How To Add AXS Tickets to Your Apple Wallet

Have you ever tried to add tickets from AXS to your Apple wallet only to find that it doesn’t seem possible? Well, you’re right – AXS tickets cannot be directly added to an Apple wallet.

This can be inconvenient if you’re used to having all your tickets in one place for easy access. So why can’t AXS integrate with Apple wallet, and is there any workaround?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about adding AXS tickets to an Apple wallet. Read on to learn why it’s not currently possible, alternatives for easy ticket access, and more.

Is It Possible to Add AXS Tickets to Apple Wallet?

The short answer is no. Due to the changing barcode that refreshes every 59 seconds, AXS tickets must be accessed directly within the AXS app.

Apple wallet relies on static barcodes, so it is not compatible with these dynamically updating tickets. Screenshots or printing is also restricted for security reasons by AXS.

Why AXS Tickets Can’t Go Into Apple Wallet

The main reason is that AXS leverages a mobile ticketing system called AXS Mobile ID that relies on barcodes that refresh every 59 seconds. This prevents fraud by ensuring tickets can’t be duplicated or screenshot.

But Apple wallet relies on static barcodes that don’t change. So the apps are unfortunately incompatible at this time.

What If You Don’t Have a Smartphone?

Since AXS tickets are mobile-only, what can you do if you don’t have a smartphone to access them? You still have a couple great options:

  • Take your ticket purchase confirmation email to the event’s box office. The staff can print your tickets or help you gain entry without needing your phone.
  • Log into your AXS account on a desktop computer. Here you can transfer your tickets to a friend with a smartphone who can get you both into the event.

The Perks of AXS Mobile ID Ticketing

While Apple wallet integration isn’t possible right now with AXS tickets, there are still some nice benefits to their mobile ticketing system:

Enhanced Security

The dynamic barcodes that refresh every minute make duplication or screenshotting tickets impossible. This helps eliminate unfair secondary market ticket resales.

Easy Ticket Management

The AXS app makes transferring tickets to friends, reselling extras, and managing your orders simpler than ever before.

Speedy Entry

Venue staff can scan your ticket barcode right within the AXS app for the quickest entry experience possible. No more hunting through your Apple wallet!

Transferring AXS Tickets to Friends

Instead of putting tickets into your friends’ Apple wallets, you can transfer AXS tickets to friends directly within the AXS app.

It only takes a few taps to send passes to them via email or existing AXS account. Transferees just open the tickets in their own AXS app instance. Even last-minute!

This saves you from having to meet up before entry to distribute tickets.

Viewing Your AXS Tickets

Wonder what your tickets look like and list important details like your seat locations? The AXS app allows you to view entire order details including interactive venue maps and more.

You can check your upcoming tickets anytime for peace of mind and get an overview of great event info like set times.

Entering Events with AXS Mobile Tickets

We’ve gone over accessing your tickets in the AXS app, but how does entering the event work? It’s very quick and simple:

  1. Open your ticket in the AXS app as you approach the gate
  2. Show your unique barcode to the staff member when prompted
  3. They scan it with their handheld device and let you in!

If there are any issues getting your ticket scanned, head to the on-site box office for troubleshooting help. Staff can assist with improper transfers, phone problems, etc. so you don’t miss the event!

Enjoy Simplified Secure Ticketing

While Apple wallet integration isn’t offered for AXS ticketing currently, they provide their own benefits. Namely enhanced security protections and easy transfers for stress-free access!

Juggling multiple apps can be an inconvenience. But take comfort from knowing your tickets are safe from duplication or screenshotting!

For any other AXS ticketing questions, visit their Mobile ID FAQ knowledge center. Their site also offers helpful videos on navigating AXS tickets.

In Conclusion

To summarize the key takeaways:

  • Adding AXS tickets to an Apple wallet is not currently possible due to their frequently refreshing barcodes
  • Instead, all AXS tickets must be accessed directly within the AXS app
  • You can still conveniently transfer and manage AXS tickets through the app
  • If smartphone access is an issue, get help from the box office staff with alternate entry options
  • While Apple wallet would provide nice consolidation, AXS Mobile ID delivers its own security and simplicity benefits

Hopefully this guide provided the clarity needed on integrating AXS ticketing with Apple wallet. Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments!

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