Is ASAP Tickets Legit

Have you come across some tempting flight deals from ASAP Tickets and wondered – is ASAP Tickets legit? Should you hand over your hard-earned money to book flights when there are concerns around potential scams and misleading deals in the travel industry?

The short answer is yes, ASAP Tickets appears to be a legitimate travel agency. However, there are some drawbacks related to refunds and pricing to be aware of.

In this detailed post, we will analyze ASAP Tickets from various angles:

  • Overview of the company and how it operates
  • Key trust indicators like accreditation and customer reviews
  • Potential issues to watch out for
  • Details on the booking process and when it does (or doesn’t) make sense to use them
  • And finally – is ASAP Tickets ultimately worth it?

Let’s dig in…

Overview of ASAP Tickets Travel Agency

Founded in 2001 in San Francisco, ASAP Tickets is an online travel agency focusing on discounted international flights. They partner with over 200 major airlines to get access to unpublished, exclusive flight deals you won’t find elsewhere.

In addition to cheap international flights, ASAP Tickets also offers other travel services like:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Car rentals
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Tours and activities

However, their core focus is on flights – especially discounted international airfares to save travelers money.

Trust Factors Suggest ASAP Tickets is Legit

When evaluating a company’s legitimacy, two key indicators to look for are accreditation and online customer reviews. In both areas, ASAP Tickets scores well:

High BBB Rating and Accreditation

ASAP Tickets has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This suggests they meet BBB standards in areas like transparent advertising, honor promises, safeguard privacy, and seek to resolve consumer complaints.

They are also accredited by:

  • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA): Sets standards for ethics and professionalism that members must follow
  • Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC): Meets financial criteria and ticket security requirements
  • International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN): Global organization recognizing travel agents after testing and training

This level of accreditation indicates that ASAP Tickets is viewed as a legitimate travel agency by industry oversight organizations.

Overwhelmingly Positive Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot, ASAP Tickets currently has over 56,5285 reviews with an excellent 4.5 out of 5 star average rating. 87% of reviews are 5 stars.

Here is a sampling of positive ASAP Tickets customer reviews:

“Easy and reliable service for finding affordable flights. Customer service representatives are friendly and helpful. Would book with them again.”

“I’ve used ASAP Tickets several times over the years to visit family abroad. They always find me discounted prices even at the last minute.”

“Excellent experience booking international flights for our group vacation. Saved over $600 per ticket!”

High satisfaction ratings across thousands of verified customer reviews indicates that the vast majority of travelers have positive booking experiences with real savings.


Potential Issues Around Refunds and Pricing

Despite mostly positive feedback, there are some concerning negative reviews from customers related to problems obtaining ticket refunds:

“Flight was cancelled due to COVID, but I have yet to get the refund I was promised from ASAP Tickets after months of waiting.”

“Tried to get a refund for a cancelled airline ticket and ASAP Tickets gave me the run around. Had to file a dispute with my credit card company.”

“ASAP Tickets refused to give my refund after I couldn’t fly due to visa issues. Do not recommend using them.”

While not the majority, complaints around refund handling do come up repeatedly from frustrated customers. This suggests getting owed money back may be inconsistently or slowly handled in some cases.

Additionally, some reviews mention the final ticket prices ending up higher than the original quote:

“I purchased a flight after getting a low quote, but afterwards ASAP informed me ticket prices had gone up $100 extra and I had to pay more.”

So the initial deals may be subject to pricing changes before final purchase.

How Does Booking with ASAP Tickets Work?

The process of using ASAP Tickets differs somewhat from other online travel sites:

Instead of comparing full flight details and multiple routing options first, travelers fill out a form with their route and travel dates. ASAP Tickets will then follow up with a custom quote based on any unpublished discounted flight deals they can access.

If the offer meets your budget needs, you proceed to book directly with an ASAP agent over the phone.

The advantage of this process is you may get access to special sale fares that you can’t find on regular booking platforms. However, since pricing is not locked in upfront, what was quoted initially could rise by the time booking is finalized.

Additionally, going through a middleman agency means you won’t have a direct booking relationship with the airline. This can present issues if you need to make changes or cancellations later on flights purchased through ASAP Tickets. The agency serves as an intermediary layer between you and the airline.

When Does It Make Sense to Use ASAP Tickets?

Given the mostly positive feedback but some concerns raised around using this agency, in what situations does it make the most sense to purchase through ASAP Tickets vs. other options?

Best for: One-off leisure trips where you value finding the lowest base fare over other benefits:

✔️ International routes, especially to developing regions

✔️ Group or family trips where saving hundreds per ticket adds up

✔️ Travelers who prioritize price over changeability

✔️ Shorter trips where cancellations are less likely

Not ideal for:

❌ Domestic U.S. itineraries – better low-cost carriers exist

❌ Business travelers needing possibility of date changes

❌ Complex itineraries visiting multiple destinations

❌ Peace of mind of booking directly with the airline

So in summary – ASAP Tickets is best suited for simple, point-to-point international flights where you want the cheapest ticket and are comfortable with little flexibility.

Final Verdict: Is ASAP Tickets Legit and Worth It?

In my opinion, yes ASAP Tickets is a legitimate travel agency that can provide great deals on international flights under the right circumstances. Over 20 years in business and high BBB rating confirm they are not a scam.

Thousands of happy ASAP Tickets customer reviews show real travelers have found major savings on airfares without issue. As long as you go in eyes wide open to the limitations around changes, cancellations, and variable pricing, it can be worth booking through them.

However, travelers who prioritize maximum flexibility or reliability over saving every dollar may still prefer booking directly with airlines or using established sites like Expedia. There is some risk of frustration trying to obtain refunds later on.

For best results, carefully compare ASAP Tickets’ unpublished fares to public listings before committing. If you receive quotes with huge discounts and are comfortable with the tradeoffs, it likely makes sense to purchase your tickets through this travel agency. Just account for their specific policies and limitations compared to other booking options.

In the end – the bigger the discount ASAP Tickets can get you, the more worthwhile using their services becomes to find deals on international flights other sites just can’t match.

I hope this thorough investigation covered all the key details around “is ASAP tickets legit” in an easy-to-digest fashion. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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