Is Viagogo Legit

Viagogo is one of the largest ticket marketplaces on the web, offering tickets to concerts, sports events, and more. But is Viagogo a legit and trustworthy platform? This extensive 2024 review takes an in-depth look at Viagogo to determine if it’s safe and reliable for purchasing event tickets.

What is Viagogo? A Quick Overview of the Ticket Marketplace

Viagogo is an international ticket exchange and marketplace operating in over 60 countries worldwide. The Switzerland-based company was founded in 2006 to allow individuals to safely buy and resell live event tickets.

Viagogo works by connecting ticket buyers with resellers. It claims to list over 4 million tickets across thousands of events at any given time. This vast selection includes tickets to concerts, festivals, sports matches, and other in-demand events.

As an online ticket marketplace, Viagogo does not sell tickets directly. Instead, it facilitates transactions between individual ticket sellers and buyers. Sellers list their spare tickets for upcoming events while buyers can browse listings and purchase tickets.

How Does Buying Tickets on Viagogo Work? The Process Explained

Purchasing tickets on Viagogo follows a simple process:

  • Search for tickets to your desired event using the Viagogo website or app
  • Browse ticket listings and select your preferred tickets based on seat location, price, seller reviews etc.
  • Proceed to checkout and enter your payment details plus contact information
  • Receive your e-ticket or mobile ticket to present on entry to the event
  • Gain entry to the event by showing your ticket at the gate

After buying your tickets, Viagogo charges the seller’s asking price plus substantial booking and service fees.

What Are the Main Pros of Using Viagogo for Tickets?

Despite the controversy surrounding Viagogo, there are some potential advantages to using the platform:

Large Selection of Tickets

With over 4 million tickets, Viagogo offers one of the largest inventories for resold event tickets. You can potentially find tickets to sold-out and high-demand events.

Secure Payment System

Viagogo uses encryption and partners with McAfee Secure to protect transactions from fraud and hacking. This offers some peace of mind for buyers.

Supports Multiple Currencies

The platform accepts payments in a variety of global currencies, making it accessible for international buyers. Purchases are converted to your local currency automatically.

What Are the Downsides and Risks of Viagogo?

However, there are also considerable downsides to weigh if considering buying from Viagogo:

Exorbitant Fees

Viagogo is notorious for tacking steep fees onto ticket purchases, sometimes up to 25% of the ticket’s base price. Further taxes and charges also apply.

Hidden Fees

Sneaky service and handling fees are only revealed at the very end of the checkout process, bumping up the final cost substantially.

Ticket Scalping

Critics frequently accuse Viagogo of enabling ticket scalpers to artificially inflate prices and exploit demand. Listings often far exceed face value costs.

Invalid Tickets

Abundant buyers report receiving invalid tickets that were refused entry at the venue gates. This results in utter disappointment.

Poor Customer Service

Viagogo is repeatedly slammed for unhelpful, automated service when buyers experience problems. Resolution is reportedly frustrating.

Does Viagogo Have Reasonable Ticket Prices and Fees?

Viagogo states that it allows sellers to list tickets at any price they choose. But many users argue the costs are unfair:

  • As a secondary reseller, tickets are invariably priced above face value.
  • Viagogo’s booking fees range from 25-30% for popular high-demand events.
  • Additional service and handling fees drive costs up further.
  • Total fees can add around 50% or more to the ticket’s base price.
  • Critics state Viagogo’s fees are excessively high compared to other ticket sites.

What Are Viagogo’s Seller Fees and Commission Rates?

For sellers listing spare tickets, Viagogo also charges substantial commissions:

  • Sellers are charged a reselling commission fee on each ticket sold.
  • Commission rates typically range from 15-25% of the ticket’s sale price.
  • Other fees include a listing fee to post the tickets and payment processing fees.
  • These fees are deducted from the seller’s earnings after the tickets are purchased.

How Much Are Viagogo’s Service and Handling Fees for Buyers?

On the buyer’s end, Viagogo levies hefty service and handling charges:

  • Buyers pay substantial booking and service fees on every ticket purchase.
  • The main fee is an approximate 25% handling charge applied per ticket.
  • Further taxesdelivery, and processing fees also appear during checkout.
  • Combined, these miscellaneous fees can add over 50% onto the base ticket price.
  • Critics argue Viagogo’s buyer fees are disproportionate to the service provided.

