What is Zone Seating on Vivid Seats

Buying tickets to see your favorite artist, sports team, or theatrical performance can be an exciting experience. However, navigating the world of ticket resellers and understanding different seating options isn’t always straightforward.

If you’ve browsed Vivid Seats recently, you may have come across listings marked as “zone seating” and wondered, what does that mean exactly?

In short, zone seating refers to tickets that guarantee you a seat within a general area or range of sections, rather than an assigned seat number. This seating method is commonly used for major events like championships, playoffs, concerts by popular artists, and other high-demand shows.

This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about zone seating on Vivid Seats – what it is, why venues use it, the benefits and drawbacks, how to choose good zones, and tips to make the most of your zone seating experience.

What is Zone Seating?

Zone seating is a ticketing system where instead of being assigned a specific seat location with a row and seat number, you purchase a ticket for a general admission area or “zone” within the venue. This zone could be designated as something like:

  • Sections 101-109, Rows 1-15
  • Floor General Admission
  • Lower Level Sideline
  • Upper-Level Corner

When you purchase a zone seat, you are guaranteed a spot in that general area, but your exact seat assignment is not determined until a later point, often when you arrive at the venue.

This differs from regular ticketing where your seat location is stated on the ticket at purchase. With zone seating, the specific row and seat number remain unknown when you buy the ticket.

Why is Zone Seating Used for Big Events?

Zone seating is commonly utilized for major live events that are expected to be extremely popular and in high demand. There are a few key reasons why venues and event organizers chose to use this ticketing method:

  1. Prevent Ticket Scalping and Reselling Before Public Release
    Holding back the assignment of exact seat locations initially prevents ticket resellers from listing and selling the best seats before the general public on sale.
  2. Logistical Reasons
    For huge events like the Super Bowl or a massively popular concert tour, venues may not have the ability to assign final seat locations until closer to the event date due to logistical challenges of coordinating so many tickets.
  3. Flexibility in Seat Assignments
    Withholding seat assignments gives venues more flexibility and time to optimize the final seating chart and seat allocation plans based on demand.

Rather than releasing all specific seat details right away, zone seating enables venues to gauge demand levels for different areas before doling out the prime seat locations.

How Does Zone Seating Work on Vivid Seats?

On the Vivid Seats ticket marketplace, you’ll notice some listings that are marked as “zone” seats instead of having an assigned section, row, and seat number. This indicates that the tickets are being sold as zone seating rather than assigned seating.

When you purchase zone seats on Vivid Seats, the listing will show you the general area or “zone” that your seats will be located within, such as:

  • Zone A: Sections 101-109, Rows 1-15
  • Floor General Admission
  • Lower Level Sideline
  • Upper-Level Corner

You can buy tickets for a specific zone, but the exact seat location is unknown. The seller has tickets in that zone and will allocate them.

Benefits of Buying Zone Seating Tickets

There are several potential advantages to considering zone seats, especially for ultra-high-demand events that may sell out quickly:

  1. Access to Hard-to-Get Event Tickets
    Zone seating enables you to get tickets to major events that may be very difficult or impossible to access otherwise due to overwhelming demand.
  2. Potentially Lower Prices
    Since you aren’t reserving a specific seat location upfront, zone seats sometimes come at a lower price point compared to obtaining assigned seating.
  3. Flexibility in Choosing Your Spot Within your designated zone area, you’ll have the flexibility to grab one of the remaining open seats when you arrive at the venue. This allows you to choose a spot based on your preferences at that time.
  4. Easier Purchasing Process Since no individual row and seat numbers are listed, scoring zone seats can be more straightforward than having to search for very specific assigned seat listings.

Drawbacks of Zone Seating

While zone seating does offer some benefits, there are also some potential downsides to be aware of:

  1. Unknown Exact Seat Location
    The obvious trade-off is that you won’t know the precise seat numbers and exact view you’ll have until the day of the event when you claim your spot in the zone. You’re sacrificing that certainty upfront.
  2. First-Come, First-Served Seating
    Within each zone area, seats are first-come, first-served based on when you arrive and check-in. This means you could end up with one of the least desirable locations if you are one of the last to claim a seat in that area.
  3. Less Control Over Specific Seating You have less granular control in choosing your exact seats and view compared to reserving assigned seating from the start. You’ll get a spot in the zone, but limited ability to nitpick the precise location.

What to Expect When You Arrive With Zone Seats

If you’ve purchased zone seating tickets, there will be a specific check-in process for claiming your seats when you arrive at the venue. This process can vary by venue and event, but generally:

  • You’ll go to a designated zone seating check-in area
  • Present your ticket order details and ID
  • A venue staff member will then assign you specific seat numbers within your zone area based on the remaining inventory and your order positioning
  • The earlier you arrive and check in within the zone area, the better seat locations you’ll have to choose from

Essentially, it will operate as a first-come, first-served process of being assigned one of the remaining open seat locations within your purchased zone once you get to the venue. Plan to arrive well ahead of time if you want to maximize your seating options within the zone area.

