How To Get SZA Presale Tickets in 2024

Trying to get tickets to see SZA live in concert can feel like an impossible quest with shows selling out instantly. However, accessing presale opportunities gives you a major edge in securing seats before the general public. Through presales, you can obtain tickets earlier and have first pick from available inventory.

This comprehensive guide will equip you with in-depth knowledge of SZA presales. We’ll explain what they are, the different types of presales, where to find passwords, and top tips for purchasing presale SZA tickets for her 2024 shows.

What Are Presales and How Do They Help Get SZA Tickets?

A presale provides fans early access to buy tickets ahead of the general on-sale date. Artists, venues, and ticketing platforms release special presale codes that you enter to unlock ticket buying before the public.

SZAs tickets are always high demand due to her immense popularity and critical acclaim. Trying to buy during an on-sale with the entire world vying for seats makes snagging any – let alone good ones – extremely difficult. Yet with a presale code, you skip the chaos and purchase from an exclusive allotment when competition is lower.

You’ll also enjoy first pick of available seats before anyone else. Through the luck of timing, ordinary fans can sometimes score floor seats for what would normally be an exorbitant resale price later.

Why Should You Use SZA Presales?

Here are the key advantages presales offer:

  • Earlier ticket access when inventories fuller
  • Less competition from other buyers
  • First selection of seats
  • Chance for floor tickets
  • Avoid instantly sold out on-sales
  • Relief of securing tickets

As you can see, presales stack the odds in your favor of getting SZA tickets. They might take a little extra effort to find, but that work pays off with the presale benefits.

Where Can You Find SZA Presale Passwords?

Now let’s explore the best techniques for tracking down coveted SZA presale passwords:

Check SZA’s Website and Social Media Pages

SZA routinely promotes upcoming tour presales through her official website and social media pages. In the days and weeks before tickets go on presale, she’ll post code info and reminders across her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages as well as TikTok. Constantly check these sources for any presale announcements.

Also look for notifications about special fan club presales which grant members exclusive early ticketing access. Additionally, don’t forget to sign up for SZA’s email newsletter. Doing so ensures you’ll be among the select group notified about presales.

Sign Up For Venue and Local Radio Station Email Lists

Beyond the artist presales, concert venues will hold their own presales for members of their email lists. Local radio stations also frequently sponsor presales awarding the passwords to listeners.

Search “[your city] + SZA” and sign up for communications from the tour venue in your desired city. Also check popular local radio station sites for any presale contests or ticketing promotions to enter. Tuning in to those stations can alert you to additional presale opportunities.

Check Presale Code Aggregator Sites

Websites including Presale Password aggregate and list known presale passwords as soon as they become available. Sign up for text message or email alerts from these services so you’re notified the minute an applicable SZA presale code emerges. As soon as your phone buzzes about a code, it’s time to hop online!

Purchase Tickets and Monitor Fan Forums

When you gain access to a presale through any source, pay special attention to fan forum comments while in the ticket purchasing waiting rooms or queues. Fans will post confirming if they successfully bought tickets along with how quickly inventory seems to be selling.

These posts give you vital intel to help steer your buying strategy during the pre-ordering frenzy. They could convince you it’s necessary to hurry up seat selection and checkout before tickets evaporate!

Major Sources For SZA Presale Passwords

Now let’s break down key platforms running SZA presales and how to leverage them:

Live Nation Presales

As one of the main tour promoters, Live Nation frequently organizes presales for SZA shows. When you land on the ticket buying page during a Live Nation presale, look for the presale code box to enter that day’s password which is often “VINYL” or “COVERT.”

For certain shows, Live Nation utilizes their mobile app and will release a special code there one day in advance to grant users first dibs. Download the Live Nation app and monitor it closely around presale time for any special announcements.

AEG/Venue Presales

For concerts booked at AEG venues, an AEG/Venue presale begins prior to Live Nation and general on-sales. Subscribing to the email list of your city’s tour stop venue is crucial for gaining presale ticket access. Most venues automatically enroll members into presales.

Promoters and venues want to reward their biggest fans who engage with their content and demonstrate interest. So if you hope to catch SZA’s show in your town, signing up for the venue’s updates well in advance is a wise idea.

Local Radio Station Presales

Partnerships with local radio stations represent another fruitful presale source. Leading up to on-sale dates, stations frequently give away coveted presale codes as contest prizes to generate buzz.

Keep your ear to the radio and visit station sites for any presale contests offering the valuable passwords or exclusive ticket links as prizes for super fans. Enter and cross your fingers you’ll be a lucky winner!

Chase Cardmember Presale

If you carry a Chase credit card (such as a Chase Sapphire card), check your account in the days before SZA tickets go on sale. Eligible cardmembers can sometimes access special presales for coveted concerts via Chase’s entertainment platform. These typically sell out fast, so log in right away if you receive a presale notification.

Official Platinum Presales

Ticketmaster’s Official Platinum program operates like a mini presale through Ticketmaster tied to the tickets they “release” early via their dynamic pricing model. Restrictions apply regarding resale, so read the fine print upon purchase.

Fan Club Presales

Diehard SZA fans should consider joining her official fan club “Camp SZA” for presale ticket perks. Artist fan club members frequently receive presale code gifts plus early email notifications about upcoming tour announcements. Superfans unite!

Tips and Strategies For Buying SZA Presale Tickets

With so many avenues for securing presale passwords, use these expert strategies to make the most of your exclusive advance ticket access:

  • Log in Early: Queue up at least 30 minutes ahead of the presale start time and ensure your ticketing account works properly to avoid last minute issues. Refresh the page constantly until the waiting room or tickets appear.
  • Use Presale Code Immediately: Copy and paste your code from the source rather than manually entering. Some presales only last 5-10 minutes so you need to act fast.
  • Have Devices Ready: Use multiple devices (across friends/family) to jump on different sections of seats all at once. One person grabbing floor seats while another retrieves lower bowls in a synchronized attack.
  • Utilize Enhanced Features: If available, toggle on features like Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan which saves your spot in line and bypasses queue.
  • Monitor Fan Forums: Keep an eye for fan reports of tickets selling out sections so you know when to lower standards if inventory disappears.
  • Act Fast, Check Out Faster: Don’t linger too long agonizing over seat options. Grab something decent quickly then you can continue shopping if time allows.
  • Prepare Accounts: Ensure your payment methods and details stay securely logged into accounts for fastest checkout when seconds count most!

Stay diligent in your quest for presale codes by utilizing all these tips. With such tricks up your sleeve, you’ll avoid the headache of hunting for tickets during brutal on-sales. Instead you’ll coast into the concert of your choice with premier seats snatched up thanks to presale insider access!

SZA 2024 Tour Presale Codes Active Now

As SZA expands her much celebrated SOS Tour into 2024 due to popular demand, exciting presale opportunities are happening at the moment:

  • Miami – Live Nation & Venue presales currently underway
  • Tampa – Check local radio station presales all this week
  • Nashville – Bridgestone Arena presale starts tomorrow 4/13
  • Philadelphia – Wells Fargo Center presale 4/14
  • Boston – TD Garden Chase Presale from 4/12 to 4/14

And many more presidency rollout in the coming weeks as the tour approaches.

Stay tuned to SZA’s social channels, sign up for presale password alerts, and monitor your Chase card for the latest perks. With so many chances, you can definitely secure access to concerts ahead of the pack!

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