most affordable way to guarantee entry in advance.

Third Party and Reseller Websites

If the official website is showing limited ticket availability, check major resellers like GetYourGuide, Tiqets, and Viator.

While priced slightly higher to account for booking fees, these sites sometimes get allocation of Coopculture tickets not visible on the official site.

Key advantages of reseller sites:

  • Expanded availability, even during peak times
  • Easier booking experience
  • Refundable in case of cancellations
  • Bundle deals with tours and transport

So if you strike out finding tickets directly through Coopculture, don’t despair – try your luck with an authorized third party!

Guided Tours With Ticket Included

Booking a guided tour of the Colosseum offers benefits beyond skip-the-line access thanks to a knowledgeable guide. You’ll get entertaining stories bringing the arena’s violent past to life rather than just wandering around on your own.

Tours come in all group sizes and prices:

  • Large group tours: Up to ~30 people, from €40/person
  • Small group tours: 6-15 people, from ~€65/person
  • Private tours: Just you and a guide, from ~€100+

Besides the interactive experience, guides handle the logistics of buying tickets and entrance coordination.

Top small group companies for Colosseum tours worth checking out include:

You won’t regret splurging on a fascinating journey back in time with an expert by your side!

Visiting the Colosseum After Hours

For a unique way to encounter the arena, join an exclusive after-hours tour!

Only small groups are allowed inside in the evenings once the Colosseum clears out. You’ll escape the day’s heat and crowds for a peaceful ambience.

Most night tours bring you through the Belvedere (Upper Ring), Arena Floor, and Underground level lit by torches. Knowledgeable guides really help capture the magic.

Just keep in mind Colosseum night tours sell out weeks in advance. Prices start around €100 per person for a few hours of unique lifetime access!

Combo Tickets and Passes

If seeing the Colosseum is just one stop on your Roman adventures, combo deals can save money and effort.

The Roma Pass offers free public transport plus entry to 2 or more attractions like the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Borghese Gallery, and more. Just make sure to book ticket reservations in conjunction with the pass.

City Wonders also offers a Rome tourist card covering sites around town to simplify planning.

For maximum convenience, consider packaged bus tour + entrance ticketing bundles so professionals handle logistics!

Tips for Avoiding Crowds

With up to 16,000 daily visitors at its peak, trying times to beat the crowds at one of Rome’s star attractions:

🌅 Early Entry: Be the first inside right as opening hours start, especially in summertime.

❄️ Winter Month Visits: November to February sees far fewer tourists, outside of Christmas holidays.

🕑 Book Less Popular Times: If morning isn’t feasible, midweek afternoon lull periods also tend to be more manageable.

Avoid Sundays and free entry days when 80,000+ show up! While no surefire way around hordes of people in peak season, every bit helps maximize enjoyment.


Can you buy Colosseum tickets at the door?

Yes but high risk of long waits or lack of availability! The reopened onsite ticket office offers a limited supply of same-day tickets only. Online pre-booking strongly advised instead for popular months.

How much time is needed to visit the Colosseum?

1 hour minimum for a quick self-guided tour. 2 to 3 hours for an in-depth visit including the Roman Forum nearby.

What identification do you need to enter the Colosseum?

Valid photo ID is required matching names printed on pre-booked tickets. Safety requirements were tightened in recent years to prevent reselling.

Are group tickets easier to get last-minute?

Yes, small groups around 15 people can sometimes secure last minute guided entrance more readily than individual travelers betting on availability.

Still have questions?

Check the official Coopculture FAQ which keeps updated policies for visits to the Colosseum, nearby Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Details can change frequently in terms of health requirements, new ticket categories, and more – so always best to verify directly!

In Summary

There are several options for Colosseum ticket purchases depending on your circumstances and priorities:

  • Colosseum Official Website – Cheapest rates 30+ days out but no flexibility
  • Resellers (GetYourGuide/Tiqets/Viator/etc) – Extra fees provide peace of mind and more availability
  • Guided Tours – Pricier but expert storytelling transports you back in time. Worth splurging!
  • After Hours Tours – Special night access lets you enjoy the arena crowds-free.
  • Combo Tickets – Bundled deals like Roma Pass cover transport plus sites.
  • Ticket Office – Day-of tickets risky with no guarantee on availability.
  • Avoid Crowds – Beat hordes by booking less popular months/times. Get there early!

No matter which avenue you choose, pre-booking Colosseum tickets in advance is highly recommended for availability and convenience. Check back frequently as policies can change. Most importantly, wander through ancient history at your own pace and transport back to gladiator days!

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