What are NFL Virtual Commemorative Tickets

Have you attended an NFL game recently and gotten an email afterward about a “virtual commemorative ticket”? As digital collectibles like NFTs (non-fungible tokens) explode in popularity, the NFL has embraced the technology to give fans a modern take on cherished ticket stubs.

Introduced in 2021, NFL virtual commemorative tickets are unique digital versions of traditional paper tickets minted as NFTs on the blockchain. With over 500,000 distributed last season, the virtual commemorative tickets have quickly become coveted digital memorabilia for football fans.

But what exactly are these virtual NFT ticket stubs, and how can you get your hands on one? This guide will explain everything you need to know about the NFL’s specialty digital collectibles.

What Exactly Are NFL Virtual Commemorative Tickets?

NFL virtual commemorative tickets are digital ticket stubs produced as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to represent attendance at NFL games.

Each virtual commemorative ticket NFT contains:

  • Digital artwork of the ticket design
  • Animations and interactive content
  • Videos related to the game attended
  • Links to exclusive NFL content

The NFTs are minted on the blockchain, which makes every virtual commemorative ticket unique, verifiable, and unable to be duplicated. The blockchain serves as a secure digital ledger to track ownership of each commemorative ticket NFT.

For fans, these virtual versions provide a sleek modern upgrade to traditional paper ticket stubs. The dynamic digital format allows the NFTs to become true collectibles that preserve special memories and experiences at NFL games.

How Do Fans Get These NFT Ticket Stubs?

NFL fans can receive virtual commemorative ticket NFTs by attending select regular season and playoff games.

For 2022, the commemorative NFTs will be offered for over 100 NFL games, including every Week 1 matchup and at least 3 home games for each of the 32 teams.

The process for fans to obtain a virtual commemorative ticket is simple:

  1. Purchase any ticket to an eligible NFL game. This can be directly from the team or on secondary markets like Ticketmaster.
  2. Attend the game and scan your ticket at the stadium entrance.
  3. Within a few days after the game, you’ll receive an email with redemption instructions for your free commemorative NFT.
  4. Follow the email link to log into your Ticketmaster account and access your virtual ticket.

One virtual commemorative ticket NFT is awarded per ticket scanned into the game. You must scan on entry to become eligible.

The NFTs are accessible through a dedicated NFL marketplace powered by Ticketmaster. There fans can view, manage, and show off their commemorative ticket collection.

What Games Will Have Commemorative NFTs This Season?

For the 2022 NFL season, virtual commemorative tickets will be available for over 100 games across the league.

The full list of games offering commemorative NFTs includes:

  • Every Week 1 game
  • At least 3 home games for each of the 32 NFL teams
  • All playoff matchups
  • The Pro Bowl
  • The Super Bowl

Some of the highlighted games are the NFL Kickoff game between the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams, as well as the Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

Expanding distribution to over 100 games in 2022 allows more fans than ever before to take home a unique digital collectible from their game-day experience.

Why Are Virtual Tickets Appealing for Fans?

There are several key reasons NFL fans are excited about virtual commemorative tickets:

Digital Memorabilia of the Experience

The NFTs commemorate the game by becoming digital memorabilia fans can cherish. They capture details like the date, opponent, stadium, and more, preserving great memories.


With limited quantities available, the virtual tickets quickly become collectible items. Fans enjoy showcasing special NFTs from playoff runs, holiday games, or rivalries.

Trading and Selling on the Marketplace

The commemorative ticket NFTs can be traded peer-to-peer or resold on the NFL marketplace. This allows fans to collect more virtual tickets or profit from valuable ones.

Modern Twist on a Classic Souvenir

Sports ticket stubs have always been cherished souvenirs. Now the virtual NFT version provides an updated digital version fans can store forever.

Exclusive Content and Experiences

Some virtual tickets come with bonus content like highlight videos or opportunities to enter contests and win prizes.

How Does the NFL Ensure Sustainability?

With environmental impacts being a concern around NFTs, the NFL has taken steps to maximize sustainability:

  • The commemorative tickets are minted on an eco-friendly blockchain that uses minimal energy.
  • All NFTs are minted directly by the NFL using a centralized process. This avoids energy-intensive decentralized minting.
  • The blockchain used prioritizes low carbon emissions in its architecture and mining processes.

While no blockchain is completely carbon neutral yet, the NFL’s provider allows commemorative ticket NFTs to be produced responsibly. The NFL also buys carbon offsets to help counter the emissions.

Recap of Key Takeaways About NFL Virtual Commemorative Tickets

  • NFL virtual commemorative tickets are NFT digital collectibles representing ticket stubs
  • Each is uniquely minted on the blockchain as a verifiable virtual asset
  • Fans get free commemorative NFTs by scanning their tickets at 100+ NFL games this season
  • Ticketmaster email provides access to your virtual ticket post-game
  • NFT design features art, animations, videos related to your game
  • Trades, sales, and exclusives make virtual tickets appealing collectibles
  • The NFL uses an eco-friendly blockchain and offsets to reduce environmental impact

As digital collectibles continue to gain popularity, NFL virtual commemorative tickets allow fans to keep cherished memories while participating in the evolving world of NFTs. The virtual NFT ticket stubs offer football enthusiasts yet another way to engage with the game they love.

So be sure to scan your ticket at the stadium next time you attend an eligible NFL game. You never know what unique virtual commemorative ticket could soon become the newest prized piece of memorabilia in your collection!

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