When Do Barbie Movie Tickets Go On Sale

Have you heard the buzz around the new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie? With its all-star cast and unique take on the iconic Mattel doll, this highly anticipated film already has people lining up to get their hands on tickets.

But when exactly do Barbie movie tickets go on sale?

Barbie movie tickets first went on sale as early as June 21, 2023 through advance sales. Additional releases and showtimes were added in July when the movie premiered. Discounted tickets were also offered August 27 for National Cinema Day. Then the movie returned to theaters for a special one-week IMAX run beginning September 22, 2023.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give you a full timeline of Barbie ticket sales events, where to score seats, and what to know before grabbing your opening day tickets to the plastic fantastic world of Barbie on the big screen.

Background: Barbie Movie Mania Takes Hold

In 2023, Greta Gerwig of “Lady Bird” and “Little Women” fame brought her distinct directing style to the overly pink tale of the beloved Mattel doll. With Gerwig also co-writing the script, movie buffs and fans of her indie filmmaking were instantly intrigued.

Next came the big casting announcement of Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. The A-list star power attached to the live-action movie ramped up anticipation even further.

When the first photos and trailer dropped revealing the doll-like sets and costumes, nostalgia-fueled buzz hit fever pitch.

Gerwig promised to bring depth and humanity to this comedy about liberation and self-discovery. And the early reviews indicated her off-beat humor and wit shone brightly in this film full of Easter eggs galore for longtime Barbie followers.

All the pieces came together for a box office smash in the making – as long as people could actually get their hands on the suddenly hot movie tickets!

Advance Sale Launched 2 Months Before July Premiere

The first chance for audiences to secure their spot in theaters came through advance sales beginning June 21, 2023. This was exactly one month before the official US premiere date on July 21.

Warner Bros., the studio distributing the film, made the announcement across social media and movie ticketing platforms. One of the first places Barbie tickets went on sale was Fandango.

This early access was a strategic move based on incredibly high demand following the marketing hype. It allowed super fans to buy their seats well ahead of time.

In fact, within days Barbie surpassed 2023 advance ticket sales for major films like The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

The only title to beat it was the late 2022 release Avatar: The Way of Water in terms of pre-release sales buzz and early seat bookings.

So just weeks after those first tickets went on sale, Barbie cemented its front-runner status heading into awards season 2024.

Expanded July Showtimes Meet Opening Weekend Rush

When the big July premiere weekend finally arrived, theaters were ready to handle an influx at the box office.

Many locations added more showtimes to keep up with the turnout to see this long-awaited comedy. Some diehard fans even got to catch July 20 previews held in certain cities before the wider release the following day.

As expected, theaters big and small alike were packed on Friday, July 21. In particular, premium large formats with recliner seating were sought-after to fully immerse in the doll’s eye view.

By month’s end, the feel-good flick exceeded $500 million globally. Barbie mania was proving to have serious staying power keeping seats filled weeks later into August 2023.

Discounted $4 Tickets Allow More Fans to Join Fun

In late summer, more casual viewers had their chance to play in Barbie land.

National Cinema Day made this easier by offering discounted movie tickets at over 3,000 theaters in the US and Canada on August 27, 2023.

The deal scored moviegoers $4 tickets for every showing, including the now 6-weeks-running box office phenomenon.

However, the biggest perk wasn’t just the temporary price cut. Participants also got an exclusive sneak preview of various 2023 film releases before their main feature.

So audiences caught up on the latest with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. And they got a taste of titles like Oppenheimer helping cinemas reel people back in.

Barbie Returns in September for Special IMAX Event

Most fans assumed late summer marked the end of their chance to grab tickets to 2023’s hottest film.

But in early September, Warner Bros. delivered a surprise one-two punch to reignite Barbie fever.

First, they revealed Greta Gerwig hand-selected extra footage spotlighting fan-favorite scenes. This bonus content would only be shown during the upcoming re-release specifically in IMAX theaters.

So the studio tempted audiences by extending an exclusive invitation to experience Barbie 2.0 on premium screens.

Shortly after, they officially announced Barbie would return for a special one-week IMAX run from September 22-27, 2023.

True devotees immediately circled the calendar to buy opening night seats all over again. And this time in even more glorious, vivid pink with IMAX picture and sound technology.

Theaters and online platforms like Fandango began selling the special re-release tickets promptly on September 1. Many venues added more showtimes to meet demand based on the hype leading up to week two in plastic paradise.

Grab Tickets Online and at Theaters Near You

Now that you know all the key dates Barbie tickets have gone or will go on sale, here’s where to get them:


  • Fandango – www.fandango.com
  • Movie theater chain websites – AMC, Regal Cinemas, etc.
  • Ticketing apps like Atom Tickets


  • Movie theater box office day-of
  • Self-service ticket kiosks
  • Third-party ticketing sites – Ralphs, Smith’s Food & Drug

Major movie chains like AMC and Regal had pages dedicated specifically to all things Barbie showtimes, theaters, and passes.

Fandango also created an entire Barbie mini-site to centralize tickets, showtimes, trailers, and more Barbie content.