How to Choose a Good Zone on Vivid Seats

Not all zone areas within a venue are created equal. You’ll want to carefully evaluate the options to try to purchase zone seats in a desirable zone area that fits your preferences. A few tips:

  • Study the Venue Maps – Take a close look at the seating charts and 3D venue viewer maps on Vivid Seats to visualize the vantage points from each possible zone option. Identify zones in your preferred vicinity to the action (stage, court, field, etc.)
  • Read Zone Descriptions Thoroughly – Pay close attention to exactly which sections and rows are included in each zone. The seller descriptions will spell out the boundaries of each area.
  • Consider Zone Price Tiers – In general, the pricing levels of different zones can provide a clue into their desirability. More expensive zones usually contain better viewing areas and seating.
  • Face Value vs. Resale Prices – Look at the face value prices of tickets in each zone on the venue website to judge their inherent value and demand. Higher face prices often indicate more premium zones worth paying more for on the resale market.

Zone Seating vs. Assigning Exact Seats

When buying tickets, you have two options: zone seats (unknown exact seat) or assigned seats (exact seat location known). Consider the differences between these options:

Zone Seating

  • Pros: Potentially lower prices, access to high-demand events, flexibility in choosing seats
  • Cons: Don’t know exact seat location at purchase, seats first-come-first-served in zone

Assigned Seating

  • Pros: Know your precise seat and view at purchase, can select preferred location
  • Cons: May be more expensive, limited to available options on resale sites

For high-demand events, zone seating can help you get a ticket. For a specific seat and view, choose assigned seating.

What to Watch Out for With Zone Tickets

While zone seating can grant you entry to sold-out events, there are some key things to be cautious about when purchasing these types of tickets:

  • Read All Notes & Descriptions Carefully – Don’t skim over the seller’s notes about exactly which sections are included in the zone to avoid any surprises.
  • Be Aware of Obstructed View Zones – Some zones may include locations with obstructed views due to things like pillars, overhangs, or just poor sightlines. Check if any notes indicate obstructed views within the listed zone area.
  • Understand the Venue’s Zone Seating Process – Different venues may handle zone seating check-in and seat assignment a bit differently. Do some research on that specific venue’s policies and procedures so you know what to expect.
  • Watch for Fraudulent/Misleading Listings – As with any ticket resale purchase, stick to reputable sellers and marketplaces like Vivid Seats. Scrutinize any sketchy listings that seem to misrepresent the zone are included.

Tips for the Best Zone Seating Experience

If you do opt to purchase zone seats, either due to demand or pricing reasons, there are some tips to help maximize your experience:

  1. Arrive at the Venue Early – The earlier you can get to the venue and check in for your zone, the better seat locations you’ll have to choose from within that area. Don’t be one of the last to claim a spot.
  2. Have Your Order Details & ID Ready – When you arrive at the zone seating check-in, you’ll need to present details like your order number and a photo ID. Having these ready will expedite the process.
  3. Ask About the Zone Process – If any part of the venue’s zone seating procedures is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for clarification on how seating will be assigned for your zone.
  4. Remain Flexible – Go into it with an open mind. You may not end up with floor seats but embrace the experience and excitement of claiming your spot when you arrive.
  5. Most Importantly – Enjoy The Event! – At the end of the day, the entire purpose of buying tickets is to enjoy an amazing live event experience. Don’t get too hung up on minor seating details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does zone seating mean on Vivid Seats?

Zone seating refers to tickets that grant you a seat within a general area or range of sections, rather than an assigned seat number. Your exact seat location is not revealed until arrival.

Why is zone seating offered for some events?

Zone seating is typically used for major, high-demand events like championships, playoff games, and hugely popular concerts. It prevents ticket scalping and allows venues flexibility in seat assignments.

How do I choose a good zone on Vivid Seats?

Study venue maps, read zone descriptions carefully, consider zone pricing tiers, and factor in proximity to the stage/action. More expensive zones usually contain better seat locations.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of zone seats?

Benefits include increased access to hard-to-get events, potential cost savings, and flexibility in choosing seats. The downsides are not knowing the exact seat location upfront and seats being first-come, first-served in that zone.

When will I get my exact seat location if I buy zone seats?

Your specific seat assignment is not revealed until you arrive at the venue and go through the zone seating check-in process before the event.

Can I request specific seats within the zone area?

No, you cannot request exact seat numbers. Seating within each zone is first-come, first-served based on when you check in and claim your spot.

Is it better to buy zone seats or assigned seats?

It depends on your priorities – zone seats increase access to high-demand events but assigned seats allow you to lock in a precise location upfront. Evaluate which is most important for your needs.

Conclusion Summary

Zone seating is a common practice for popular live events that allows venues to delay assigning specific seat locations until closer to showtime. While you don’t get to pick your exact seat right away, purchasing zone tickets does guarantee you entry within a general seating area or “zone.”

This system prevents issues like ticket scalping and provides venue flexibility, but means your precise seat details remain unknown at purchase. With some research into zone options, an open mind, and a willingness to embrace the process, zone seating can be an excellent way to gain access to must-see events without breaking the bank.

The key is understanding how zone seating works, being prepared for seat assignments upon arrival, carefully evaluating the zone options, and most importantly -being ready to create a memorable live experience once you secure your spot.

Enjoy the show!

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