Do You Need Separate Tickets for Fantasmic at Disney World & Disneyland

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland, you’ve probably heard about Fantasmic – the incredible nighttime show combining Disney characters, music, pyrotechnics and water effects. But do you need to buy a separate Fantasmic ticket to see the show? Or is it included with your regular park tickets?

Fantasmic is one of the most popular nighttime entertainment offerings at both Disney parks. In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about whether you need special Fantasmic tickets, how to get seats for the show, and tips for an amazing experience.

What is Fantasmic? A Spellbinding Nighttime Show

Fantasmic is a 22-30 minute long nighttime show presented at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Park in the Disneyland Resort.

This dazzling outdoor extravaganza brings Disney magic to life through a combination of dancing fountains, fireworks, lasers, special effects, and animated scenes starring beloved Disney characters. Mickey Mouse serves as the show’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice, taking guests through a journey of Disney tales and his own vivid imagination.

Highlights of Fantasmic include a 40-foot tall fire-breathing dragon representing Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Captain Jack Sparrow battling pirates on a ship, and a Mark Twain Riverboat finale filled with over 100 Disney characters.

It’s an incredible production that really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate the scale and special effects. Fantasmic will leave your entire family smiling from ear to ear!

When and Where is Fantasmic Showing?

Fantasmic shows once or twice each evening, depending on park hours and seasonal schedules. Here is when and where you can catch this spectacular show:

Disney World Fantasmic

At Walt Disney World, Fantasmic is presented at the 7,900 seat Hollywood Hills Amphitheater located at the end of Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Showtimes are typically at 9pm, with a second show added at 10:30pm during busier park seasons.

Be sure to check Disney Genie or the My Disney Experience app for up-to-date Fantasmic showtimes during your Disney World trip.

Disneyland Fantasmic

Over at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, you can see Fantasmic perform on the Rivers of America in Frontierland.

Showtimes are usually at 9pm and 10:30pm, with the second show sometimes dropped during slower seasons.

Fantasmic times can vary at Disneyland, so check the Disneyland app when you arrive in the park for the exact schedule.

With dual nightly showings at both parks when crowds are high, you have some flexibility to plan your ideal Fantasmic experience.

Do You Need Tickets for Fantasmic?

This is one of the most common questions about seeing Fantasmic – do you need a separate ticket?

The good news is that you do not need a special Fantasmic ticket to view the show at either Disney World or Disneyland.

As long as you have regular theme park admission and a park reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disneyland Park, you can view Fantasmic standby or purchase a dining package for reserved seating.

A separate Fantasmic ticket is not sold. So you don’t have to worry about buying yet another add-on like you would for Disney after hours events. Fantasmic is included as part of your regular Disney park admission.

However, there are some important things to note about how seating and viewing works:

How Does Fantasmic Seating Work?

While you don’t need a ticket, Fantasmic seating is not guaranteed or assigned. Viewing options are:

Standby Seating – First-come, first-served seating that often requires lining up early to get a good spot

Dining Package Seating – Reserve seats by booking a Fantasmic dining package at select Disney restaurants

Here’s a deeper look at how Fantasmic seating and viewing areas work at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World:

Disney World Fantasmic Seating

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the outdoor Hollywood Hills Amphitheater has bench-style seating in front of the stage and mist screens.

There are two options for seating:

  • Standby Seating – About half of the 7,900 seats are for standby guests on a first-come, first-served basis. Seating opens 90 minutes before showtime and fills up quickly.
  • Fantasmic Dining Package – Purchase a Fantasmic dining package at select table service restaurants to receive guaranteed access to a reserved VIP viewing section.

The dining package seats are in the center ‘Mickey’ section, which offers prime viewing. Standby guests sit in the outer side sections ‘Scar’ and ‘Bow’ which still provide good views of the show.

Even with a dining package, you will need to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before showtime to get a seat within the reserved section.

Disneyland Fantasmic Seating

Over at Disneyland, getting a seat for Fantasmic works a bit differently:

  • Fantasmic Dining Packages – The only way to get reserved seating is to book a Fantasmic dining package at Blue Bayou, River Belle Terrace or Hungry Bear restaurant. These seats directly in front of the Rivers of America stage offer the best views.
  • Standby Seating – Unlike Disney World, there are no reserved seat sections for standby guests. All remaining viewing space around the Rivers of America is standing room only on a first-come basis.

Guests begin lining up 1-2 hours before the Disneyland show to get standby spots along the railing or elevated areas. You can bring a small foldable stool to sit on instead of standing the entire time.

Overall, Disney World offers more seating options for Fantasmic, especially with the addition of dining packages. At Disneyland, you need to arrive extremely early for a good view without a dining reservation.

Should You Book a Fantasmic Dining Package?

Purchasing a Fantasmic dining package can be a great way to guarantee good reserved seats for the show and skip standing in long lines before showtime.

Disney offers a wide variety of Fantasmic dining packages at both parks to fit different budgets and tastes:

Disneyland Fantasmic Packages

  • Blue Bayou – 3-course dinner starting at $89 (ages 10+) and $35 (ages 3-9)
  • River Belle Terrace – 3-course dinner starting at $50 per adult and $30 per child
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant – Fixed price dinner $35 for adults and $25 for children ages 3-9

Disney World Fantasmic Packages

  • Hollywood & Vine – Buffet Dinner Starting at $63 for Adults, $40 for Children
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe – Entrees $17-$28, Desserts $7.50-$10, Full Three-Course Meal Starting at $40-$50
  • Mama Melrose’s Ristorante – Entree and dessert starting at $56 per adult, $23 per child

Packages range from quick service to upscale dining. Prices are generally $57.01 per adult and $28.83 per child.

The convenience of guaranteed prime seating and a tasty meal is often worth the cost for the hassle-free Fantasmic experience.

However, you will still need to arrive at the reserved seating area at least 30-45 minutes before showtime to get your seat. These aren’t assigned seats, just reserved sections.

Booking 60-90 days in advance is recommended as Fantasmic dining packages are extremely popular.

Tips for Viewing Fantasmic Without a Dining Package

Don’t want to splurge on a dining package for your family? No problem – you can still see Fantasmic with good views using a few strategic tips:

Arrive Early for Standby Seating

As mentioned earlier, standby seating goes quickly with at least 60-90 minutes advance arrival recommended.

At Disneyland, we suggest getting in line 60-90 minutes prior to secure a front row standing spot along the Rivers of America.

At Disney World, arrive 60-75 minutes before showtime to get a seat closer to the middle standby sections rather than the far left/right edges.

Bring small stools or foldable cushions to make the wait more comfortable.

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