Is Delta Giving Away 2 Free Tickets

Is Delta Air Lines gifting free plane tickets in 2024? You may have seen some questionable Facebook posts claiming Delta is handing out two free airline tickets to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. But are these promotions legit, or is Delta really giving away free flights? This article will reveal the truth about whether Delta is actually providing free tickets in 2024.

Recently, Facebook posts have been circulating claiming Delta Air Lines is giving away two free airline tickets to randomly selected users. Typically, these posts allege Delta is offering the free tickets in honor of a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday milestone.

To claim the free Delta tickets, you supposedly just have to like and share the post, then take a short survey. But despite the tempting promise of free flights, these promotions are completely fake and appear to be an attempt to phish personal information from unsuspecting Delta customers.

How Do the Delta Free Ticket Scams Work on Facebook?

The free Delta flight ticket scams tend to work like this:

  • A Facebook post is created claiming Delta is gifting two free airline tickets for liking, sharing, and taking a survey. Often a fake Delta Air Lines page is made to accompany the post.
  • Users are encouraged to share the post and tagged Delta so it spreads on Facebook. Clicking the post leads to a survey.
  • After taking a survey requesting personal details, you are prompted to sign up for offers like subscriptions.
  • No free tickets are ever actually awarded since it’s a scam designed to collect user data. Delta has denied involvement with these fake promotions.

Examples of Delta’s Free Ticket Giveaway Scams Over the Years

Although these sketchy free ticket offers seem to spike at times, they are nothing new. Delta flight giveaway scams have been circulating on social media for many years now. Here are a few notable examples:

  • In 2016, posts offered free Delta tickets to celebrate Delta’s fake 88th anniversary.
  • In 2017, similar Delta birthday free ticket posts popped up referencing Delta’s 93rd anniversary.
  • Other variations mentioned different airlines like Southwest and American as the ones giving away tickets.
  • A 2022 scam used COVID-19 as a premise for Delta gifting free flights.
  • Recently in 2024, posts have resurfaced citing free tickets again for Delta’s birthday.

But across all those years, there are absolutely no indications Delta has given away the promised free tickets. The airline has repeatedly denied any association with these fake Facebook campaigns.

Why Are These Free Delta Flight Offers Just Scams?

So why can we definitively say these tempting Delta airline ticket offers are 100% scams? Here are some telltale indicators:

  • Delta Does Not Mention The Promotions – If Delta really was gifting out free airline tickets, the promotion would be featured on the Delta website. But makes no mention of any such giveaway.
  • Poor Grammar and Typos – The Facebook and website posts include many spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. A real company like Delta would be more professional.
  • Suspicious Links – Scam free ticket offer pages frequently use “http” links rather than more secure “https” links.
  • Personal Info Requests – Questionable surveys want a lot of private user details in exchange for the imaginary tickets.
  • Delta Denies Involvement – Most importantly, Delta Air Lines always denies that these sketchy pages and promotions originate from them.

Has Delta Ever Given Away Free Tickets or Discounts?

While these widespread Delta free ticket scams lack any truth, the airline has provided some notable special offers over the years. Here are a few examples of instances when Delta did give away tickets or substantial discounts:

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta offered flexible rebooking policies and some flight credits to impacted passengers.
  • Their popular Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards occasionally offer cardholder companion tickets as a benefit.
  • Specific promotions like giveaways for holidays might provide free roundtrip tickets on Delta.
  • The Delta deals page lists genuine seasonal discounts and award travel specials open to all.

However, Delta has not given away free airline tickets simply for sharing social media posts, despite what the recurring scams may claim.

Could Delta Start Gifting Free Tickets Due to COVID-19?

Considering how COVID-19 impacted the airline industry, could Delta possibly start giving away free flights in 2024? While anything is possible, there are currently no indications Delta plans to give tickets to rebooked passengers or is running any major free ticket promotion.

Any official policy changes related to COVID-19 or free gifting of tickets would be announced on Delta’s website and news page. Again, since makes no mention of free tickets when sharing 2024 updates, it seems these offers are still just scams for now.

What Should You Do If You See the Delta Free Ticket Scam?

If you encounter one of these Delta airline free ticket scams, here are some recommendations on what to do:

  • Avoid clicking on the post link or sharing the scam post on your own timeline to limit its spread.
  • Report the fake Delta post or account to Facebook so they can remove it.
  • Check Delta’s official promotions page for any real deals before engaging with free ticket claims.
  • Never enter personal details on sketchy third-party websites in exchange for supposed free flights.

Essentially, use common sense skepticism when evaluating free flight offers online. And if an amazing promotion seems too good to be true, it very well may be a scam.

Key Takeaways – Is Delta Really Giving Away Two Free Tickets?

  • No evidence exists Delta has ever gifted free tickets through social media sharing.
  • These ticket scams have circulated for years but remain unsubstantiated.
  • The goal is to spread misinformation and steal personal data, not give free flights.
  • You should verify potential deals and promotions directly through Delta’s website.

While actual Delta deals do sometimes pop up, this persistent Delta free ticket scam has no basis in reality. Always double check with Delta directly before sharing questionable free flight promotions that seem a little too good to be true.

In Summary

Delta Air Lines is not actually giving away free plane tickets in 2024 despite convincing Facebook posts. The promotions are a ploy to amass user data and spread false information by getting people to share, like, and take questionable surveys. These airline ticket scams have been around for years but Delta has never validated the offers.

While Delta does occasionally provide special fares and discounts, they currently are not gifting free flights outright simply for sharing social posts. Valid deals would be advertised on Delta’s main site.

Be wary of unbelievable free ticket claims and report any scam posts to protect yourself and others from fraud. Stick to credible sources like when evaluating promotions too good to be true.

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