Is Viagogo Considered a Safe and Legit Ticket Site?

Viagogo claims to offer safe transactions and legitimate event tickets. But its reliability remains doubtful:

  • The site uses McAfee Secure technology to protect payments from fraud. This offers some legitimacy.
  • However, critics say too many buyers still receive fake or invalid tickets that do not grant event access.
  • Viagogo is incorporated in Switzerland which means it does not fall under UK or EU consumer protection laws.
  • The company has frequently failed to honor its customer guarantee, fueling doubts about its accountability.

Does Viagogo Offer Refunds or Exchanges for Problem Tickets?

In theory, Viagogo promises a full refund if tickets don’t arrive or are rejected:

  • The company advertises a 100% money-back guarantee as buyer protection.
  • But an overwhelming volume of complaints indicate Viagogo frequently fails to reimburse buyers as promised.
  • The policy also states no refunds are offered if an event is simply rescheduled rather than cancelled.
  • Given the abundant issues, critics argue Viagogo’s guarantee is misleading and hollow.

Viagogo’s Availability of Tickets: Is There Really a Large Selection?

Viagogo touts an enormous 4+ million ticket inventory. But does this translate into useful ticket availability?

  • The majority of listings are overpriced resale tickets, not face value tickets.
  • There are concerns of duplicate or invalid listings being posted multiple times.
  • For truly hot events, options still remain scarce with inflated prices.
  • Overall inventory might not be as vast or valuable as advertised.

Viagogo Reviews: What Do Customers Say About Service and Reliability?

Across review sites, Viagogo garners an abundance of negative feedback:

  • The most common complaint involves poor customer service with delayed or absent responses.
  • Countless reviewers describe issues with fake tickets or having reservations suddenly cancelled.
  • Many report never receiving tickets they purchased despite Viagogo already taking payment.
  • A majority depict Viagogo’s service as unhelpful and automated when problems occur.
  • Obtaining refunds from Viagogo is widely labeled a frustrating and difficult process.

Is Viagogo Recommended? Can It Be Considered a Legit Reseller?

Given the overarching pattern of complaints, Viagogo is considered high-risk and unreliable by many experts:

  • The platform remains mired in controversies around enabling scalping and inflated pricing.
  • Viagogo’s location abroad in Switzerland also limits accountability and consumer protections.
  • Industry professionals often recommend safer alternatives like Ticketmaster for peace of mind.
  • While legit in some aspects, Viagogo has earned a reputation for significant drawbacks.

5 Tips for Safely Buying Tickets on Viagogo

If you proceed with Viagogo, here are 5 tips to avoid problems:

  1. Thoroughly research legitimate ticket prices from official sources before purchasing. Never assume Viagogo’s costs are fair or face value.
  2. Carefully read recent Viagogo reviews and look for red flags around particular sellers. Avoid those with persistent complaints.
  3. Consider using a credit card for purchases as added fraud protection. Debit cards offer less recourse for disputes.
  4. Upon receiving tickets, immediately verify all details are accurate. Follow up quickly on any discrepancies.
  5. Don’t wait to contact Viagogo’s customer support if any issues emerge. Start resolution early and persistently. Document all interactions.


In summary, Viagogo constitutes a legitimate ticket marketplace that can offer convenience and selection, but also carries significant risks for buyers. While the platform provides secure transactions and payments, abundant complaints reveal issues around invalid tickets, exorbitant fees, poor customer service, and difficulties obtaining refunds.

Given the pattern of negative experiences, experts frequently warn buyers to exercise extreme caution when using Viagogo. Safer alternatives like Ticketmaster may be preferable for peace of mind. If choosing Viagogo, buyers should thoroughly research prices, scrutinize seller reviews, use credit cards, verify tickets immediately, and persistently follow up if any problems occur.

Overall, Viagogo occupies a controversial position in the ticket industry due to enabling scalping and inflated costs that exploit demand. The company still faces ongoing legal battles and restrictions in multiple countries due to unethical practices. While Viagogo offers a vast ticket selection, buyers may want to look elsewhere first before taking the risk on its unreliable reputation and lack of accountability. Proceed with ample caution when using this problematic platform.

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