Search online by your location to see which nearby cinema has tickets available or use the Fandango site. Don’t forget to also check theater apps for loyalty rewards or special perks.

Plan Opening Weekend Barbie Parties

Judging by the records Barbie instantly shattered, it’s wise not to wait on buying your tickets.

Especially if you want to attend on opening night or weekend to soak up the buzzing atmosphere.

The shared experience with other fans dressing up, cheering scenes, and gasping at surprise cameos is half the fun!

You’re sure to see groups of friends embracing the empowering themes with their own Barbie squad goals shirts or costumes.

So coordinate all your viewing party details early – where and when to meet up, coordinating outfits, theater location and showtime.

Just like a themed birthday for a child…except this party is for the young at heart adult fans finally realizing it’s okay to just be ourselves, labels or limitations be damned!

Bank on Rewatch Potential Like Top Gun: Maverick

All signs point to Barbie having an unusually long run for a PG family film.

Early glowing reactions praise the visual humor and witty script rewarding repeat viewings to catch easter eggs. Not to mention the feel-good vibes reminding people to embrace standing out versus fitting in.

Plus the attached song playlist packed with female pop powerhouses like Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and Charli XCX has hit status.

It’s common for movie theater patrons to return multiple times to rewatch and relive the euphoria. This was seen in 2022 with Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick phenomenon that rebounded for months.

So if you don’t land tickets on that first attempt, don’t think the Barbie movie train will pass you by indefinitely.

Star Power Drives Box Office Bucking Recent Sequels

In the lackluster era of disappointing legacy sequels, Barbie bursts onto the scene as an original crowd pleaser.

Much credit goes to the A-list star power driving curiosity. Margot Robbie leads as a producer while also tackling the title role.

Seeing her fully commit playing the doll with grace and humility is a revelation of depth. It makes you root for Barbie’s awakening to rewrite the rules without losing her optimism.

Opposite Robbie, Ryan Gosling likewise gleefully sheds his stoic aura. His Ken embraces being a himbo in this universe centered solely around making women happy.

The duo’s infectious chemistry reels the audience into caring for these plastic misfits and their atypical love story. We yearn for them to break free from societal molds hampering their growth into real people with dimension.

$1 Billion Milestone Cements Global Phenomenon Status

In August, to the surprise of nobody, Barbie officially sailed past $1.18 billion in box office sales worldwide.

This cemented its status as 2023’s highest grossing title, stealing the crown from animated hit The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The film continued its box office reign in North America specifically, running laps around other major studio tentpoles. We’re looking at you, Warner Bros. The Flash.

Most remarkably, Barbie hit this billion dollar benchmark faster than any musical biopic. Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman couldn’t catch Barbie fever if they pinky promised.

Greta Gerwig’s Writing and Vision Pay Off

Lady Bird and Little Women fans had sky-high hopes when director Greta Gerwig signed onto Barbie.

Her trademark coming of age humor revealing flawed but fierce female leads felt like a match made in doll heaven.

Gerwig’s writing collaboration with partner Noah Baumbach then sealed the deal bringing his touch for highlighting social misfit underdogs.

Together, they have struck joyful yet moving storytelling gold with a message people crave. It speaks to feeling “other than” in a culture demanding conformity that erodes self-worth.

From the memorable musical moments buoyed by chart-topping artists to the visual gags galore, Gerwig’s execution shines. She managed to balance the ridiculous camp factor inherent with Barbie. Yet she also grounded the wacky universe with emotional stakes we can relate back to our own identity struggles.

Final Thoughts

When do Barbie tickets officially go on sale or come back for limited runs?

As we covered in this guide tracking the Barbie movie ticket mania timeline, fans have gotten several chances already to score seats. Hype remains white hot for her story that paradoxically comes when many people felt their most stressed and emotionally battered.

Yet like a beacon calling us home to simpler times, Barbie’s resilient spirit persists. She soldiers on whip-stitched smile unfazed by naysayers mocking her plastic perfection and figure. An indomitable quality many of us may have lost touch with recent years.

This broad appeal speaks to Barbie striking a relevant societal chord when people crave her brand of boundless hope. As Greta Gerwig poignantly wrote into Barbie’s live action reawakening, “When the world gets too sad, too dark…someone has to bring the light.”

Escaping harsh reality for upbeat nostalgia clearly drives this box office fairytale that outdid a wizarding juggernaut and warring Marvel giants.

Audiences eagerly revisited the fantasy and innocence Barbie evokes from childhood. And discovered beyond the glittery facade lies a meaningful message to shed labels and evolve on our own terms.

If any iconic IP can capture the communal need for euphoric nostalgia as cultural therapy, of course it’s the mythical Barbie doll herself. Even decades later, her legacy of imagination and identity exploration pulls our heartstrings.

At the core, that timeless appeal simply comes down to granting fans permission to re-capture youthful dreams. And reflect on how we can avoid losing ourselves to please others as we grow older.

Barbie’s ticketing triumphs remind us to set her spirit free. Let her stand proudly as both childhood comfort and rallying metaphor for celebrate Standing out, not fitting in.

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