How to Easily Transfer Tickets to a Friend on AXS?

Have you ever found yourself with an extra ticket to a show that a friend would love to attend? Or perhaps something came up and you can no longer go to an event you bought tickets for? Transferring tickets on AXS to someone else is a breeze.

With AXS Mobile ID ticketing, how hard is it to send event tickets to a friend? In just a few simple clicks, you can digitally transfer tickets from your AXS account directly to someone else.

This guide will walk through everything you need to know about securely transferring tickets on the AXS platform. We’ll cover:

  • What AXS Mobile ID is and why transferring tickets is so easy
  • Step-by-step instructions to transfer AXS tickets
  • Important details on the transfer process
  • Other options like selling tickets or printing them

After reading, you’ll be able to seamlessly send event tickets to any friend right from your AXS account.

What is AXS Mobile ID and How Does it Work?

AXS Mobile ID is the digital ticketing system used by AXS that allows for simple, secure ticket management. Instead of receiving paper tickets, all of your tickets are accessible on your AXS account online or via the AXS app.

This means you can log into your account at any time to see your upcoming events. It also makes the process of sending tickets extremely simple through ticket transfers.

Rather than having to physically hand off printed tickets, you can digitally transfer AXS Mobile ID tickets to anyone else with just a few clicks. It helps avoid the hassle of meeting up before the event to exchange tickets.

The seamless transfer process is what makes it so easy to send tickets to friends and family when needed.

Why Would You Want to Transfer Tickets on AXS?

There are a few common reasons you may want to transfer tickets from your AXS account to someone else:

You Bought Tickets as a Gift

If you purchased tickets to an event for someone as a gift, the easiest way to get them the tickets is to transfer them through AXS.

You can buy tickets ahead of time and then send them right to the recipient when needed without having to coordinate a physical exchange.

You Can No Longer Attend

Plans change. If something comes up preventing you from attending an event you already bought tickets for, transferring them to a friend is perfect.

Rather than the tickets going to waste, you can easily send them to someone else to enjoy the event instead.

You Have an Extra Ticket

Similarly, if you end up with an extra ticket to an event you think a friend would like, transfers make it simple to send. No more posting on social media trying to find someone to take an extra ticket off your hands.

The convenience and direct transfer capabilities are what make AXS Mobile ID so useful.

Step-By-Step Guide to Transferring Tickets on AXS

Transferring AXS Mobile ID tickets to someone else only takes seconds. Here is the full process:

1. Log Into Your AXS Account

First, log into your account at or in the AXS app. This is where all of your ticket purchases and transfers will take place.

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one before proceeding.

2. Select Your Event & Tickets

Once logged in, find the event you want to transfer tickets for. Click ‘Tickets’ or the transfer option next to the event listing.

This will show all of the ticket purchases associated with that event. Check the box next to each ticket you want to transfer.

3. Enter Recipient Details

Next, you’ll enter the details for the person you intend to transfer the tickets to.

Fill in their first and last name, along with an email address they can access. This ensures they receive the transfer details.

4. Review & Confirm Transfer

Before finalizing, you’ll have a chance to review all the transfer details including which tickets are being sent and the recipient information.

If everything looks good, click the Confirm Transfer button and your tickets will instantly be sent.

That’s all it takes! Within seconds your friend will have your event tickets securely transferred to them.

What Happens After You Transfer Tickets on AXS?

After you complete the transfer through your AXS account, the recipient will be notified via email that they have tickets waiting.

The email will contain instructions for them to create an AXS account in order to claim the transferred tickets.

If they already have an existing AXS account, the tickets will automatically appear in their account without any additional action needed.

Once they access the tickets on their account, they will be able to present the AXS Mobile ID tickets on their smartphone for entry at your event. It’s that easy!

Important Details About AXS Ticket Transfers

There are a few key details to understand regarding transferring tickets on AXS:

Transfers Are Free

AXS allows unlimited free transfers. There are no transfer fees for sending tickets so you can securely send tickets to friends with no additional costs.

Transfers Are Instant

As soon as a recipient claims the transferred tickets by creating an AXS account, the tickets immediately appear in their account.

There is no processing time or waiting period for transfers between accounts.

You Can Cancel Pending Transfers

If you initiate a transfer but the recipient hasn’t yet created an account to claim the tickets, you are able to cancel the transfer.

Once their account exists, transfers happen instantly so there is no cancelling them at that point.

Non-Transferrable Tickets Exist

While most AXS tickets can be freely transferred, some may carry restrictions. Certain sections in a venue may prohibit transfers or resale as part of the terms of the ticket.

Always double check your specific ticket listing for transferability details before attempting to send tickets. Restricted tickets must be presented by the original purchaser.

As you can see, transferring tickets on AXS offers flexibility and convenience. Within minutes, tickets can be sent to existing account holders or claimed by new users.

Other Options for Transferring or Selling Tickets

Beyond direct account transfers, AXS provides a few other helpful options when it comes to sending tickets:

AXS Official Resale Marketplace

If you need to sell tickets instead of transferring to a friend, AXS operates an official resale marketplace. You can conveniently list your tickets for sale which other fans can securely purchase.

As a seller you get paid directly without any buyer interaction needed.

Print Paper Tickets

Alternatively, AXS does enable you to print paper tickets at home even if you have mobile AXS ID tickets. While not as convenient as digital transfers, having a paper ticket on hand can provide some extra assurance.

Printed barcodes would still need to be scanned for entry along with photo ID verification. So digital transfers remain the easiest route.

Key Takeaways – Sending Tickets to Friends on AXS

Transferring tickets securely to friends on AXS takes just minutes thanks to AXS Mobile ID. Here are the critical points:

  • Log into your AXS account online or via the mobile app
  • Select the event and specific tickets you want to transfer
  • Enter the recipient’s name and contact email
  • Recipient will receive transfer instructions via email
  • Transfers are free, instant, and easy to do right up until the event starts

So next time you have an extra ticket or want to send tickets directly to someone, AXS Mobile ID makes it incredibly simple. No more meeting up to exchange paper tickets!


I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of how seamless it is to transfer event tickets on AXS using their digital ticketing technology.

With just a couple quick clicks, you can securely send tickets right to friends and family so you no longer have to coordinate exchanges or handoffs before events.

AXS Mobile ID ticketing brings convenience and flexibility to getting tickets securely into recipient’s hands. So consider taking advantage of digital transfers next time you have extra tickets to spare or purchased some as a gift. Enjoy the show!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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